Lexington is listed as the most picturesque and developed city in Kentucky. Still, for travelers, it remains unexplored, which – accordingly – aroused great interest. There is what to do in Lexington KY, as well as what to see. For example, Victorian and Greek Revival homes of plantation owners in the past appear in front of your eyes, but this is only a small part. In Lexington, you can try such delicious country food from or on old farmers, or you can gase the old jets in aviation museums.

Also, here the traditions remain, such as the brewing of whiskey and beer, which is demonstrated in the way it is made. In this place, you will see the legendary array of horses and horse racers, which is why Lexington is called the “home of the horse”.

Let’s take a look at the 15 most remarkable places in Lexington KY that you should not miss once you have arrived:

Kentucky Horse Park

This is the greatest pride of the city. Kentucky’s Horse Park is as famous as it is rich in everything about horses. Here you will be able to see a description of the evolution of horse breeding and the various uses of horses in society, from the earliest years of the Arab Caliphates to the royal horse and carts of Victorian England. Among other things, in this remarkable park, you will be able to see entire exhibitions of all kinds of horses, as well as the tomb of the iconic thoroughbred man of the war and the statue that marks his place of rest.

Aviation Museum of Kentucky

The Aviation Museum is located on more than 20,000 square feet on the edge of Blue Grass Airport. It has everything from the incredible F-4 Phantoms to the Bell Cobra Copters, the type used in the Vietnam War. The Kentucky Aviation Museum is the perfect place for both beginners and advanced aviators, as well as for lovers of everything that is a flying machine. The museum also hosts the Kentucky Aviation Hall of Fame, which pays tribute to all the local greats in the area. There are also traveling exhibits – from collections of historical photographs to models and artifacts related to aviation.

Mary Todd Lincoln House

Among the things to do in Kentucky so not miss to visit the Mary Todd Lincoln House. You will find a lovely Georgian brick building in the heart of West Main Street, dating back to the 19th century. It initially functioned as a tavern for the early settlers in Lexington and was then the home of Mary Todd, later Mary Todd Lincoln, the president’s wife and the first lady of the USA. After that, the place received the status of a protected historical site, and the interior is fully preserved with all its furniture and photographs. Here you can also walk through the beautiful gardens, touching on a part of American history, just as it was almost two centuries ago.

The Festival of the Bluegrass

If you are lucky enough to come to Lexington in early June, you will enjoy the annual Bluegrass Festival, where banjo and honquiton and Irish folk violin are in their element. it is considered one of the best parties of the genre in its calendar. The place itself is run by local families. In addition to the wonderful mix of music, here you can see music workshops that teach plucking, rhythm, and rattling techniques.

The Lexington Cemetery

The Lexington Cemetery has a history of more than 150 years. The place is nestled in beautiful groves of trees, magnolias, and tulips, combined with tiny streams of water. The area is a favorite vacation spot among the biggest VIPs in Kentucky, as well as a very nice place to walk. In the cemetery, you will lead the graves of famous locals such as basketball coach Adolf Rupp, golfer Gay Brewer, and Levi Todd – one of the border guards and founders of the city of Lexington.

The Henry Clay estate

The Henry Clay Estate is an impressive two-winged building that adorns the streets of southeast Lexington and dates back to the first decades of the 1800s. It suffered an earthquake in 1811 but is now fully recovered. The entire mansion is surrounded by green forests and is a great place to relax, walk and experience the heritage of Lexington and Kentucky in general. Inside you will see the large interior scenes and see monuments from the Civil War.

The Blue Door Smokehouse

What to do in Lexington, there is a lot, and what about experiencing the flavors of barbecues in America that are so talked about? Well, you are in the right place when you come to the Blue Door – where the smoke and aroma of barbecue is particularly intense. On the menu, you have a choice of plates with pulled pork and smoked sausage, combined dishes of breasts, and authentic smoked ribs, and that’s not all. There are also desserts – hearty, filling, American!

Third Street Stuff & Coffee

Third Street Stuff & Coffee is a fun, colorful, and different place, something like a mix of hippie art and psychedelia, created around 1969. There are paintings and murals from end to end. Here visitors can sit on the curved tables and between the walls, saturated with graffiti, to sip homemade drinks. At times, the interior switches to ad hoc stand-up and live music shows, and the staff is constantly smiling and on standby. If you are looking for something different and different, as well as exotic in the minority, you have it here – mixtures from Guatemala, Peru, and Ethiopia, along with hot chocolates and ice mocha with fruit.

The Raven Run Nature Sanctuary

Escape to a natural place around the city – this is an irresistible proposal. In the southernmost outskirts of Lexington, the Raven Run Nature Sanctuary is a vast area of American wildlife. This is what attracts travelers who love to walk in the woods, bubbling streams. The place is located on an area of over 700 acres, where you can see many wild animals, piles of different species of ferns and flowers, birds, and other forest dwellers.

Waveland State Historic Site

The historic Waveland State is one of the best-preserved examples of the American plantation era. It is located in its own square with greenery and gives an idea of the royal way of life of the landowners of the 19th century in the area. Here you will see magnificent interior rooms, vast terrains, attributes associated with the then way of life there.

University of Kentucky Art Museum

The University of Kentucky Art Museum has been named home to the city’s best art collection. It beautifully combines modern and classical, plus subversive and provocative thoughts. The exhibits are of both the most famous local artists and classics. Children’s drawing schools also are located here.

Alltech’s Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co.

Alltech’s Brewing & Distilling Co. is the place for beer in Lexington. It is ideal for those who are a little tired of hard whiskey. The trademark here is Kentucky Ale, full of a luminous amber hue. This is a good thing to do in Lexington KY, especially if you love beer. Later, you can tell everyone that you drank real beer from America, do it directly from the producer!

West Sixth Brewing

Another brewery, the cool West Sixth Brewing offers an industrially chic room and a variety of homemade teas. You can try the popular Western Sixth IPA; canned beer with four interesting hops, as well as from Pay It Forward Porter, loaded with shades of cocoa and chocolate. And, last but not least, from DankeChain, prepared in honor of the ancient carbonated beers from Oktoberfest and Bavaria.

Windy Corner Market

Windy Corner Market is pleasant, homey, and inviting because it serves you delicacies and bakery products, such as buttermilk chicken fingers, fresh American salads, and more. Breakfast ranges from soft Belgian-style waffles to BLT baguettes and impressive-sized plates with a rustic breakfast. As they say, in America everything about food is big and tasty!

McConnell Springs

This is a historic site where border guard William McConnell and his comrades first set up camp in the summer of 1775, and it was there that the group learned of the beginning of the American Revolution. For this reason, the village was named after the city in Massachusetts, where the first outbreaks of anti-colonial battles took place. Today, visitors come both for historical interest and to walk the paths around.

Lexington KY is an interesting city to explore, walk around and, in general, spend time here. There are many things to do in Lexington, after which you will have even more knowledge about the history of America, about habits and way of life, about the ways to create beauty.

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