Things to Do in Louisville, Kentucky


If you’re looking for a great place to visit in Kentucky, the southern state of Kentucky may be your best bet. With all of the natural beauty that combines to make up this lovely southern landscape, it’s no surprise that people from all over the world come every year to experience the natural beauty of this beautiful place. The natural splendor that Kentucky has to offer can be experienced by hiking, biking, carriage riding, sightseeing, and many other outdoor activities. All of these outdoor activities can be done all year round; that is, if you’re willing to travel a little. Here are some of the best things to do in Louisville, Kentucky.

There is a reason that the Kentucky Derby is the most famous event in the world, and why this great event inspires all forms of arts and entertainment. Louisville, Kentucky sits just across the Ohio River from Cleveland, the second largest city in the state. Every May, its annual race course commemorates the historic Kentucky Derby, an infamous horse race whose thrilling history is studied at the Kentucky Derby Museum & Factory. Baseball fans can explore the Babe Ruth home field where he earned his first major league game and started his career. Football fans can catch a match between Louisville’s Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory and the NFL’s Louisville Cardinals at Louisville’s historic Bobby Petrino Athletic Center.

Adults can take a short bike ride through downtown Louisville before enjoying dinner at one of the area’s fabulous restaurants. Restaurants in Louisville that offer outdoor dining are The Bagel Kitchen & Deli, Bagels and Brie, Joe G’s BBQ, and so much more. Children will love the colorful carts that bring circus-like entertainers to their favorite restaurants and take part in the circus themed fun at Looney Tunes across the street from the KFC Yum restaurant. The Bank One Ballpark is a great place for baseball and softball games, and the Kentucky Derby Memorial Museum offers a one of a kind experience featuring the final day of the Derby.

For an education that’s affordable and fun, you should consider taking some educational tours of the city. You can enjoy the Louisville Zoo, Scottsdale Museum of Art, and historic Central Park with an outdoor boat ride. The U.S. Air Force Museum, American Museum of Natural History, and historic Duke University campus are also all great places to learn about global issues and how we can solve them.

Family fun in Louisville is also made easy with local parks. You and your kids can go on a nature trail, bike ride, or play inside or out at one of the area’s great parks. With all the parks around, you can choose a destination based on your special interest. Your kids can even visit the historically important Central Jail, the only place in the city where the remains of former prisoners of the Civil War are kept.

For foodies, you can enjoy a variety of restaurants and pubs in Louisville, Kentucky. One of the most popular ones is Braxton Ridge Gastropub, which features award winning cuisine and is located in the trendy downtown area. A great place to start would be Braxton Ridge, with its proximity to several attractions like Duke University.

If shopping is more your thing, you’re in luck. Downtown Louisville is chock full of local stores and boutiques that offer everything you could ever want from shoes to art to electronics. It’s a great place to bring the family or even have a night out with your friends. And of course, you can’t leave the city without visiting Louisville’s own Ritz Carlton, one of the most famous hotels in the world. The Ritz Carlton is a classic hotel that has been a central part of the Louisville scene for years, and even made its way into some movies.

No matter what your interests or lifestyle, there are plenty of fun things to do in Louisville, Kentucky. There is literally something for everyone, and all ages of people from kids to older adults. If you are planning a trip to Louisville, Kentucky, for any reason, there is no better time to visit than now. Between Christmas and New Years, there are plenty of fun things to do in Louisville, Kentucky. And for those looking for family entertainment or just relaxing with friends, there is no better time than right now.

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