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PREVIOUS VISITORS: Madagascar was first colonised by Europeans in the eighteenth century. The geographical location and rich fertile agricultural potential attracted them, as did the local culture, which included singing, dance, cuisine and a strong religious community. From the start, Madagascar was a popular destination for European tourists, who made extensive travel plans to include Madagascar in their list of places to visit around the world. Travel through time can be seen in the development of commercial tourism, which was initially directed towards supplying food and salt to the starving natives of Madagascar, before it diverged towards more sedate activities in the nineteenth century. A railway connection was established between Madagascar and France in the late nineteenth century, which brought large numbers of visitors a long way away from their home country. Today, there are a large number of rail transport links available to Madagascar tourists.

DESIGNATION OF TRIP: Madagascar is not an extremely mountainous country, but its large variety of landscape makes it one of the most unique travel destinations in the world. The unique geographical conditions and unique climate make Madagascar a fantastic place to spend a holiday – the scenery is spectacular, the climate is idyllic and the people are warm and friendly. Some of the major destinations for Madagascar travel include the island of Madagascar’s capital city, Antipolo, the main urban centre of Madagascar, Port Louis, Madagascar’s largest city and the former capital of the republic of Mauritius, Port Louis-Tourssa.

TRIPOLOGY: Madagascar is a country of contrasts. The great bulk of the country is desert – the eastern region is mountainous, with parc national parks and abundant natural vegetation, whereas the western and central areas have very different characteristics. Madagascar’s geography also presents significant geographical variation, with vast parts covered in volcanic ash, sea sand, and grassland. Madagascar travel guide will help you explore these terrain areas and discover their attractions.

POPULAR DISADVANTAGES: The main disadvantages associated with Madagascar travel are the high airfares and poor hotel accommodation availability. Madagascar is a large country and Madagascar hotels are few and far between. Travelers who are planning to travel to Madagascar on a budget should plan their journey well in advance to avoid paying extortionate hotel and airfare charges. The more popular destinations are often overbooked and finding affordable accommodation can be a challenge.

CUSTOM TRAVELS: Madagascar is a tropical country that offers travelers great travel experiences. Madagascar has a wonderful blend of the rich and the beautiful, with villages rich in history, colorful cuisine, and unique culture. There are many traveling options available to suit every budget. You can visit the historic cities of Madagascar, explore the national parks, go shopping or even explore the vast landscape by motorbike.

POPULAR STOPPOVERS: Madagascar has numerous interesting destinations that make for some of the best travel experiences in Africa. Some of the popular destinations include the cities of Madagascar, Gaborone, Sintra, Malindi, Volterra, and Tema. Some of the popular activities in Madagascar include horse riding on the river, elephant safaris, paragliding, swimming, diving, snorkeling, and hiking. Travelers are also offered a chance to experience the local food and live theatre. Activities like these are made possible due to the lack of visitors to Madagascar.

TRADITIONS & CULTURE: Madagascar has a diverse and fascinating history. Most of Madagascar’s historical buildings date back to between the fifth and eighteenth centuries. Madagascar culture is characterized by its religious beliefs and practices, such as initiation rituals, dancing, songs, and witchcraft. Madagascar is also home to a large number of animals, including lions, elephants, rhinos, hippos, and buffaloes. The majority of Madagascar’s inhabitants are Christians.

MATURE SCENE: Although Madagascar is a small destination, it provides for a thrilling travel experience because of the rich natural environment, which includes volcanic craters, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, geothermal vents, tropical rainforests, forests, coral reefs, unique flora and fauna, and historical ruins. A stay in Madagascar offers a wide range of options for travelers and allows for the perfect way to experience all that Madagascar has to offer. Many travel agencies and hotels offer special packages that take tourists to this beautiful destination. It is advisable to carefully research travel options and find a travel guide that can provide information on what to expect during your visit.

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