World’s Best Honeymoon Destinations

honeymoon couple
honeymoon couple

The honeymoon is once in a lifetime for every couple. The newlyweds must remember the experience of that romantic place, which brought them many memories, passion, love. It seems as if most famous honeymoon destinations are surrounded by water, but this should not be a clichΓ©. Each honeymoon destination that place in this ranking self-contributes to its own fame. If you are wondering about honeymoon ideas, the list will surely help. And why not go around a few places, taking a honeymoon package? That is why the best honeymoon destinations here are grouped by continents.


The old continent is filled with beautiful places for a honeymoon. They are embedded in young couples’ minds as places where there is much to see and experience. The fact that there are four real seasons in most European destinations for your honeymoon is very convenient, because you may not want your wedding and the following honeymoon to be just in the summer.

Paris, France

Paris, known as the City of Love, is a place where a man offers a woman marriage and also, an ideal destination for an unforgettable honeymoon. The capital of France is full of history, romance, art, delicious food, and fine wine. And not only the Eiffel Tower is the object of attention, but also many old and modern architectural buildings that will impress you. A walk along the Seine or just in the park or on the streets will be different compared to one in your city where you usually live. Because Paris remains the City of Lights and the City of Lovers.

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Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe and offers so many sights that there is simply no way to cover them within your honeymoon. This country filled with the most diverse nature offers recreation for lovers, no matter where you want to go – the mountains or the Black Sea coast, there are places everywhere as if created for an earthly paradise. The small Black Sea towns and villages in Bulgaria are perfect for a great honeymoon and mountain towns and resorts. Most of them are protected by UNESCO, and also, you can have a 5-star hotel and much more for your unforgettable honeymoon.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast continues to be a particularly popular honeymoon destination. Romance flows everywhere – on the steep streets, from the Moorish architecture, the azure blue, and the dark sandy beaches. Luxury hotels combined with everything else – Amalfi is a real attraction for young newlyweds. This is why that place is one of the top honeymoon destinations worldwide.


Switzerland is not just about chocolate, skiing, and the stunning beauty of the Swiss Alps. Among its year-round attractions, there are heavenly places for newlyweds. A similar place for a honeymoon idea is the Lavaux wine region, where not only is the wine delicious, but other sites will also attract you: views such as floating restaurants, chocolate houses, and the only hotel on the surface in Europe. Switzerland is a destination where your honeymoon will be remembered forever.

Island countries

The honeymoon is connected as an escape to paradise. This is often associated with going to an island whose name, even once uttered, immediately suggests the best place for a honeymoon. The idea of exoticism and isolation from the noise of the great continents attracts irresistibly. For this reason, the following destinations are considered the most suitable for a honeymoon.

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, you will find rainforests, beaches, and Buddhist ruins, as well as wildlife roaming around. This popular exotic island will shelter you for your honeymoon in the most enjoyable way. Even the dishes will enchant you, which are a mixture of the cuisines of many cultures. The newlyweds can visit temples or take backpacks on safaris in national parks, as well as surf. Luxury hotels are here, along with the coast, the sun, and everything else in Sri Lanka.

Lanai, Hawaii

Although part of Hawaii, Lanai’s landscape is such that you will feel like you are on another planet. For the newlyweds, the experiences abound here – horseback riding, riding on rough roads in a 4×4 jeep, snorkeling around dolphins, picnics, swimming in the sea, and romantic walks among the moon rocks of the garden of the gods. And luxury is present to do it all with finesse and style for you newlyweds.

Antigua & Barbuda

This is one of the most attractive honeymoon destinations. Here there is everything as a picture: and pastel facades, and lively markets, along with delicious tropical fruits. Among the natural resources, you will delight your eyes with limestone formations and pristine beaches. Antigua and Barbuda are heavenly places, just like in the fantasies of two lovers who want to be alone. This, of course, includes high-level accommodation options, as well as opportunities for activities such as tennis, water skiing, sailing, diving, and more. And all this against the backdrop of white sands and tropical greenery.


The island of Fiji is the other iconic name for the best honeymoon destination. It is located in the Pacific Ocean and is full of light sand, palm trees, beautiful mountains, and blue lagoons. There is also a private island destination in this paradise that combines tropical forests and volcanoes with deserted beaches. The food will also fascinate you – here the local cuisine is rich. There is also something to do – diving, golf, horseback riding, fishing.


The largest continent in the world also offers the largest variety of honeymoon destinations. When you think about honeymoon ideas, simply choose Asia – it is much more of you can guess: colors, beauty, romance, exoticism, modernity, and at the same time, antiquity. Your honeymoon will be different in the following destinations as if specially created by Mother Nature for newlyweds.


Singapore is slightly different from the familiar quiet seclusion spots for newlyweds. It is a place of fine dining and avant-garde hotels. The atmosphere is exotic and the hotels and luxury – flooding you. Singapore is both a class and an emotion that will make your honeymoon like no other.

Bali, Indonesia

The island of Bali is in Indonesia and is often associated with a honeymoon destination, one of the best. It is accepted as the ideal place for passion. And that’s a fact – the island offers not only pristine beaches but also surfing, snorkeling, and massages. However, there is more – it is full of culture, art, rice terraces, music, temples, which seem to be countless. Bliss is guaranteed, especially if you are newlyweds.

Rajasthan, India

Rajasthan is a place worth visiting at any time and is attractive for a honeymoon. If you have never touched Hindu culture and way of life, you will be interested to see villages, cities like Jaipur – the capital known as the Pink City. Go to the desert, and on a tour to see unique architecture, such as Amanbagh Palace. For curious couples, it will be interesting to learn about the most exotic sport – camel polo.


If you are fond of off-road, this is your honeymoon destination. Located between India and China, Bhutan is a magical country with its own identity and topography. And not only natural beauty will captivate you in this tiny kingdom in the Himalayas. The transitions here are a real charm. You will see Buddhist monasteries, remains of fortresses, and other landmarks as you move from one valley to another.


You can’t hear that name and not think about the best honeymoon. This tropical South Asian country consists of 26 coral atolls in the Indian Ocean. Remember that this means unlimited beaches, clear turquoise waters, vast reefs, and lots of seafood. Luxury resorts are waiting for you – you will be alone with your beloved in the best way.


If you are surprised by this proposal for the best honeymoon destination, it means that you do not know Vietnam. And there is everything you want – beaches, rivers, culture, Buddhist temples, delicious food, and cities, as well as French colonial remnants of the colonization of Vietnam. In addition, you are offered rural charm in some places, along with art and pristine sandy coastlines.

South and Central America

Any destination in South and Central America can be defined as suitable for a perfect honeymoon. The land of the ancient Incas and Maya, the jungles and rivers, combined with heat and plateaus, is a fascinating combination of legends and realism that you have if you choose a place from this part of the world for your honeymoon.

Cartagena, Colombia

Nowadays, Cartagena is a destination for a luxurious vacation on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. There are charming cobbled streets, colorful buildings, live music, romance, especially at night when it’s time for salsa. You can stay in a beautiful hotel in the port city, travel by private boat for lunch on a white sandy beach surrounded by azure water and palm trees. There is hardly anything you want as a newlywed couple that is not there.

Sacred Valley, Peru

Located among the majestic Andes in the Peruvian region, the Sacred Valley encompasses valley cities such as Urubamba and Aguas Calientes, where one passes to climb Machu Picchu. This is a special destination for nature lovers in all its beauty, and for the ones who endure altitudes of over 2000 m. You will be enriched with impressions of the combination of exciting activities-cultural traditions-luxury. It is only good to avoid alcohol, as it will not have a good effect on altitude sickness.

Costa Rica

Welcome to this Pacific country for your honeymoon, where there is everything for nature and adventure lovers. Wildlife is everywhere and the ocean is warm, with perfect waves. In the middle of the rainforest above the beach, there are luxury hotels and boutique resorts, with elegant tents and plenty of ways to enter the wild to feel its spirit. And not only that – there is a quartz mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean, where there is a spa center, medicinal and organic gardens.

North America

North America is an attraction and vastness, incomparable in its splendor. The Wild West seems to be immersed in the modern world, but nothing can stop the pristine nature that attracts newlyweds to America. Once you have decided to spend your honeymoon there, destinations for this purpose can be a package. But let’s point out the one that is among the most chosen – Southwestern Montana.

Southwestern Montana

This is a honeymoon destination where you can experience the best of America in one place: five-star hotels so you can feel pampered to the maximum, functioning ranches, unique nature, authentic adventures, just like in the old Wild West, along with delicious food and lots of emotions – the whole atmosphere will make you feel America on the spot in an amazing way.


Africa is full of destinations unlike any other in the world. There you will meet both part of the Arab world and the way of life of the locals, who truly enjoy life, regardless of the modernization to the extent that the peoples of other continents depend. But there is one best honeymoon destination that evokes charm, charm, mystique, and romance – Morocco.


You can touch the exotics of Morocco, familiar to you from the movies if you choose this country as your honeymoon destination. Go to Marrakech, where you can try delicious dishes and enjoy the medieval atmosphere left by your ancestors. And to feel like a real sultan, you can stay in the pink Amanjena Palace or go to the beautiful city of Fes to stay in the chic Riad Fes. In Morocco, you will also see Essaouira, famous as the most beautiful seaside village with camels on the beach.

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