Things To Do In Baltimore


Baltimore is a vital seaport with a storied history as a significant seaport. The city, which is located in the state of Maryland, is bordered by states of Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware. The Inner Harbor, which is the public harbor, is located on the east bank of the Chesapeake Bay. It serves as a port for pleasure ships, pleasure cruise lines and commercial fishing vessels. Today, this waterfront area provides visitors with opportunities to enjoy many things to do in Baltimore Maryland.

For those individuals seeking to participate in activities close to the waterfront, the Central Park is an excellent place to go for a walk or a jog. This park features beautiful gardens surrounded by a dynamic and lively skyline filled with high skyscrapers and concrete trails. Other nearby areas to choose from are the Eastern Shore Cultural Center in Essex County, the Little Italy in Eastern Shore, the ballpark at Oriole Park and the ballpark at Camden Yards.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself into the Baltimore culture and enjoy the Baltimore crab, then it’s a must that you check out some of the restaurants in the Baltimore section of Towson and Baltimore Village. Baltimore crab is considered as a delicacy in the area. You can find restaurants from Indian, Caribbean and even fusion cuisines all offering crab cooked in unique ways. Some restaurants prepare crab using smoked meats. Others use only butter and bread.

In addition to eating crabs, you can enjoy the seafood market in Fells Point. Bargain and organic crab shells are sold here. You will also find smoked fish from various areas of the country. Try the crab cakes served in the restaurant or the grilled shrimp served with corn on the cob.

If you have kids in the area, you should take them to Balt Commas Park. Here they can run around and play while listening to live music played by the bands playing the shows. Kids will also be happy to learn how to rollerblocate. If you are looking to shop, you can do so in several stores located on the corners of the park.

The Maryland Zoo offers several attractions for families. It features various exhibits that will entertain children. They can also enjoy the jungle experience at the zoo. For those looking for more adventure, the Belvedere State Park has a nice zoo. The park also features hiking paths, picnic spots and other attractions.

Fells Point is known for its cuisine, particularly Blue Moon oysters. One can also enjoy the seafood brought by the resident fisherman. Those who love the taste of fried foods can stop by the diner that serves sandwiches and burgers. For a change of pace, one can try the casino at the Fells Point Park.

While there are many things to do in Baltcommas, a few of them may be obvious to those who frequent the area. Those interested in the area should take the time to visit all of the parks, rivers and monuments featured in the area. The tourist attractions also provide an opportunity for enjoyment for locals and visitors. Visitors to the area will also enjoy shopping at the area’s numerous galleries and boutiques. For those interested in performing arts, the Maryland Performing Arts Center in downtown Baltimore is a great place to check out.

A smaller but still fascinating attraction in the city is the Baltimore Zoo. The zoo is one of the best kept secrets of Baltimore, in terms of public interest and entertainment. Those who live in the area will enjoy many different types of shows featuring animals from around the world. For those looking to do more than just walk around the zoo, the aquarium and the beach are both located within walking distance of the park.

Baltimore’s Little Italy is a family-friendly neighborhood that offers food that is close to home. Locals are also able to take advantage of the numerous shopping opportunities located right on their doorstep. Those wishing to enjoy the Little Italy experience will be able to take their pick from any number of ethnic food restaurants. These restaurants offer the most mouthwatering pasta dishes that you can find anywhere.

Those visiting Baltimore will find a number of thrilling activities to participate in and explore. Visitors are encouraged to not only take pleasure in the natural beauty found within the city, but to also partake in a wide range of unique entertainment options. These activities are designed to keep residents active and entertained during lulls in the day as well as spur for trips back to the amusement parks and other attractions in Baltimore.

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