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14 Best Waterfalls in Wisconsin

superior wi waterfals
superior wi waterfals

The majestic waterfalls are like the emblem of Wisconsin. No matter how long your trip is, stopping in front of a stunning waterfall in this part of the world is going to remain one of the most beautiful moments in your life. And not all of Wisconsin’s spectacular waterfalls are in the woods – some are located in the center of small towns, while others are created specifically for the purpose – for example, to work mills or to supply mining equipment in quarries. When you think of a waterfall, in Wisconsin you will see everything – rural, wild, rocky, steep, hidden in the greenery, calm or noisy. This will be the pearl of your vacation in this place, so check out the best waterfalls in Wisconsin:

Big Manitou Falls

Total height: 165 ft
Hiking Distance: almost roadside

It ranks first because it is the largest waterfall in Wisconsin with a height of 165 feet. The Big Manitou Falls is revered not only in Wisconsin but is also recognized as the fourth highest waterfall in the United States east of the Rockies. It is located in Pattison State Park and is definitely worth a trip to the northern outskirts of the state to enjoy. You can visit it all year round, as it is lovely in all its seasons. And if you want to combine your trek here with something more, know that the Big Manitou Falls is located near the town of Superior, which offers accommodation and other adventures on the shores of Lake Superior. And while within the state park, you can see other waterfalls such as Little Manitou which is a 31-foot, tucked away in a 1,400-acre forest.

Address: 6294 S State Road 35 – Superior, WI 54880
Within Pattison State Park, Douglas County. T47N-R14W, Section 21. 35 acres.

Copper Falls State Park

Take a trip to Copper Falls State Park to see three beautiful waterfalls: Copper Falls, Brownstone Falls, and Red Granite Falls. Each of them has unique characteristics. Copper Falls State Park is located in northern Wisconsin and includes 17 miles of hiking trails and fabulous scenery, including steep gorges, as well as 1930s buildings that are still on parkland. To reach Copper Falls and Brownstone Falls, you can take the multifunctional Waterfall Trail at the northern end of the park, and reach Red Granite Falls, take the Red Granite Falls at the southern end of the park.

Address: 36764 Copper Falls Rd, Mellen, WI 54546, United States

Upson Falls

If you are planning a visit to the part where the waterfall is located, Upson Falls in northern Wisconsin, you should consider several others in the region. Iron County has the most waterfalls in any part of the state, and five of the 10 highest waterfalls. With an 18-foot waterfall on the Potato River as a jumping-off point, Upson Falls makes a great day trip from the Upson community. Don’t miss the other nearby waterfalls in the area are Rouse Falls, located a few miles west of Upson; Little Balsam Falls, which has a convenient footpath; the wild Wren Falls, which are close to the Forks River; and Foster Falls, a 25-foot handsome Kartoff River waterfall. And if you happen to have a little more time, head east near the Michigan state line to see Gile Falls.

Address: Hwy 77 – Upson, WI 54534

Morgan Falls

Morgan Falls is a breathtaking 70-foot waterfall with stunning views of the Apostle Islands and Lake Superior. It is located about 15 miles south of Ashland, and you can also explore the surrounding area – Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest and panoramic views of St. Peter’s Dome. These narrow waterfalls intertwined in granite ledges cascade to the bottom of a small pool. Take the path to Morgan Falls, which is only 1.2 miles, and back. Your walk will be pleasant on this accessible path, and the atmosphere will immerse you in the beauty of ferns and sparse vegetation, amidst blissful silence and fresh air.

Address: Marengo, WI 54855, United States

Willow Falls

Would you like to see a multi-level waterfall? Such is Willow Falls, considered one of the most dramatic and best waterfalls in Wisconsin. It is located in Willow River State Park near Hudson in northwestern Wisconsin. This great waterfall is approximately 100 feet in diameter, which is a really impressive sight, especially after heavy rainfall. Climbing skills are not required to get to Willow Falls – the access is relatively easy. There are several trails that lead to the falls, including a short, paved quarter-mile trail that takes you straight into the gorge. In fact, in addition to being one of the most beautiful, Willow Falls is also one of the most easily accessible throughout the state.

Address: Hudson, WI 54016, USA

Amnicon Falls

The fast flowing water of Amnicon Falls is truly delightful. The falls are part of the Amnicon River within Amnicon Falls State Park in northeastern Wisconsin, near Superior. There are four waterfalls in this park, several of which fall away before the Amnicon Falls itself. At this place there are Upper and Lower Amnicon Falls, waterfalls called Now and Then, and Snake Pit Falls. The upper waterfalls fall to about 15 feet and have a diving pool where you can swim if you wish. The lower part of Amnicon Falls is also about 15 feet high and has the appearance of a slide of about 30 feet. This is really attractive, as well as the wonderful view of the waterfalls that the bridge over the river gives you.

Address: Wisconsin 54874, USA

Twelve Foot Falls

This waterfall is considered one of the best sliding waterfalls in Wisconsin. Twelve Foot Falls is located near Dunbar in the northeastern part of the state, and its name comes from what to expect when you see the 12-foot-high waterfalls. After heavy rain, the tidal waterfalls have white caps that flow through the beautiful wooded surroundings. To get to Twelve Foot Falls, take the hiking trails at Twelve Foot Falls County Park in Marinette County after having a one-day sticker to access the park. If you go down the road from Twelve Foot Falls, you will find Eighteen Foot Falls – a waterfall located along the rocky area of ​​Twelve Foot Falls Road. These waterfalls are calm and sloping, located half a mile back from the road.

Address: Twelve Foot Falls Rd – Dunbar, WI 54119

Long Slide Falls

Height: 50
Crest: 8

The name Long Slide Falls almost suggests what to expect when you see it, because this waterfall, part of Lake Michigan’s catchment area, has an area of ​​about 50 feet in a long slide of turbulent water coming over large rock formations. Long Slide Falls is located in Long Slide Falls County Park in Pembin town. Access to it can be difficult for some due to the uneven and rocky terrain, which also has steep slopes. If you are an avid enthusiast and you like to take extreme trails, just make sure you have the right shoes. Know that there are no barriers between you and the ledges to the water, but that’s part of the thrill.

Address: Morgan Park Rd – Niagara, WI 54151

Cascade Falls

Another of the best waterfalls in Wisconsin, which is located near the St. Croix River – this is the Cascade Falls in western Wisconsin, in the city of Osceola. It is not difficult to find, as it is in the city center on route 35. You can access it from the main road through the city, and you will also find a set of stairs leading to the base for exploring the waterfalls. And although the Cascade Falls is now a beautiful sight in Osceola, in the past it had a practical purpose in founding the village, being used as a water-powered mill, the remains of which you can still see there.

Address: 101 N Cascade St, Osceola, WI 54020, United States

Potato Falls

This is a waterfall in Northern Wisconsin, which is good not to miss, located in the city park in Gurney, Wisconsin. Flowing from the Potato River, the eponymous waterfall is 90 feet high, with its waters cascading and sinking downward. It not only has a dramatic appearance, but is also quite large, so walking around it is nice. There are access paths to the Upper Potato Falls and the Lower Potato Falls, but the terrain can be difficult for the unprepared. One of the best and safest ways to see the waterfalls is from the observation deck located next to the parking lot.

Address: Potato River Falls Road, Gurney, Wisconsin

Wequiock Falls

Wequiock Falls is remarkable because it was created from the Niagara Rock. The waterfall is located in the small Wequiock Falls Park in Brown County, near the city of Green Bay. The flow of the beautiful waterfall is most noticeable after a lot of rain, so I hope you are lucky. To get to it, access is not difficult and there are even the following ways to enjoy it: by going down the stairs for a close view of the gorge, or by watching the waterfall from the bridge over it. Spring is the best opportunity to see Wequiock Falls in all its glory, as it then begins to slow down in the summer.

Address: 3426 Bay Settlement Road, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Lost Creek Falls

This waterfall is well-hidden in the woods near Cornucopia in Wisconsin. With its eight-meter falls, Lost Creek Falls descends to a cascading rock platform, where the water continues to fall into a pool below it – this whole composition is lovely. Access to the waterfall is via the path leading to Lost Creek Falls from Tail Drive in the city. It is approximately 2.5 miles long to and from the car park. The hike is worth it – picturesque, exciting, and at the same time relaxing.

Address: Lost Creek Number One, Cornucopia, WI 54827, United States

Superior Falls

Height: 65
Hiking Distance: almost roadside

Lake Superior is a natural attraction in Wisconsin, and nearby Superior Falls is another. Here you will discover some of the best water landscapes in the state. Superior Falls is a permanently flowing waterfall on the Montreal River, near the Wisconsin-Michigan state line. Here, the combined drops in the waterfalls drop to about 90 feet, and as you watch, you will witness several large falls as Superior Falls stretches downstream. There are rocks around the waterfall, so if you decide to walk on them, be careful with comfortable shoes. And if you don’t feel like climbing, you can get easier access to the Falls through Highway 122 in Wisconsin, where you have to take a short drive to Michigan to get to the Superior Falls parking lot.

Address: Highway 122 – Saxon, WI 54559

Montello Granite Quarry Waterfalls

Let us end this ranking with a true masterpiece of nature and man – the Montello Granite Quarry Waterfalls in Wisconsin, consisting of a total of four waterfalls of unique beauty. They were once rapids on the Montelo River and were used as a source of energy for machines in the then working quarry. They are currently a valuable natural landmark. They are accentuated by the granite that surrounds them, and although the quarry is no longer used, the place is now a public park called Daggett Memorial Park or Montello Granite Park. Here you can take a walk and learn about the history of the city, the beginning and end of the quarry, and the beautiful waterfalls – one of the best in Wisconsin.

Address: Downtown Montello – Montello, WI 53949

Water is life, tranquility, excitement, and beauty. In Wisconsin, the waterfalls seem to have been put together for a competition for the best, and the choice is really difficult. But each one is worth it, so whatever you choose for your destination – one or more in number – you will have seen from the 12 best waterfalls in Wisconsin.