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Malaysia is an exotic Southeast Asian country occupying key parts of the Borneo and the Malaysian peninsula. It is recognized for its pristine beaches, rainforests, culture and blend of Malay, Chinese and European cultural influences. The capital, Kuala Lumpur, houses tall skyscrapers like the iconic, 4-star, Carbuncle Twin Towers and busy commercial zones including the famous Petronas Twin Towers, in a metropolitan area that straddles the equator. It is considered one of the fastest developing countries in the world, with immense room for growth both economically and culturally. While visiting Malaysia, you can find a number of places of interest.

There are many beaches here which provide some of the best sun-filled moments in the region. With a variety of water sports on offer, Malaysia offers something for everyone. However, it is best to get a good instructor to train you, because there are some areas where diving and snorkeling are forbidden due to bad weather conditions. If you are new to this, you can join a tour package that includes a beach tour, a boat ride or a kayak rental.

Kuala Lumpur itself is very famous for being a major global trade centre and a commercial hub in the country as well as a gateway to Asia. Its cultural heritage is well represented in its numerous temples and other monuments. The most famous is the Serangoon Hill, which is a World Heritage Site. It has a religious significance for the residents of Kuala Lumpur as well as those of other nearby towns.

The country is also famous for a unique tropical climate that makes it a popular tourist destination for tourists coming from other countries. While in Malaysia, make sure you avoid the peak tourist season as it tends to be very hot and humid during that time. Travel to other parts of the country during off-peak seasons, especially if you are visiting from surrounding countries. A cool climate and various beaches will make your Malaysia holiday much more enjoyable.

The country’s rich flora and fauna are also another reason why many tourists visit Malaysia. The country has many species of birds and insects that are found nowhere else on earth. In fact, Malaysia is so full of nature that some areas have become known as nature parks. Nature is a big part of the country’s culture as well, so many visitors stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life to see some of the country’s natural treasures.

While in Malaysia, there are plenty of things to do and see. While there are many things to do in the cities, there are also many things to see outside the cities as well. You can go on an elephant safari in the north, trek through the rain forests in the west, or rock climb in the south. The country is also famous for its food, with local cuisine that is unique in its own right. Malaysian cuisine is renowned for its use of fresh ingredients and generous servings.

One of the best things about Malaysia is that it’s so accessible. Getting around the country’s major cities is easy as they are interconnected by road. There are a multitude of public transportation systems including buses, trains, and taxis. As well, flying is very easy, whether you want to connect directly to Kuala Lumpur International Airport or those in the other cities of Langkawi, Putra Vista, Melaka, and Laban Rata Malaysia. There are direct flights to most major cities throughout the year.

Malaysia is truly one of the best values in travel destinations. Malaysia is relatively affordable, has beautiful scenery, and offers a variety of activities for travelers of all tastes and ages. Malaysia isn’t just a great family holiday, it’s a great investment as well. The country’s economy is growing, and it’s one of the fastest in the world. With all these things to offer, Malaysia is one destination you can’t afford to miss.

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