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The Marshall Islands is an expansive chain of coral atolls and volcanic islands in the western Pacific Ocean, south of Hawaii and south of Australia. In the north, Bikini Atoll is mostly untouched waters, utilized as a ship burial site after World War II. On the island of Saipan, the reef is rich in marine life but crowded. On the island of Vanuatu, humpback whales can be seen in the warm southern waters. In the center, coral reefs dot the coastlines of the four islands.

The Marshall Islands, like other small groups of unincorporated Micronesian countries, was originally populated by the people of Waikato, New Zealand. Over time, they gained independence and built up their civilization. Today, most of the population is Christian, with a small Muslim and Hindu minority. The government controls religion and education but has limited freedom of expression. The tourist guide in Nouadhibou, on the western tip of the island, provides a unique view into life in these enclaves.

“Nouadhibou,” or “bay of caves” as the locals call it, is where the International Monetary Fund (IMF) headquarters lives. It is also where the international airport and seaport for Tonga, Vanuatu, and Tuvalu are located. This is where your flights to the Marshall Islands will land. The tourist guide takes you on a fascinating journey through the small market town of Souffleur, which is the focal point of attraction.

Another fascinating segment of the tour is the Marine National Park, home to sea turtles and other marine wildlife. The tourist guides are knowledgeable and love to tell interesting little trivia about the various animals they encounter along the way. You can expect to see stingrays, turtles, manta rays, and octopuses when you visit the park. You may also be lucky enough to see a green dolphin or two.

When you arrive at the Marshall Islands, you will see that they are divided into several major islands. The capital of Fuanada is called Vanuato. The smaller islands include Iona, Estero, Grande Island, and Holidays. The largest island, Marshall – where the bulk of the tourist population lives – is known as Tanna.

After visiting Tanna, you will travel to Iona, a beautiful island where the natives speak English and French. One of the highlights of the day is a sunset walk. If you are lucky, you will even get to do a little fishing in the ocean! The tourist guide in Nouadhibou, on Iona, will take you to the National Marine Park where you can see sharks, sea turtles, and penguins.

After a relaxing day on Iona, stop by the village of Grand Bay and enjoy delicious fresh coconut water. Once you have had your fill of fresh coconuts, head to the Sambaru Island spa where you can enjoy a complimentary massage. After a relaxing evening at the spa, you can enjoy dinner at a local restaurant. There are many resorts and hotels in Grand Bay and most of them offer good amenities and great food. For an even better experience, consider hiring a tour guide to give you a guided tour of the island.

You can view all the major attractions from almost any location on Marshall Islands. Because it has such a large amount of land, it is possible to see more than one attraction each day. The best part about traveling to the island is that you can return to relaxed, care-free island life each day. Take advantage of the island’s fantastic tourist guides who will help you plan every visit to give you a unique experience that no other tourist ever will.

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