The United States is a huge country full of places suitable for couples in love. The experience will surely remain unforgettable, and the variety is great to choose from among the best destinations where you can relax alone, away from the crowd, noise, and problems. The fire of love must be maintained in order to be preserved, and the United States is a great proposal for this! Whether you enjoy canoeing on the beach, hiking through a dense forest, or skiing in the high mountains, in this list you will find your dream vacation spot among the best places to visit in the USA for couples.



Kauai Hawaii USA 1
Kauai Hawaii USA 1

Hawaii is an accentuated romantic place full of exotics, bright sandy beaches, azure waves, beautiful mountains, and unique waterfalls. This makes the state one of the best couples’ vacation ideas. Kauai, also known as Garden Island, is one of the most attractive destinations in Hawaii. You can book a helicopter tour to see Waimea Canyon, also known as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”. You will feel like you are in Wonderland at this sight. And, of course, go to the beach to fully bustle the romance of the Hawaiian Islands.

Best Hotels in Kauai


molokai hawaii
Molokaʻi is different from other islands in Hawaii. Here the rhythm is slower, the buildings are lower than the coconut trees and there are no typical state super resorts and spectacular parties. Partly for these reasons, Molokai is great for a romantic vacation. Here you will find solitude on white beach sand around palm trees, you will have the opportunity to walk through the Halawa Valley to one of its cascading waterfalls, to eat together from sweet bread, as well as choose your own plumerias in the Molokai Plumeria Farm and string them together for a lei. Also, you can go canoeing in the waters, where you can see sea turtles.

Best Hotels in Molokaʻi

New Mexico

Santa Fe

santa fe cityscape
The capital of New Mexico is beautiful in all seasons. It features an impressive architectural style of low-rise brick buildings in earthy colors, with lilacs and forsythias in the spring, as well as lanterns decorating the roofs. This unique atmosphere, unique to the destination and unmatched anywhere else in the United States, makes you feel idyllic every season: during the warmer months, eat authentic Southwest dishes outdoors in classy restaurants, and enjoy festivals and markets where you can. buy a local souvenir; and in the cold months to find a romantic nest, inhaling the aroma of burning wood in the fireplace. Attractions are not lacking in Santa Fe, such as the Chapel Loretto, where you will see the mysterious spiral staircase, art galleries on Canyon Road, the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, which houses the largest collection of landscapes by the author; the immersive Meow Wolf art exhibition is another attraction worth experiencing.

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Napa Valley

napa valley
Sunny California is full of attractive destinations for lovers. And Napa seems to have been created as the best place for couples in the United States. The valley flows into unique shades of pink, yellow, and gold, which simply sink into romance. The accommodation itself offers you luxury and comfort. And if you’re lucky enough to be here in the winter, you’ll find out why Napa Valley is known as one of the best places to visit in California in the winter.

Best Hotels in Napa Valley

San Francisco

san francisco cityscape view
San Francisco is a name that is praised so much. This destination is one of the best couples’ vacation ideas due to its amazing views, memorable sights, and delicious food, but that’s not all. You can also ride a bike on the Golden Gate Bridge when the sun goes down, walk through the lush gardens of the Botanical Garden, or take a gondola tour to the main places in the city. Stop by the historic Fairmont San Francisco on Nob Hill, dating back to 1907. And if you are a music fan, there’s the Stern Grove Summer Music Festival at Sigmund Stern Grove for you.

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Things to do in San Francisco

Big Sur

big sur coastline
big sur coastline

Big Sur is a great mountainous region off the central coast of California. It is extremely suitable for couples because it gives you picturesque views, and is ideal for maritime romance accommodation. But not only are the landscapes here worth it to catch your breath – there are many things to do in Big Sur. One of the must-see places is Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, home to California’s most photographed waterfalls, Point Lobos State Wildlife Refuge, which offers wildlife hiking opportunities and even SCUBA adventures. But to get the most out of the charm of Big Sur, stay at the Treebones Resort, which offers you something unique – glamping in yurts.

Best Hotels in Big Sur


Key West

key west
key west

Once you get to Key West, you will feel like you are in another world, with its own appearance – lovely beaches, palm trees around, nonordinary streets, and houses in the style of Conch, with flower gardens. Take a bike and explore this island town, passing by these fairytale houses. Here is the residence of Ernest Hemingway on the navel of the Old Town and if you stop there, you will learn about his unusual life. And when there is water, there is also fun with a sailing cruise, snorkeling, and seaplane to Dry Tortugas National Park. Against the backdrop, you will admire the sunsets and street performances in Mallory Square.

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Yellowstone National Park


If you choose Yellowstone National Park as your romantic destination, you will have the honor of being in the first national park in America, a desert of 2.2 million acres, where wild animals grow and bizarre nature grows and, most interestingly, perhaps – Old Faithful and Steamboat Geysers and Grand Canyon Falls. You can stay at the Lake Yellowstone Hotel & Cabins for wonderful views of the largest lake at high altitudes. Another option is to stay in a wooden hut to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Yellowstone. In addition to watching the geysers, you can also take a boat trip on Yellowstone Lake, explore the Grand Canyon, the bare prismatic spring of the Midway Geyser Basin, and go on a safari through the American Serengeti in the Lamar Valley for big herds of buffalo and other wildlife.

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savannah georgia
Savannah is one of the best places for couples to travel in the US. The atmosphere is with oak trees with cascading Spanish moss on them, spectacular mansions and historic squares, attractive warm weather throughout the year, favoring a number of cultural and culinary scenes. You will have a wonderful vacation with a southern taste. Entertainment is one after another: colorful gardens, the fountain of Forsyth Park, a walk to River Street overlooking the Savannah River, many souvenirs, restaurants; visiting pre-war houses, old houses opposite the Intracoastal Waterway. And also, curiously – find out which houses in the historic district are inhabited by ghosts on a ghost tour.

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maroon bells snowmass united states
If you want true privacy, book your vacation for two in the small resort town of Snowmass, Colorado. It is considered one of the best ski resorts in the chateau, located just eight miles from the center of Aspen. Winter beauty with a playground and a summer mountain destination that has 300 sunny days a year. And don’t miss one of the best attractions – the second largest vertical decline in the United States, with over 3,000 acres of mountainous terrain and many opportunities to enjoy its natural beauty. If you happen to be here in the middle of the summer season, go to the Snowmass Balloon Festival, where the experience will be unforgettable.

Best Hotels in Snowmass

South Carolina


charleston south carolina
charleston south carolina

You can’t help but be enchanted by Charleston with its cobbled streets, historic mansions, pastel houses, and huge oaks – this is the oldest city in South Carolina, a real paradise for couples who can walk along the Battery, shop for local artisans and jewelry at Old City Market, go to nearby John Island, visit the Jeremiah Farm and Goat Dairy, and have a picnic near the spectacular 500-year-old Angel Oak Tree. There are also surrounding islands that can be explored by boat, as well as secluded beaches around Edisto, called Shell Island, and enjoy home-cooked southern cuisine on Bowen Island.

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New York

New York City

central park new york
central park new york

Cosmopolitan New York means many things, but there are also iconic points that have made it one of the top-rated places to go as a couple in the US, such as Seattle with the top of the Empire State Building. You can perform a serenade of your favorite in a rowing boat on Lake Central Park, catch a Broadway show, eat delicious food at a gourmet restaurant and cuddle under the stars of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History. If you are in New Joker in the winter, you will be immersed in the festive lights and decorative facades, you can also skate on the Wollman rink to the tune of Christmas carols. And although it is famous for being noisy and always sleepless, the city also offers quieter parks.

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scottsdale downtown arizona
Arizona – a state that attracts many, even if only because of the unadulterated wildlife and giant cacti. Scottsdale is definitely one of the best vacation spots for couples in the US, with quite romantic attractions and interesting things to do: hot air ballooning over the mountains of superstition, picnics, walks, unique nature, climbing, relaxing in spas and golf courses, visiting museums and eating at dozens of great restaurants.

Best Hotels in Scottsdale


sedona arizona
sedona arizona

Nature, huge red sandstone rocks of Sedona – the appearance of Sedona is inspiring to visit by a couple in love. Here are the deep canyons, and amazing views, including landmarks such as Uptown Sedona, Rock and Old Town, Red Rock Scenic Byway, and Scenic Drive on Oak Creek Canyon. Lots of walking and cycling, time for love and adventure – this is Sedona.

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Cannon Beach

cannon beach oregon
Cannon Beach is a natural attraction worth seeing at least once in a lifetime, if only because of the 235-foot-high Haystack Rock. The beach is unique and you will surely have a great vacation time as a couple. There are also amenities, of course: candy shops, glassware, and themed restaurants. And if you’re wondering when it’s best to visit Cannon Beach in Oregon, it’s at low tide when the rock pools appear and you can see amazing colorful creatures among the waves.

Best Hotels in Cannon Beach


Hocking Hills

hocking hills ohio
The stunning nature in the land of the Indians is astonishing – such is the case with Hocking Hills in Ohio: rocks, waterfalls, rocky caves, and dense to impassable forests. This is why it is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in the Midwest and one of the best couples’ vacation ideas. Hocking Hills Park is one of the best national and state parks in all of Ohio. Head to Cedar Falls, one of its most romantic waterfalls, to enjoy the serenity, or indulge in something more extreme at Hocking Hills Canopy Tours, such as a descent over the gushing Hawking River. The accommodation is also appropriate – the luxurious yurt at the Inn & Spa in Cedar Falls, equipped with surprises for you.

Best Hotels in Hocking Hills area


Martha’s Vineyard

marthas vineyard massachusetts
Martha’s Vineyard is an attractive island for couples, accessible by ferry from New York, Rhode Island or Cape Cod, as well as fast flights from Boston, New York, and Washington. In this corner of paradise, you will find friendly locals, beautiful beaches, waters, six small towns with their own look, and other attractions: boutique shops, art galleries, cycling, sightseeing the gingerbread house in Oak Bluffs Polly Hill Arboretum and Chappaquiddick Island. Regarding accommodation, the island’s Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa in Edgartown’s Hob Knob is renowned as one of the most romantic hotels on the island.

Best Hotels in Martha’s Vineyard


Bar Harbor

bar harbor maine
Bar Harbor in Maine is a lovely coastal town, perfect for a romantic weekend for couples. The places are simply created for this: lighthouses, museums, and art shops. You can do so many things – to walk in the Cadillac Mountains, or just have a leisurely drive along the coast in Acadia National Park. There are perfect opportunities for picnics and lunch on the beach, and in the evening – to relax in Agamont Park, or walk along the bay. You can arrange a whale-watching cruise. Staying at the Saltair Inn Waterfront B&B will enchant you because you will have a wonderful view and high-level service.

Best Hotels in Bar Harbor



dallas texas
dallas texas

Dallas is the ninth-largest city in the United States and a legendary destination name. It is suitable for everyone, including couples who want to experience a memorable romance. You can walk around the large arboretum in Dallas and the Botanical Garden, and visit the Museum of Nature and Science of Perot fairy creatures in the World Aquarium. And don’t forget to visit the Sixth Floor Museum of Dealey Plaza, where the room from which Lee Harvey Oswald was waiting to shoot President John F. Kennedy is located. You will also see its huge memorial nearby. Dallas has great class accommodation options, combined with delicacies, a spa, and the opportunity to explore the nearby lakes.

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New Orleans

french quarter new orleans
New Orleans is a truly romantic city in the southern United States, with live music, serenades and parties, the aroma of Cajun cuisine, and many attractions: the French Quarter, the National WWII Museum, and Jackson Square. And if you want to be during the famous Mardi Gras festivities, do plan your vacation for two from February – to May. If you are looking for complete luxury, you will find it in the Maison de la Luz, in the French Quarter.

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Final thoughts

The United States is dotted with the best places for couples to travel. The ideas are diverse, and the places – are amazingly beautiful and memorable. Choose one of these places to visit as a couple to ensure an unforgettable experience that you will want to repeat – or at least, visit each of the above list!

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