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Scotland Travel Guide

Scotland is distinct due to its wild terrain, vibrant culture, and independent spirit. Scotland is not England in any way, shape, or form; from its stone architecture to its unmanicured terrain to the more laid-back demeanor of its people — and their special passion for haggis — Scotland stands apart from England in every way. The thinly populated country is held together by a strong sense of national identity, which can be felt all the way from the southern lowlands, which border England just north of Hadrian’s Wall, all the way up to the Norwegian latitudes of the rocky Highlands and lonely islands. The vistas of Scotland are not very impressive outside of its major towns; but, the country’s moody castles, foggy glens, and welcoming culture are more than enough to keep visitors interested. This remote region of Britain has an irrepressible energy and stunning terrain, both of which make it very simple to fall in love with the area.