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Romania is the historically-rich, medieval, barrier-state in Eastern Europe, bordering several countries. Romania is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Tourist guides have the mission to introduce the wonderful historical and cultural heritage of Romania into the tourist market. Romania is an archipelago of nine islands and is connected by the Danube River to the South by the Sejcius (Slovenia) and the Adriatic to the East by the Golden Gates. Romania’s rich cultural and historic heritage is manifested in its churches, monasteries, universities, public buildings, and in its cuisine.

Traveling in Romania will certainly allow you to discover the remarkable Romania landmarks. Romania is a land of great historical monuments. Romania is a land of castles, cities, fortresses, monasteries and poplars. A tourist guide will definitely help you discover these landmarks. Traveling in Romania will surely give you some unforgettable experiences.

The first thing that a visitor must see and explore while in Romania is Transylvania. Romania is a perfect destination for a first-timer or a recurrent visitor because Transylvania offers unspoiled landscapes, historical sites, modern establishments, and delightful local cuisines. Romania is connected to Germany, Austria, Italy, and Hungary by the Carpathian Mountains, the Danube River, and the Volga River. A Romania travel guide can easily connect you with the most interesting landmarks and places in Romania.

Besides the magnificent Transylvania region, another of Romania’s tourist landmarks is Brasov. Brasov is a beautiful Roman Catholic city. Brasov is known as the “Venice of the South” because of its numerous Roman Catholic churches. One of the most interesting things about Brasov is that it was the location where Count Dracula began his bloodline. Today, there are over 2021 churches in bras ranging from old cathedrals to impressive modern structures.

Besides the impressive historic landmarks, Romania is also a land of beautiful beaches. Romania is considered one of the best beaches in Europe due to its wonderful beaches and serene surroundings. To discover some of Romania’s famous beaches, a Romania travel guide will be very useful. Book a trip to Romania and have fun at its amazing beaches including Transfagarasean, Cerkno, Ion Constanze, Orbus, Cracovski, Istria, Sintra and Pellion.

Romania is also a destination perfect for a cultural experience. Romania is home to various art galleries and museums that display works by famous Romanian artists. A great way to experience Romania’s culture is to visit Romania’s art gallery. Here you will see works of acclaimed artists including Nicolae Ceausescu, Ion Psanyik, Andree Armini, Jeannot Mihailovich, and Ramilul Islam. You will also find a number of cultural festivals and programs that include theater, opera, dance, and workshops to entertain visitors.

While in Romania, don’t forget to see some of its other historical landmarks. The archaeological sites in Romania including the Iron Age fortifications at Joghzjan and the Valley of the Kings, Cispius’ Pillar, and the marble columns in Trajan’s are must-see sites. The towns of Bajarov, Botos, and Timpusk are also visited by tourists. The cities have an important role in Roman history. The towns are significant for their historical architecture and for being among the first places in the region to be converted into a city. For those interested in the arts and culture, don’t miss out on the museums in these cities.

One of the major landmarks in Romania is the Town Square in Cluj Napoca. This impressive square with a fountain is surrounded by shops, restaurants, bars, and the world’s largest indoor park. Other important landmarks in Romania include the Bran castle, which is considered one of the most important castles in the world. If you are taking a Romania city tour or a cluj napoca flight, you can take advantage of a guided tour of these landmarks.

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