Near Las Vegas, you will find some of the most beautiful natural landscapes and trekking spots in Nevada. The red cliffs and picturesque canyons of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area attract every lover of beautiful views. Valley of Fire State Park is less than an hour’s drive away. The marsites here are relatively short and light, but reveal views that will remain in your mind. Here are some of the most preferred transit routes around Las Vegas – the city that never sleeps has more to surprise you with.

1. Calico Tank, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

calico tanks nevada
As one of the most popular places in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Kaliko Tank boasts beautiful orange-red rocks, natural water catchment, and a little more up-to-climb routes. The views that will be revealed to you range from desert landscapes to mountain ousters in the distance.

Dificulty Moderate
Lenght 3.5km
Est. time 1h 20min

2. Cathedral Rock Trail

The trail heads west from the trailhead, with a slight incline. It passes the alternative trail before winding through aspens and evergreens. The trail then heads south to the stunning Echo Cliffs. The Cliffs drop nearly 1,000 feet. A small seep is accessible from the trail to the west of Echo Cliffs. The spring seeps water.

After Echo Cliffs, the trail heads west and climbs a steep slope. On the slope, you can see the devastation an avalanche can cause. An avalanche years ago displaced many trees and boulders.

The trail flattens as it approaches Cathedral Rock’s backside. You forget you’re 8,000 feet above sea level as you walk through a forest on the trail’s easiest and most enjoyable section.

The last quarter mile of the trail is steep. When the trail splits, take the unmarked path. Cathedral Rock is reached via a half-dozen switchbacks. With each step, the view improves. The view is best enjoyed from the far NE side. Mt. Charleston Lodge is 1,000 feet below, and the desert floor is to the east. Mummy Mountain, Mary Jane Falls, and Charleston Peak are all to the north.

Dificulty Moderate
Lenght 4.5km
Est. time 2h

3. Moenkopi Loop

Triassic fossils and various desert flora can be seen on this open country trail which starts at the visitor center and traverses a prominent limestone ridge. In addition to panoramic views of the Wilson Cliffs, there are connecting trails to the Calico Hills area

Dificulty Easy
Lenght 3.2km
Est. time 1h

4. Fire Wave Trail

Fire Wave Trail is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Las Vegas and the surrounding area, and it’s only a little over an hour away from the Strip. The rock formations are laced with white, pink, and red stripes that resemble ripples in a pond, making this short hike a visual treat. A rock formation that resembles the crest of a wave can be found at the end of the trail. This trail is perfect for those who want to experience Nevada’s natural splendor with their family and friends and is suitable for hikers of all skill levels.

Dificulty Easy
Lenght 2.5km
Est. time 1h

5. Ice Box Canyon, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

This 2.70-mile out-and-back trail near Las Vegas, Nevada, is worth exploring. It takes an average of 1h 30 min to complete this route, which is generally considered to be moderately difficult. Because this is a very popular area for hiking and other outdoor activities, you will almost certainly come across other people while exploring. Despite the fact that the trail is open all year, the best months to visit are September through May. Dogs are permitted, but they must be kept on a leash.

Dificulty Moderate
Lenght 3.7km
Est. time 1h 30min

6. Lake Mead Railway Trail

railroad trail nevada
The Lake Mead Railway Trail is one of the most easily accessible routes, as well as one of the best-known and old hiking trails in Las Vegas. It leads to five tunnels, which are also the biggest attraction of the area.

The entire bypass route is 7.5 miles long, but if you want to get to the tunnels the quickest way you can do it from the Alan Bible Visitor Center, which is only a mile from the first tunnel. In addition, the route is wheelchair accessible. near the lake, there are several campgrounds excellent for a longer stay.

Dificulty Easy
Lenght 13km
Est. time 4h

7. First Creek Canyon Trail

First Creek Canyon Trail is a 3.40-mile trail near Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s an out-and-back trail, so you have to go back. Average time to finish the route is 1h 40 min, which makes it a moderately difficult one. If you go hiking, trail running, or on any other nature trip, you’re likely to see other people while you’re there. If you want to go to the trail at any time, you can. It’s a beautiful place to see. A lot of places allow dogs to be off-leash, and they’re welcome.

Dificulty Moderate
Lenght 5.5km
Est. time 1h 40min

8. Petroglyph Trail

Petroglyph Trail is 2.7 miles long and is located in Sloan National Conservation Area. The walk here will take you to over 300 petroglyphs etched. The route is not difficult to bypass, but there is an elevation of about 500 feet, which means that a slightly more diligent climb is still needed. The best time to visit the area is spring when the desert flowers have blossomed.

Visiting the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area is free of charge, but you must register with the visitor center.

Dificulty Moderate
Lenght 6.6km
Est. time 2h

9. Clark County Wetlands Park Nature Preserve

One of the best hiking near Las Vegas is the Nature Park Trails, which allows you to almost not leave the city but enjoy the wildlife. Among the tall grasses, resembling an oasis in the desert, you will find a huge variety of birds, turtles, and sometimes beavers. In the park, you can take in several places, and it is open to cyclists and pets. Another popular area around here is Duck Creek Trailhead.

Dificulty Easy
Lenght 3.4km
Est. time 1h

10. Golden Canyon, Gower Gulch, & Badlands Loop Hikes in Death Valley National Park

If you want to visit several Las Vegas hikes in one place – Golden Canyon, Gower Gulch, and Badlands Loops await you at Death Valley National Park. The landscape here is diverse, consisting of hilly areas, valleys, and crests. The best observation point is Zabriskie Point.

The tour of any of the transition routes is between 1.5 and 2.5 hours, but if you are keen on long trekking you can combine them by bypassing the entire route known as the complete circuit which is one of the best hiking near Las Vegas.

Dificulty Moderate
Lenght 10.4km
Est. time 3h

11. Pine Creek Canyon Trail

The Pine Creek Canyon Trail is a relatively easy 5.5km round-trip hike that ascends along Pine Creek to the historic Wilson homestead. From the homestead, hikers can rest in the shade before continuing on the Knoll Trail or the Pine Creek Loop Trail further up Pine Creek Canyon. From the loop’s summit, hikers can scramble and boulder-hop their way up Fern Canyon or Pine Creek Canyon into the Rainbow Mountain Wilderness Area.

Dificulty Easy
Lenght 5.5km
Est. time 2h

12. Mount Charleston Hiking Trails

Mount Charleston area is the perfect way to escape the hot summer temperatures in Vegas. Although the mountain itself is 12,000 feet high, the transition routes reach an altitude of about 8,200 feet, which guarantees cooler weather.

The two most popular routes for tourists are Mary Jane Falls, a 1.5-mile long and passing through pine forests and waterfalls, and the much more challenging Big Falls 3.5 miles long reaching an impressive 100-foot waterfall.

Dificulty Very Hard
Lenght 28.2 km
Est. time 8-9h

13. Fortification Hill

With breathtaking views and challenging terrain to get to the summit of this iconic mountain, the Fortification Hill trail is a lesser-known hike in the Lake Mead region. Ascending gradually uphill for the majority of the trail, the final mile to the summit requires some light scrambling and ascends steeply up rocky terrain to reach the summit.

Walking with sturdy trekking poles to keep your balance is highly recommended because the wind can be strong and the gravel can be slippery. A 4×4 vehicle is required in order to get to the trailhead because the road leading there is made entirely of sand. You can also park further away and hike the additional miles in if you prefer. Remember that there is an entrance fee to Lake Mead that you must pay in order to visit it.

Dificulty Moderate
Lenght 6.5km
Est. time 2h to 3h

14. Mary Jane Falls

In spite of its short length, Mary Jane Falls is a beautiful and moderately difficult trail that provides a nice mix of forest areas, mountain views, and waterfalls, all in a scenic setting. Mary Jane Falls and the Mount Charleston area, both of which are only a few minutes away from the city, are both fantastic places to go hiking in Las Vegas. There are beautiful rock formations, evergreen forests, and breathtaking mountain panoramas along the trail. A crisp, cool waterfall cascading down from the side of a rocky cliff is the trail’s gracious reward for the steep incline. This trail is only open from April to December and may be closed at other times of the year.

Dificulty Moderate
Lenght 6.3km
Est. time 2h 30min

15. Calico Hills, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

The trail is an out and back trail that is 6.40 miles long and is located near Las Vegas, Nevada. It takes an average of 3 h 20 min to complete this route, which is generally considered to be difficult. Because this is a very popular hiking area, you will almost certainly come across other people while exploring. The trail is open all year and is a beautiful place to visit at any time of year. You’ll have to leave your dogs at home because they are not permitted on this trail.

Dificulty Hard
Lenght 10.3km
Est. time 2h

16. Black Mountain Trail

When you first start out on the Black Mountain Trail, you will be met with a barren landscape that will leave you in awe. However, as you progress along the trail, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the valleys. While on the hike, you’ll come across some interesting desert plants, including Joshua Trees and various varieties of cacti as you climb higher into the mountainsides. Your efforts will be rewarded with breathtaking views that will make the strenuous hike well worth your while. Please keep in mind that there is little shade on this trail, so bring plenty of water and avoid hiking when it is too hot.

Dificulty Hard
Lenght 11km
Est. time 4h

17. White Domes, Valley of Fire State Park

The charm of this route is in the stone formations around. Stepped hills, high stone blocks and desert landscape are what attract tourists.

The stone walls are gradually converging to create narrow tunnels along the canyon. You will surely be amazed by the view here, which is also preferred for a number of movies about TV shows.

Dificulty Easy
Lenght 1.8km
Est. time 40min

18. Las Vegas Overlook

The Las Vegas Overlook trail, which is located in Red Rock Canyon, is one of the most iconic trails in the area, making it a great place to go hiking in Las Vegas. Trails at this location are quite steep, presenting hikers with a significant challenge as they ascend to the overlook.

The scenery along the way is absolutely breathtaking, with views of the surrounding rocks and mountains that almost appear to have been painted in a variety of pastel colors, especially in the early morning or late evening light, being particularly impressive. From the overlook itself, you can see all the way to downtown Las Vegas, but the real reward, in our opinion, is the panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.

Dificulty Hard
Lenght 10km
Est. time 3h 30min

19. Guardian Angel Pass

The Guardian Angel Pass is 6.40 miles in length. It takes an average of 2 hours to complete the route. A popular hiking and other nature destination, this area is likely to be crowded with others. You can visit year-round but it’s most enjoyable from April to September. Dogs are not permitted on this trail, so you’ll have to leave them at home.

Dificulty Hard
Lenght 5.1km
Est. time 2h

20. Lone Mountain Loop Trail

Located just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, the Lone Mountain Loop Trail is a 3.20-mile loop trail. In general, this is a straightforward route that takes about 1 hour and 47 minutes to complete on average. While exploring this area, you’re likely to come across a few other hikers, trail runners, and walkers. From March to October, however, the trail is at its most beautiful.

Dificulty Easy
Lenght 5.1km
Est. time 2h

21. Bristlecone Trail

With its name inspired by one of the area’s tree species, the Bristlecone Trail is a family-friendly, scenic trail that provides spectacular opportunities for wildlife viewing as well as forest exploration and hiking in Las Vegas. Despite the fact that this trail is a little longer than many others on our list so far, it is a manageable path in terms of elevation gain and level of difficulty. Throughout the Spring Mountains, you’ll find shady, forested paths that take you through the mountains and provide several vantage points for taking in the stunning rocky peaks that surround the trail.

Dificulty Moderate
Lenght 9.2km
Est. time 3h

22. Frenchman Mountain

For those looking for spectacular city views as well as a great workout at the top, Frenchman Mountain is one of the most accessible hiking destinations in Las Vegas. It is located between Las Vegas and Lake Mead and is a strenuous hiking trail that provides a great view of the city from a bird’s eye perspective. Because the trail is steep, you should wear your best hiking boots and bring a pair of trekking poles with you. Consider taking on this hike first thing in the morning or late at night for spectacular sunrise and sunset views, as well as a glimpse of the glittering lights of the strip at night.

Dificulty Hard
Lenght 7.1km
Est. time 3h 30mins

23. White Owl Canyon

White Owl Canyon is a short to medium-length canyon hike in the rocky terrain surrounding Lake Mead. Like the other slot canyon hike on our list, the length and variety of the Trail of the White Domes is impressive. The slot canyons in this area have beautiful ridges and grooves in the stone walls as a result of extensive erosion over many decades. Great for families or groups with different levels of hiking experience, this is an excellent Las Vegas trail to take with you.

Dificulty Hard
Lenght 6.1km
Est. time 2h
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We are used to accepting Las Vegas as a place for nightlife and entertainment. But the natural landmarks around can offer real pleasure for the eyes and soul.

Lovers of long hikes will definitely not be disappointed, as Nevada has many natural places, rich flora, and fauna, and a number of campsites and accommodation.

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