Holidays in some of the most highly rated luxury destinations include not only accommodation but also food, excursions, and tours, or a list of activities to choose from. Whether you’re talking about a ski vacation in Vermont or a holiday in the tropical islands of Fiji in a private bungalow, luxury resorts always offer a different and unique approach to each client, as well as maximum ease in organizing your vacation so you don’t think about anything during the holiday.

Recently, nature-friendly or eco-resorts have become more and more popular. By visiting one of them you show your respect for nature and spend a relaxing vacation.

1. Nihi Sumba Island, Indonesia

This resort is a great representative of eco-friendly ones. Just an hour’s drive from bustling Bali, Sumba Island offers visitors privacy. It is no coincidence that the motto of the island is “The Edge of Wildness”. Spending time here, you will enjoy over 2 km of white sand beach, crystal clear water, suitable for water sports, and green hills as far as the eye can see.
Nihi consists of 33 villas scattered under the palm trees, which creates a tropical holiday mood for guests. You have a wide choice of sizes – from 1 to 5 bedrooms in a villa, some of which offer an outdoor shower and a private pool.

You can choose from a variety of activities organized by the resort – horseback riding, a day tour around the island, a visit to the chocolate factory, and much more. In addition, you can attend free yoga classes. Some of these entertainments are included in the price of the villa, as well as all meals and drinks.

It is commendable that part of the resort’s proceeds go to charity to the local foundation.


2. The Brando, Tahiti

a view to The Brando resort located in Tahiti

Located on the private island of Tetiaroa is just 30 miles north of Tahiti, Brando is a carbon-neutral resort. And yes, the coincidence in the name is not accidental – it was created by the legend Marlene Brando in order to preserve the authentic beauty of the island. The island is completely improved with environmentally friendly technologies – seawater is used for air conditioning, solar panels are placed in the most convenient places.

During your stay, you can enjoy the blue lagoon and coral reefs. Near the island is the migration route of whales, so if you are lucky you can be impressed by this view.
All villas have private pools, rooms in which to use wi-fi, and TVs. Some villas have spacious kitchens and dining areas. For each, there are also prepared bikes for a different tour of the island.


3. LUX South Ari Atoll, Maldives

Bungalows close to crystal clear waters and fine sand – Lux South Ari Atoll offers just that. 193 villas and 8 first-class restaurants make this place a worthy rival to the 5-star world-famous resorts. If you travel with your children, you can safely leave them in the kids’ club and enjoy your vacation while they have fun.

The resort offers the opportunity to dive among seafarers in a special marine protected area. You can also sign up for tennis, order a floating meal at your villa, or visit various spa treatments. And all this is organized by LUX South Ari Atoll.


4. Jumby Bay Island – an Oetker Collection Hotel, Antigua

Jumby Bay is synonymous of relaxation. Long beaches and views of the calm sea. However, you are not completely cut off from the world – the rooms and villas have wide flat-screen TVs, air conditioners, Wi-Fi, and coffee machines.

The island is closed for cars, so you can see many tourists walking on bicycles.
An ideal place for a romantic getaway, the resort offers private gardens to some of the villas. If you want everything to be as luxurious as possible, you can rent a house or a villa with a personal chef and a private pool. Your day will certainly not be boring with the long list of possible activities – tennis, golf, swimming, etc.
There is also suitable entertainment for children.


5. Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, Thailand

Four Seasons is a name with a history in luxury resorts. This is the first all-inclusive resort in the chain. It offers the typical Asian charm and is ideal for nature and adventure lovers.
Everything from the luxurious “tents” to the restaurants, where the food comes directly from the local plants, is an exquisite combination between closeness to nature and the necessary luxury for a magical vacation.

To get the most out of the local flora and fauna, you can take a walk along the Ruak River, choose a bike tour, visit the temples, or just spa treatments in the tranquility of nature.


6. Jade Mountain Resort, St. Lucia

Jade Mountain Resort fully reveals the beauty of St. Lucia. From the resort, you can see the two volcanic peaks of the Pitons.

Before planning your vacation, it is important to know that this place is only suitable for adults.

Here you can choose between open-sided rooms that create an immeasurable feeling of space, or suites for couples, where you can be completely secluded and isolated from the crowds.

Some apartments have their own hot tubs, others have private pools. You will not find TVs and telephones in the resort – the goal is to be as close as possible to nature, its pictures and sounds. However, in order not to be completely isolated, you can find Wi-Fi in most places.

Many of the products used in Jade Mountain Club’s kitchen are organic, created on their own farm. There is a wide choice for lovers of seafood.

The famous Anse Chastanet beach is meters from the resort and offers a range of sea sports. You can also take a walk in the botanical gardens, swim in the huge pools or watch the great variety of birds.


7. Royal Malewane, South Africa

Want to go on a safari? Royal Malewane is your place. The border with Kruger National Park is a guarantee for the amazing views you will witness. There are even lions to see in the area.
A slight antique feel exudes from the oriental rugs in the rooms and the antiques that you can see everywhere in the resort. All this, combined with the huge outdoor pools and the view of the passing elephants, creates a feeling of wildness and connection with nature.
In your free time, you can do sports, fitness, spa treatments.

You can choose between villas with two bedrooms and those with 6 and a personal chef – it all depends on the size of your group and personal preferences.

Children are welcome, but Royal Suites and Africa House are required to be over 10 years old if they stay in the luxury apartments.


8. Twin Farms, Vermont, USA

Vermont is also a legendary name in the field of luxury resorts. Twin Farms is one of the most famous resorts not only in this area but also in the USA.

Upon entering you are greeted by some famous works of art (part of the personal collection of the owner), shelves full of books and burning fireplaces create a cozy feeling from the entrance.

You have a huge choice of accommodation – from compact luxury rooms to cottages on several floors. In any case, you will enjoy the view of the mountains, relax in hot tubs and feel as comfortable as you are at home.

Each season has its own charm in Vermont. You can walk in the green forests or ride a bike during the warmer months. On cold winter days, diversify with skiing or snowboarding.
Meals are included in the price, and chefs always try to surprise you with fresh local delicacies. Visitors over the age of 16 are welcome. Exceptions are only two weeks a year which are declared family and younger children can stay in the resort.


10. Likuliku Lagoon Resort, Fiji

This complex is known as the only one with bungalows built over the water in Fiji. They are made of wood, which creates a feeling of merging with nature and makes you part of the local culture. During your stay, enjoy endless beaches and green areas. The place is ideal for solitude with a loved one.

The resort is only suitable for adults. The staff is very friendly, so you won’t need a TV or telephone to have fun.

From the bungalows, there is a possibility to dive directly into the salty ocean water. All have spacious decks and outdoor showers – the perfect way to spend your honeymoon, for example.

The food is impressive – from fresh fruit just plucked from the tree, through seafood to local delicacies. During the day, small portions of afternoon snacks are delivered to your room.

You can sign up for various tours and cruises to get to know the local culture and nature.
Included in the price in addition to the stay are food, some water sports and soft drinks.


11. Lily Beach Resort & Spa, Maldives

A paradise for divers, the resort is surrounded by coral reefs and the bungalows are built on the water. Lily Beach Resort & Spa, Maldives is a great place for a family vacation.
Here modern amenities are respected – home theater systems, jacuzzis, and outdoor showers, flat-screen TVs in each bungalow. You have a choice between a villa on the beach, among the white sand, or one in the water, with the opportunity to dive as soon as you get on a spacious deck.

Among the bungalows in the water, there are some with a glass floor, which allows you to see the crystal clear waters, marine life and immerse yourself completely in the sea atmosphere.

The menu is also varied – from Chinese, through Indian to Thai cuisine – everything is your choice. Whether your stay will be all-inclusive is also your decision. This option includes food and drinks as well as two excursions during your stay.
During your free time, you can enjoy SPA procedures in an over-the-water SPA center.


12. North Island, Seychelles

The owner of this Seychelles resort strives to preserve the natural resources of the area. Every guest is also welcome to meet and participate in environmental programs. In your free time, you can choose between two beaches that are so untouched by the industry that they are a favorite place for water turtles to lay eggs.

The complex consists of 11 villas with beautiful sea views. You can enjoy local cuisine and take advantage of the butler service to dine wherever and whenever you want.

Getting around is by bike or golf carts. The cuisine is rich in local products and flavors, and there are organized entertainment for children such as treasure hunts and pizza lessons.


13. Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp, Kenya

Bordering on the famous Serengeti National Park and Maasai Mara National Reserve, Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp is a great representation of the typical African atmosphere. During your stay there you can take a walk in one of these parks or stay more secluded in the private lands of the resort. Accommodation consists of luxury “tents”, which are far from the popular idea – they are furnished with wide comfortable beds, oriental rugs, and antiques. The staff is more than friendly.

During your stay, you will have the opportunity to see some of the most impressive representatives of wildlife – lions, giraffes, even hyenas. You can be as close to nature as you want – whether you go on a safari in the savannah or enjoy the amenities of the resort is your choice.

Family accommodations have large living rooms, a fireplace, and swimming pools.


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