For many tourists and fans of natural attractions, it is not known that the state of Ohio is extremely rich in waterfalls. The views that are revealed in the mountainous areas are more than magnificent, and the area itself is ideal for hiking. The most beneficial in this aspect will be your vacation in the northeastern and southern part of the state, with a special interest in the Hocking Hills region.

Most of the waterfalls are located in Ohio State Parks. Each season is suitable for a walk in nature, and winter turns the waterfalls into a real ice fairy tale. Here are 12 of the most popular waterfalls in Ohio.

Cedar Falls at Hocking Hills State Park

The most famous waterfall in Ohio is located in the southeastern part of the state, in Hocking Hills State Park. To get to it is not necessary special preparation, as it is only 30 minutes walk.

To a large extent, the picture that will reveal in front of you depends on the season in which you visit the waterfall. In the spring when there is more rain, you will enjoy a larger water mass that breaks into the sand rocks at the base. In summer, Cedar Falls may even dry out. In addition, in autumn you will enjoy the beautiful colors of the surroundings.

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How long is Cedar Falls trail Ohio?

Cedar Falls is one of Hocking Hills State Park’s seven major hiking trails in southern Ohio. The path is approximately a half-mile long and moderately strenuous due to the number of steps. It is a one-way trail system that features a waterfall, bridges, and interesting rock formations.

Can you swim in Cedar Falls Ohio?

Lake Alma State Park, located just half an hour south of the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, features two public swimming beaches. The beaches are located on the lake’s north shore, and swimming is permitted only during daylight hours.

Amphitheater Falls at Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve Clifton Ohio

Amphitheater Falls is located in John Bryan State Park and promises an amazing walk, surrounded by pristine nature and woodland in southern Ohio. The route is called Gorge Trail and the entrance is near Yellow Springs. The area around the waterfall is protected and is called Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve.

Amphitheater Falls is full of water in the summer and from afar you can hear the incredible rumble of the falling water, and in the winter you will see its waters frozen, creating a real winter fairy tale. During the trek, you can stop in the village of Clifton Mill, where you can have a delicious lunch and a pleasant rest.

Address: 2381 OH-343, Yellow Springs, OH 45387, United States
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Horseshoe Falls in Caesar Creek State Park

A visit to Horseshoe Falls is a must among your stops in Ohio. It is located in Caesar Creek State Park and is easily reached via a 1.8-mile trail. This waterfall is not among the largest on our list, but the surrounding nature makes it one of the most popular.

You can settle around the creek below and take time for a picnic or relaxation. Great photos can be taken if you walk along Caesar Creek Swinging Bridge.

Address: 3286 N Clarksville Rd, Waynesville, OH 45068, United States
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Hayden Run Falls

You can find Hayden Run Falls near the city of Dublin, not far from a busy road. The surrounding nature is only 2 acres but guarantees a wonderful experience and the opportunity for a picnic and relaxation.

The height of the waterfall is 35 feet and is especially full of water and majestic after rain. Reaching the waterfall is easy as you have the opportunity to see it from different heights depending on whether you prefer to walk on the boardwalk or to reach its lower part.

Address: 4326 Hayden Run Rd, Dublin, OH 43017, United States
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Dundee Falls

Dundee Falls is one of the best in Ohio, located in the Beach City Wildlife Area. Unlike most of the waterfalls we mentioned, this one is relatively flooded all year round, so the view is more or less the same regardless of the season in which you will visit it.

Especially beautiful is the gorge, which is close to Sugar Creek. The location is ideal for hiking and climbing enthusiasts and has a whole 2,000-acre Beach City Wildlife Area to explore. However, reaching the waterfall is easy as there is a convenient car park nearby.

Address: 96 Dundee Wilmot Road NW, Dundee, Ohio
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BlackhandĀ Gorge Waterfalls

TheĀ BlackhandĀ Gorge State Nature PreserveĀ near Newark in the central part of the stateĀ gives you the opportunity to see several waterfalls close to each other. The place is ideal for a day trip.

Your first stop will probably be the Chestnut Trail, which is easy to cross and will take you to the first waterfall.

You can continue on the Marie Hickey Trail, where you can see several more waterfalls. Spring is the best season to walk here because you will discover the true power of waterfalls.

Address: 2200 Gratiot Road SE, Newark, Ohio
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Cascade Falls in Nelson Ledges State Park

Located in Nelson Kennedy Ledges State Park, this spectacular waterfall attracts tourists with its easy access. Most waterfalls require more physical training and long walks, while Cascade Falls can only be reached in half a mile.

Once you arrive, you can enjoy the view from several spots, including from a cave behind the waterfall.

The surrounding nature is also particularly interesting because of the narrow paths and rock formations called Devil’s Icebox and Old Maid’s Kitchen.

Address: Lyons Falls Trail, Perrysville, OH 44864, United States
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Big and Little Lyons Falls

Mohican State Park is home to these two popular waterfalls. Big Lyons Falls is the larger of the two and has a cave behind the waterfall, which is a real challenge for the imagination.

Little Lyons Falls is rich in rock formations which creates its unusual shape. You can start your walk from Covered Bridge and take a whole day to see both waterfalls, and if you visit them during the rainy season you will be lucky to see them in all their splendor and power.

Address: Lyons Falls Trail, Perrysville, OH 44864, United States
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Ash Cave Waterfall

Ash Cave Waterfall is one of the most easily accessible waterfalls in Ohio and there is even a wheelchair path. The waterfall itself is surrounded by a vast cave and waterfalls from a height of 90 feet.

The waterfall has a huge charm both in summer when it provides coolness to visitors, and in winter when the frozen water reaches the pool and the ices are almost touching.

Address: OH-56, Logan, OH 43138, United States
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Chagrin Falls

Two miles east of Cleveland is the village of Chagrin Falls. There is also a waterfall of the same name. There is a pedestrian bridge just above it, but if you want you can go down closer to the waterfall by the boardwalk.

Not far away is Cuyahoga Valley National Park, where you will find several more waterfalls – Brandywine Falls, Blue Hen Falls, Mill Creek Falls.

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Paine Falls

This stepped-shaped waterfall is especially easy to reach, next to the parking lot. The park in which it is located – Paine Falls Park, has all the necessary amenities, and the surrounding forest is truly magical. It is near the town of Painesville in northeastern Ohio.

Autumn is especially suitable for visits, because the waterfall is in its full capacity, and the trees around are painted in all shades of red, orange, and yellow.

Address: 5570 Paine Rd, Painesville, OH 44077, United States
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Sheepskin Hollow Falls

Sheepskin Hollow Waterfalls is hidden deep in the Sheepskin Hollow Nature Preserve, in eastern Ohio. The transition to Sheepskin Hollow Falls is much more complicated than those on the list so far, as there is no separate hiking route or nearby parking.

Of course, there are signs that will point you in the right direction, but if you are looking for an adventure among dense vegetation and unspoiled nature, this is the right place for you.

Address: 51766 Pancake-Clarkson Rd. Negley, OH
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Ohio is a place with many surprises. Although known as an agricultural area, the state will amaze you with its natural resources. The waterfalls themselves have always been a favorite destination for nature lovers because of the feeling of power and beautiful views. Ohio will offer you a huge choice of places to visit if you are a fan of this type of tourism.

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