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The Union of Comoros, as the country is officially known, is one of the world’s smallest island nations, with a population of only a few thousand people. If you’ve never heard of it before, you’re not alone in this. While its Indian Ocean neighbors Mauritius and Seychelles have developed sophisticated and well-established tourism industries, Comoros is a relatively unknown destination. Only a few thousand visitors per year make it to this destination, which is, of course, part of its allure.

Historically, the four original Comoros Islands served as a major trading post from the 15th century until they were annexed by France in the 19th century. The islands of Grande Comore, Mohéli, and Anjouan gained independence from France in 1975 (the fourth island, Mayotte, remains a department of France), and the majority of organized tours visit all three of these islands. To travel between the islands, most people rely on short flights (the flight from Grande Comore to Mohéli takes 25 minutes), or a combination of boat and air travel. The roads are frequently in poor condition, though the main round-island road on Grande Comore is passable. You can also rent bicycles. Cycling on Mohéli’s only sealed road – which is also its most deserted – is a highlight.

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