In a world where safety and security are paramount concerns, it’s important to know which countries rank as the safest. The Global Peace Index (GPI) report, published annually by the Institute for Economics and Peace, provides valuable insights into the level of safety and peace in different nations. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top 10 safest countries in the world, their unique qualities, and what sets them apart from others. So let’s dive in!


1. Iceland: A Haven of Peace and Equality

kirkjufell mountain iceland

Iceland, the top-ranked country in terms of safety for 14 consecutive years, sets the bar high for other nations. With its small population of 340,000, Iceland boasts a remarkably low crime rate. This achievement can be attributed to the country’s high standard of living, strong social attitudes against crime, and a well-trained police force that enjoys the trust of its citizens. Notably, Iceland is one of the few countries in the world without a military. The absence of armed forces contributes to a peaceful and secure environment. Furthermore, Iceland has enacted laws to ensure equality, such as legalizing same-sex marriage and same-sex adoptions, promoting religious freedom, and enforcing equal pay for men and women.

2. New Zealand: Nature’s Paradise with Low Crime

lake wakatipu queenstown south island new zealand

New Zealand, often celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes, ranks as the second-safest country in the world. With a relatively low crime rate, including rare incidents of violent crime, New Zealand offers a safe environment for residents and visitors alike. Unlike its neighbor Australia, which is known for its dangerous wildlife, New Zealand has no deadly animals, making it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts. The country’s open-minded culture, coupled with laws protecting freedom of speech and expression, contributes to a sense of safety and security. Similar to Iceland, the police in New Zealand do not carry personal firearms.

3. Ireland: From Troubled Past to Peaceful Present

Kilkenny Castle Ireland

Ireland has made significant strides in terms of safety and peace, jumping from 11th place to 3rd in the 2022 Global Peace Index rankings. While certain city neighborhoods may have higher crime rates, Ireland, as a whole, maintains a low level of crime. The country has successfully overcome cultural violence and terrorism, providing its citizens with a peaceful environment to thrive in. However, it’s worth noting that the Irish landscape, with its majestic cliffs and winding country roads, poses its own safety risks, especially during sudden rainstorms or in areas with no cell reception.

4. Denmark: Equality, Welfare, and Safety

the great belt bridge denmark

Denmark, known for its high level of equality and social welfare, is not only one of the happiest countries in the world but also one of the safest. Danish citizens report feeling safe at any time of day or night, reflecting the country’s commitment to security. Denmark maintains a strong sense of common responsibility for social welfare, which contributes to the overall feelings of safety and happiness among its population. The country’s emphasis on honesty and trust in both business and politics helps to combat corruption. Despite higher personal income tax rates, the taxes fund social programs that benefit everyone, including tuition-free higher education and comprehensive healthcare.

5. Austria: A Safe Haven in Central Europe

hallstatt austria

Austria ranked as the fifth-safest country in the world, offers a secure environment for its residents and visitors. While social unrest and demonstrations can occasionally occur, they are generally easy to avoid. Serious crimes are uncommon, although tourists should remain cautious of pickpockets and purse-snatchers, as is the case in any country. Unlike some other European nations, Austria has been spared major acts of terrorism in recent years, making it a popular choice for travelers seeking safety and tranquility.

6. Portugal: Rising in Safety Rankings

belem tower lisbon portugal

Portugal has seen significant improvements in safety and peace, climbing the ranks to become the sixth-most peaceful country in the world. In recent years, Portugal has experienced an economic resurgence, leading to a decrease in the unemployment rate. This economic stability has contributed to a decrease in crime rates. While Portugal does have armed police, an increased police presence has resulted in a safer environment for its citizens. Portugal’s commitment to safety also positions it as one of the best countries for retirement, attracting individuals seeking a secure and peaceful place to spend their golden years.

7. Slovenia: A Hidden Gem in Safety and Security

Lake Bled in Slovenia

Slovenia, a former member of Yugoslavia, stands out for its excellent scores in three key categories: travel security, medical risks, and road safety. Since transitioning to a democratic government in the mid-1990s, Slovenia has prioritized improving the quality of life for its residents, including safety and sustainability. These efforts have paid off, making Slovenia one of the safest countries in the world. Its commitment to safety extends beyond its borders, as evidenced by its dedication to ensuring safe travel, quality healthcare, and well-maintained road networks.

8. Czech Republic: A Decline in Crime Rates

Parliament of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has witnessed a steady decrease in crime rates, particularly when it comes to violent crime. The country also boasts a low incidence of terrorism and natural disasters, further contributing to its reputation as a safe destination. Additionally, the Czech Republic prides itself on its clean and efficient hospitals and state-run health insurance system, ensuring affordable rates and near-universal coverage. These factors combine to create a secure and peaceful environment for both residents and tourists.

9. Singapore: A Model of Safety and Order


Singapore, ranking ninth on the Global Peace Index for 2022, stands as a shining example of safety and order. In a Gallup report from 2018, Singapore residents reported the highest sense of personal security and positive experiences with law enforcement compared to residents of any other country. The city-state maintains one of the lowest crime rates globally, which can be attributed to strict gun control and severe penalties for even minor offenses. Singapore’s commitment to safety extends to its infrastructure, as it ranked first in infrastructure security in the Safe Cities Index. With its focus on cybersecurity, health security, and personal security, Singapore has earned its place among the safest countries in the world.

10. Japan: Cultivating Peace and Stability

mount fuji japan

Japan, the tenth-safest country in the world, has consistently ranked in the top ten of the Global Peace Index for 14 years. The country’s low crime rates, minimal internal conflicts, and political stability contribute to its reputation as a safe haven. While Japan faces potential threats from neighboring countries, such as China and North Korea, it has managed to maintain peace and security within its borders. Japan’s strict immigration policies and limited access to firearms further contribute to its overall safety. Notably, Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, was ranked the safest city in the world in the Safe Cities Index, emphasizing the nation’s commitment to safety across all levels.

Conclusion: Safety, Peace, and Progress

These top 10 safest countries in the world serve as beacons of safety, peace, and progress. From Iceland’s focus on equality and trust to Japan’s commitment to stability and low crime rates, each country offers a unique set of qualities that contribute to its ranking. While safety and security remain essential aspects of any society, it’s important to remember that the pursuit of peace is an ongoing process that requires continuous efforts from individuals, governments, and international organizations. By learning from the successes of these nations, we can strive to create a safer and more peaceful world for all.

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