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Croatia, formally known as the Republic of Croatia, is a historic country in the south-central region of Central and Eastern Europe. This archipelago is bordered by Western and Eastern European countries and lies along the Adriatic sea. The unity of Croatia is still not absolute but the country has its own identity. The government proclaims Croatia as an independent state but many international agencies to promote its unity and depict Croatia as one of the fastest developing tourist destinations in Europe. Tourism is the main source of income for this small country. Croatia attracts millions of tourists every year.

Cityscape of Trogir, Croatia

If you are planning to visit Croatia, one of the most important things you need is a passport or national ID card and visa. These are mandatory requirements before entering the country. Besides these, there are other things that you need to take care of if you are planning to travel through Croatia. I will discuss the three most important aspects in this article.

Before getting a visa for Croatia you should obtain a visa for citizens of Schengen country. You can apply for a visa from the Croatian embassy or consulate of your choice. After obtaining the visa, you should enter Croatia either by checking in a plane or swimming across the Dubrovnik-Krnojky mountains. Otherwise, you should get a visa upon landing in Croatia.

Croatian visa requirements are quite easy. The requirements do not differ much even from the Schengen visa requirements. For instance, you are required to present proof of citizenship (either birth certificate or identity card) of the person to whom you wish to get the visa. The format for application is the same as that of the Schengen visa. You can visit the nearest embassy of your destination country to apply for a visa.

Now let’s move ahead to the next step – getting a Croatian visa. You can search for visa processing centers by using your favorite search engine. Croatia is often one of the safest countries in Europe and has a friendly population. The following sections of this Croatia travel guide will help you find and get a visa for Croatian citizens.

The first point in the Croatia travel guide is to check the availability of passports at various passport offices throughout the country. If you do not have an existing passport, you should immediately apply for a visa. The process is generally simple and takes around 2 weeks. After obtaining a visa you will have to present it at the Croatian embassy or consulate at least three months before you intend to travel to another country. The Croatian embassy or consulate will require you to show a copy of your passport along with copy of marriage or divorce papers, employment contracts, property deeds, bank statements, and any other public documents that tend to be required.

To get an idea of the culture and life in Croatia, it is important that you read a Croatia travel guide to get an idea about nightlife in Dubrovnik and other popular cities like Zadar and Pula. Many young people who have visited Croatia say they were impressed by the hospitality of Croatian citizens. Another great way to check out the culture in Croatia is to visit Zadar and ask about some of the entertainment places there. Most of the entertainment in Croatia happens at nightclubs and bars in the city. This is also a good place to pick up souvenirs of your trip to Croatia.

Another great thing about Croatia is that you can visit many of its national parks. Some of the most popular Croatia national parks are Zadar, Cerkno, and Cricutina national parks. All these parks are popular for hiking and outdoor activities. Croatia has many beautiful beaches and resorts too, which is why tourists from all over the world travel to this beautiful island. If you like water sports, you will love the Croatia beaches and if you are a traveler who loves to explore uncharted territories, Croatia is perfect for you.

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