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Peru is an increasingly popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with stunning scenery and abundant wildlife on every corner. From Machu Picchu in Peru to Galapagos islands, from Easter Island to Patagonia, from Yellowstone to Alaska, there are places with stunning landscapes and interesting wildlife that will appeal to all ages and skill levels. For a more informative tour of Peru, a traveler should consult a knowledgeable, professional and well-versed tourist guide.

Peru is a sovereign country in South America, which is home to a great section of Inca rainforest and the legendary, ancient Incan civilization, which has been shrouded in mystery for centuries. The central region of Peru is home to the Sacred Valley, home to the impressive Colca Canyon and the historic colonial town of Cusco. On Peru’s arid Pacific Coast, home to Lima, is the capital, which has an extensive collection of ancient art and museum. One of the best ways to experience Peru’s awe-inspiring beauty is to embark on one of many guided tours. The best way to determine what type of tour or travel route is best is to consult a knowledgeable, professional and well-versed tour guide. Not only will a guide provide crucial information about Peru but also about local customs and practices, as well as useful tips on Peru tours and activities.

One of the most popular tours in Peru is the Inca Trail trek, which covers approximately 5000 kilometers. The route starts from the town of Pisac’s historic center across the south rim of the Sacred River Canyon. Along the way, you will visit Wayllabamba, the site where the Inca master builders first constructed their civilization, and Ollantaytambo, one of the world’s oldest cities. The magnificent Inca Trail follows the path of the Inca Trail, a massive road that was used by the Incas in their campaigns against marauding Spanish troops. Today, you can take advantage of the amazing scenery along the trail of the Inca Trail as you trek through lush, beautiful landscapes and secluded rainforests.

Another of many important tours in Peru include the availability of free walking tours around the numerous Inca ruins in Peru. Most visitors to Peru opt to stay at one of the many luxurious hotels that are scattered throughout the country, which are usually located near the main city centers like Lima, Cusco, or the Sacred Valley. However, most travelers choose to trek out into the wilderness and experience the wonderful scenery that the Inca ruins contain. When choosing a guided tour or backpacking trip, it is imperative that you follow a detailed tour itinerary, which includes the times and days of the walking tours, which destinations you will visit, and the number of people who will be participating in them.

Among the most popular types of guided tours in Peru include day trips to the most popular trekking destinations throughout Peru, which include locations like Paracas (the largest city on the Inca Trail), Los Machos and the Sacred Valley. Day trips to Peru are an excellent way to get to know the country and experience the rich culture that has been developed over the years. In some cases, you may be able to book a package that includes airfare and hotel accommodation, and you can choose to take a day trip on foot from your hotel.

Many travelers who embark on day trips to Peru also choose to backpack around the region. These travelers can bring their own equipment with them to ensure they have the most comfortable journey possible. In addition to taking advantage of day trips to Peru, many travelers choose to backpack on their own and set off on adventure treks. Adventure treks are often made up of a series of smaller hiking adventures that combine into a larger and more challenging experience.

One of the most popular treks travelers will enjoy is the Colca Canyon trek. This trekking experience starts at the town of Pisac is Colca Canyon, and takes participants on an eight-day trek through one of the most beautiful regions of Peru. The Colca Canyon offers hikers a chance to see balloon twisters and other ballooning activity, and numerous photo opportunities. The journey concludes with a day trip to the Sacred Valley, where the Colca Canyon Bridge can be visited.

Another popular trek that travelers embark on when they are on a holiday in Peru is the long-haul treks that begin in the beautiful Andean highlands and continue towards the jungles of the Amazonian region. Some of the longer treks, such as the longest trek in the world (the Antecoville trek) begin in the southern highlands of Peru and end at the remote southernmost point of the Amazonian forest. The Andes treks are among the highest, most challenging treks in the world. A variety of Andean mountain peaks and jungles offer the perfect setting for this trek, which stretches over 21 days between Peru and the remote Andes Mountains. The lush vegetation and flora of the Inca Trail make this trek the perfect escape from the city and allows travelers a chance to observe the ancient Inca civilization from close quarters. Another exciting and unusual way to view the Inca Trail is by taking a cable car tour from Lima, Peru, bound for the Andes Mountains where you can view the Inca Trail from the stunning heights above.