Photographers will find a variety of moods to capture on the island of Aruba, which is rugged and rocky in some places and tranquil and serene in others. Photographers can capture the island’s worn shoreline and wind-whipped waves on the island’s east coast, or they can travel deep into the island’s red-earthed center, where the colors and textures of the cactus-studded desert come to life for the photographer.

It is on the island’s west and south coasts that the most exquisite beaches and tropical beauty can be found, where Aruba’s loveliest beaches shine brightly for the camera. The turquoise, emerald, and aqua waves swirl gently on the sparkling white coastlines, and sculptural divi-divi trees tell the narrative of the trade winds that blew over this region centuries before.

Eagle Beach

divi divi tree on eagle beach in aruba

The deformed divi-divi trees near the northern end of Eagle Beach, which are constantly bending in a southwesterly direction due to the island’s trade winds, are featured prominently on many of Aruba’s tourism brochures. Their sculptural elegance makes them a wonderful photographic subject due to their angular shape. Focus on one of the trees and position it in the foreground, with the white sand and jade-green sea in the backdrop, to get the finest photo of the scene.



3. Pink Flamingo Island

two pink flamingos island aruba

Alto Vista Chapel

alto vista chape aruba

California Lighthouse

california lighthouse aruba

Guadirikiri Cave

guadirikiri cave aruba

palm beach in arubaoranjestad street arubaaruba beach coastlinearuba resorts coastlinearuba beach picture

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