If you are among the tourists willing to experience the charm of hiking rocks and canyons, Sedona is your place. This is one of the most picturesque areas of Arizona and is famous as one of the most popular destinations for hiking. There are trails for everyone – both easier and more extreme. But the panoramic views that you can reach through them are worth the effort.

Everything in Sedona is so natural – rivers, streams, wildlife… You’ll see all this on your way, as most of the trails are located above 4,300 feet high. And to relax, there are great local restaurants. To find out, however, which are the best hiking trails in Sedona, see the list below we have prepared for you:

Cathedral Rock Hike

When you embark on your hiking to Sedona, you wouldn’t like to miss the amazing Cathedral Rock. It just pulls you to climb it to reach a stopping rainbow view of Belle Rock, Courthouse Butte, Mogollon Rim, and more of the beautiful scenery. The Cathedral Rock is also home to one of Sedona’s famous whirlwinds. The path passes up the east side of the Cathedral Rock, and the terrain there is relatively flat, and then winds up the rocks. There are also quite steep sections where you will have to use your hands. This trail is nearly a mile long, and the circumference of it with a total altitude of 550 feet. Undoubtedly, the most interesting moment is the highest point of the path – namely the saddle between two massive towers and this is the turning point. At this place, some tourists come with the intention of testing their nerves, moving along a narrow ledge on the right side to an observer, somehow adhering to the slope of the mountain. Of course, this is not recommended for most people, as climbing skills and training are required.

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Doe Mountain Trail

This is a place with a total altitude of about 425 feet, has exceptional views, desirable solitude, and a unique chance to wander on top of the mesa. That’s why Doe Mountain Trail is among the Sedona hikes which do attract many enthusiasts. The trail is nearly 1.2 miles long and offers a steady, gradual climb that leads to the flat peak of Doe Mountain. There, the path up is flat and passes from one end of the meat to the other. The mountain peak looks as if it has been removed from the valley below, but here you still can see wild birds and animals. For those who are seeking solitude, Doe is the perfect destination. Predisposed to this is the beautiful sight, where you have something to see in all directions, and some of the remarkable features include Bear Mountain, Mescal Mountain, Fay Canyon. But the most impressive are the views at the southwestern end of the meat, which is the far end of the hiking trail.

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Fay Canyon

It is among the most remarkable Sedona canyons. Fay Canyon, located in one of Sedona’s most picturesque regions, is accessible by a flat, easy-to-follow 2.4-mile hiking trail. Through this hike you will enter directly into the heart of the red rocks, walking under their walls and under the hanging gardens. This hiking trail differs from the rest of Sedona in that it passes through grass and gives you shade for most of the way. It ends with a towering rock formation and walls of the canyon, marking the end of the maintained path. If you choose, you can walk beyond the sign and climb the cliffs to enjoy an even more impressive view. Keep in mind that this trail is suitable for mass tourism, even for children, as it has only a slight increase in height of 190 feet.

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Boynton Canyon

The Boynton Canyon Trail offers a classic hike in the mountains – it is 6.1 miles long and takes you through several types of forests typical of the Sedona area. All the time you will enjoy a beautiful view of the canyon, which stretches all the way. Near the beginning of the trail, there is an energy whirlwind, and the first half to three-quarters of it is under the scorching sun, but it is also considered – there is Enchantment Resort, where you can refresh with a cold drink and a delicious bite for lunch or dinner after hiking. Beyond this section, you will find yourself among small trees and large pines that will give you the shade you want. The last section of this hike will take you uphill at the end of the canyon, where there are beautiful views. Here, too, there is a certain altitude, but it is insignificant. If you are curious about the whirlwind, it is right at the beginning of the trail. It will also be nice to take the Boynton Vista side path, which is approximately half a mile to the whirlwind because here you will see the beauty of the landscape: Deadman’s Pass, Mescal Mountain, and Courthouse Butte.

Courthouse Butte Loop

This Sedona hiking trail offers wonderful views of Courthouse Butte, stunning Mogollon Rim, Bell Rock, and even a smaller spaceship-shaped rock near the end of the trail. You will get a little of everything, and the best part is the solitude you will experience after escaping from the crowds. This trail has a moderate altitude of about 350 feet. You can park in two places: in the Courthouse Vista car park, and if it is full, use the Bell Rock Vista lot.

Devil’s Bridge Trail

We came to one of the most popular and, respectively, the most visited Sedona hiking trails. This is because almost anyone can do it – this trail is 4.2 miles back and forth and leads to a lovely natural sandstone arch. Due to its popularity, it is also a very busy trail, which is used by jeeps, mountain bikes, and many hikers. The first part of the path is wide and easy to pass, while its rear half is narrower and steeper, leading to an arch. Keep in mind that during the whole hike there is almost no shade until you reach the far end, so be prepared for sun protection.

Airport Mesa Trail (Airport Loop Trail)

This is one of the hiking trails in Sedona which gives you a unique view of the colorful cliffs on the edge of Mogollon, West Sedona, and the surrounding area. The hike follows the edge of Mesa Airport high above the valley and goes around the edge of the airport for a great view of the city and beyond. The hike here is not quite suitable for children, as some sections of the trail follow vertical areas. The sun is plentiful and the shade is scarce, but in winter the temperatures are attractive for tourism. The total length of Airport Mesa Trail is 3.5 miles at about 200 feet above sea level. At the beginning is the Airport Overlook Trail, which is also the location of one of Sedona’s energy vortices.

Bear Mountain

This is a hike for advanced tourists who love extreme heights. You go on a test, only 4.3 miles long, but at an altitude of an impressive 1,975 feet. There are 360-degree views available from the top, including the snow-capped San Francisco Peaks with extinct volcanoes, the ghost town of Jerome, Doe Mountain, and Courthouse Butte.

Bell Rock Pathway

Do you like mountain biking? If so, this is your hike! This trail is one of the best for this purpose in Sedona, especially for beginners. There is no way to confuse the shape of Bell Rock. Tourists come here for hiking, cycling and sightseeing. With its views of sloping walls that look scary up close, Bell Rock Trail is actually a very pleasant and easily accessible trail suitable for tourists of all ages and abilities. For lovers of adrenaline, there are some challenges, such as climbing a short distance up the bell. When it comes to the formation itself, there is an opportunity to walk on sections of red slip. The trail is wide and for the most part, flat, as it skirts the foothills of Bell Rock before you begin your descent to Village of Oak Creek.

West Fork Trail

The West Fork Trail is located in the beautiful Oak Creek Canyon. It is different from many other hikes in the Sedona area. The trail crosses West Fork Creek several times as it passes beautiful rock formations whose shapes are due to the strength of the raging waters. The trail provides shade, water, and plenty of wood cover, which is why it is so desirable by tourists. The West Fork Trail is 6.9 miles long at 400 feet above sea level.

Mescal Trail

Mescal is a name known among mountain bikers. In reality, however, it’s a great hike of 2.4 miles above 200 feet above sea level, full of stunning views. The trail passes around Mount Mescal, embraces the ledge of a rock tower, you look at the amazing views from the Cathedral Rock to the Courthouse Butte. Depending on the season, you may see blooms, and March is usually the best time to see the wildflowers there.

Soldier Pass Trail

And we come to the Soldier Pass, considered one of the most interesting hiking trails in Sedona. The key places here are the huge Devil’s Kitchen Sinkhole, along with the beautiful Seven Sacred Pools – a key religious site for the local indigenous people. The hiking trail has got a total length of 4.1 miles, and basically, it is not as crowded as other hikes.

The hiking trails and canyons of Sedona, Arizona, can be included as a natural setting for movies. The feeling of being on one of the above hikes leaves an experience in life that you can be proud of.

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