The dream of every lover of sandy beaches and palm trees is the South Pacific. In this tropical area, you will find beautiful coral reefs and blue lagoons. Among the most beautiful islands are the Cook Islands, Samoa, and French Polynesia. 

Melanesian island archipelagos like Fiji, Vanuatu, and the Solomon Islands offer a rich cultural diversity along with natural features. We offer you 10 of the most visited and beautiful islands in the Pacific.

1. Aitutaki, The Cook Islands

aitutaki the cook islands beach palm
Located between French Polynesia and Samoa, the Cook Islands are in close proximity to New Zealand and the Aitutaki is in their northern part. The island offers a blue lagoon and many small uninhabited islets that can be reached by kayak. 

One of the most fun experiences will be a picnic on one of the small islands, which will make you feel like a modern Robinson Crusoe. Near the quiet beach, there are several luxury resorts.

2. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

bora bora picture 1
Last but not least is one of the pearls in the crown of the Pacific islands – Bora Bora. Here you will find secluded beaches and the high peaks of Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia. Snorkeling in the marine fauna is one of the main activities, and for jungle lovers, there is a huge selection of hiking trails.

 There are many luxury and romantic resorts and beach bungalows perfect for your honeymoon.

 Particularly beautiful is the nearby island of Moorea, which offers a beautiful sea lagoon and high peaks to climb.

3. Samoa

palm trees beach samoa
Between New Zealand and Hawaii is the archipelago of 10 small islands of Samoa. The islands have sharp mountain peaks and rocky beaches created as a result of volcanic activity. Along the shores, you will see steep cliffs, and not far from the beach there are beautiful coral reefs. The main islands in the archipelago are Savai’i and Upolu, the latter being more visited. 

The main activities here are swimming, surfing, kayaking, fishing. Take a walk in the dense forests and discover how many waterfalls are hidden there, or visit the Sua trench, a huge crater full of seawater that you will want to dive into. 

The locals are especially friendly, and the accommodation varies from luxury resorts to secluded houses on the beach.

4. Palau

palau island
Palau is made up of over 500 small islands, which are a real paradise for divers. Here you will enjoy a particularly large variety of marine life (turtles, sharks, snakes, etc.), WWII wreck diving and one of the most exciting wall dives in the world – Big Drop-Off. 

The largest city and commercial center in Palau is Koror, where there are several monuments associated with WWII. During your visit to Palau, one of the must-see stops is the Rock Islands – an ideal place for snorkeling and kayaking.

5. Lord Howe Island, Australia

lord howe island beach coastline
The World Heritage-listed Lord Howe Island is just 660 km off the coast of Australia. The archipelago was once part of a volcano. Nature lovers will be captivated by the crystal blue waters, sandy beaches, and the opportunity to walk among the palm forests.

 Swimming and snorkeling are among the favorite activities. If you want to enjoy the most amazing view, climb the 874-meter Mt. Gower. One of the most picturesque reefs you can observe is Elizabeth Reef, which is also the southernmost coral reef in the world.

 The preferred transport here is the bicycle, and telephones often have no range, which allows you to escape from reality.

6. Easter Island (Rapa Nui), Chile

chilie easter island
Easter Island is among the most isolated inhabited islands in the Pacific and maybe in the whole world. The islands are currently on the map of Chile but are thought to have Polynesian roots. Most of the islands are part of Rapa Nui National Park, where there are a huge number of small volcanoes, caves, and hiking trails. 

On some of the islands, you will find ancient moai – massive stone structures created by the settlers of Rapa Nui in the 10th-16th century. Among the favorite activities of visitors are snorkeling, diving, cycling, and horseback riding.

7. Isle of Pines, New Caledonia

isle of pines new caledonia
The name of this magical Pacific island was given by Captain Cook because of the majestic pines covering almost the entire coast of the island. Today the Isle of Pines is a French territory. 

Some of the most famous places for relaxation and water sports here are Kanumera Bay and Kuto Bay, Piscine Naturelle – a naturally created pool full of seawater, and Upi Bay with its impressive rock formations. The island is just a 30-minute flight from New Caledonia.

8. Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

vanuatu beach
Espiritu Santo, the largest island in Vanuatu, is an ideal place for beach adventures. Jungle walks, reefs, and shipwrecks are among the top attractions here. The crystal clear waters and fine sand of Champagne Beach make it one of the most visited destinations here along with the remains of the shipwrecked SS President Coolidge from WW II. 

During your walk in the jungle, visit the Millennium Cave. Horseback riding on secluded beaches is also one of the favorite activities of many tourists. 

The island is also famous for its springs, which appear here and there as beautiful blue holes.

9. The Solomon Islands

solomon islands ship wreck in water dronie
Just 3 hours flight from Australia is the archipelago of nearly 1,000 islands of the Solomon Islands. The archipelago is located between Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu and offers entertainment such as snorkeling among tropical fish or among sunken ships from WWII, surfing, kayaking, and cruising in the crystal clear waters of the Pacific. 

On the coast, you can take a walk in the tropical jungle, climb an extinct volcano or visit the capital Honiara and its historical landmarks. The Solomon Islands have very rich flora and fauna including coral reefs and some endangered species. 

Accommodation is mainly beach bungalows or houses in nearby villages, which is an ideal way to experience the local culture.

10. The Mamanuca Islands, Fiji


Mamanucas is one of Fiji’s favorite islands. It attracts tourists with sunny sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Here are some of the most famous scenes from movies like Cast Away and Survivor Fiji.

 Accommodation ranges from luxury resorts to low-budget hotels, and locals are particularly hospitable and friendly.


The islands in the South Pacific guarantee you vacation in harmony with nature. Adventurers can enjoy sports such as snorkeling, surfing, and kayaking. if you are set up for long walks among dense greenery, this is the right place. 

Volcanic formations, waterfalls, and rich flora and fauna will be all around you. Of course, luxury is not excluded and in many places, you will find resorts that will provide the comfort you need.

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