With its hot summers and water attractions, Pigeon Forge is a miraculous resting place. To the surprise of many, Great Smoky Mountains National Park is not the only thing that makes Pigeon worth visiting. Its incredible museums, game centers, dinner theatres, arcades are just a few of its enchantments. It is also known for its enormous caverns and schools of arts and crafts. Thus, Pigeon will not only wind you down but also broaden your horizons. Discover the best places to go in Pigeon Forge before choosing your next holiday destination.

Visit Great Smoky Mountains National Park

According to outdoor enthusiasts, what makes Pigeon Forge an enchanting resort city is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The town, being close to high peaks, gives breathtaking views. But the most beautiful scenery of the Smoky Mountains can be seen after a 2.3-mile hike to Alum Cave Bluffs.


Dollywood is one of the best theme parks and the most visited attraction in Tennesse. Approximately 3 million tourists take advantage of the park’s facilities annually. Its main seductions include a wooden roller coaster and Calico Falls Schoolhouse. Dollywood hosts multiple festivals such as the Flower and Food Festival, the Harvest Festival, Smoky Mountain Christmas, and others.

Dollywood’s Splash Country

As sure as eggs is eggs, everyone’s heart desires to plunge into a pool on hot summer days. That is why Splash Country is ideal for you all. Its 20 water attractions not only cool off but also enrapture adults and children alike.

Horseback Riding

Guided horseback rides, which are available from March through November, last a minimum of 45 minutes. You can also ride your own horse but consider buying a trail map. Keep in mind that there are trails planned only for horses. Do not go off-trail horseback riding since it is not permitted.


The structure along the Parkway, which looks as if overturned, may well catch your attention. This unusual museum holds exhibitions related to physics, math, and space. But the most intriguing part of the center is its wonder zones. WonderWorks features Imagination Lab, Far Out Art Gallery, the natural disasters zone, et cetera et cetera.

The Escape Game

Imagine being locked in a dark room with your amigos. There is no time for wasting. You have 60 minutes to solve puzzles and overcome all the other challenges to break free. Of course, there are more concepts. Choose one out of 5 themed rooms and start playing.

Goats on the Roof

You can feed the Goats on the Roof with goat chow and feast your eyes on them while they are chewing their favorite snack. You can also enjoy snacks such as homemade fudge and ice cream here. When you eat up your dessert, head to the two-story souvenir shop to purchase something pretty for your family and friends.

Forbidden Caverns

Did you know that there are more than eight hundred caves in Tennessee? There is not another state with this many underground chambers. Forbidden Caverns are among the most massive and captivating Tennessee caverns. Happily, they are 58 degrees all year round. So you can spend time in these dimly- lit rooms whenever you want.

Iron Mountain Metal Craft

Iron Mountain Metal Graft gives you an excellent chance to learn something new during your holiday. Here you can make knives designed by nobody but you. Do not worry if you have never forged metal since there are beginner lessons. Supposing you do not have time for classes, think about getting high-standard souvenirs created by craftsmen.

Hollywood Wax Museum

Be ready to take incredible pictures with your idols. The Wax Museum in Pigeon displays replicas of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and other prominent singers and actors. Furthermore, the building features a Chamber of Horrors, which exhibits giant movie monsters.

Dolly Parton’s Stampede

Go to Dolly Parton’s Stampede to get the best out of your vacation. Buy your ticket, take a seat and enjoy a brilliant performance of top performers and 32 lovely horses. Your ticket price includes a delicious four-course meal which you can consume while watching the show.

Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud

Much to the delight of comedy lovers, there is one more appealing dinner show in Pigeon. It is about two families that haven’t long since got along with each other. The included dinner consists of Feudin’ Fried Chick’n, Southern Style Creamy Soup, Smashed Mashed Taters, and on and on. Vegetarian and gluten-free meals are as well available.

Great Smoky Mountain Wheel

The view of the Smoky Mountains from the big glass gondolas is merely magnificent. The Wheel owns 42 gondolas, each of which has a seating capacity of eight. At night Great Smoky Mountain Wheel becomes so bright that it is visible from the top of Clingmans Dome.


The ride from Downtown Gatlinburg to Anakeesta takes about 12 minutes. Then you find yourself in a huge theme park with lots of greenery and fun. Anakeesta offers a bunch of entertaining activities, stylish boutiques, gourmet eateries, and bright green relaxation points (what else would one want?). Additionally, there are loads of games for the little ones.

Firefly Village

In case you are not pressed for time, pay a visit to Firefly Village when you are at Anakeesta. There, local craftsmen display their splendid artistic productions. These unique works are very likely to warm the cockles of your heart.

Outdoor Gravity Park Pigeon Forge

Zorbing is an activity in which you roll down a hill in a large plastic ball. Speeding down a 1.000-foot hill might make your heartbeat elevate, your body sweat. Take into consideration that three types of tracks are available. If you are more of an adventurous nature, pick the extreme zig zag one.

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

Have you ever contemplated taking art classes? There are children’s as well as adult’s lessons. Either seize the opportunity to start a satisfying hobby or buy works of art from the Arrowmont School’s store. You will fall in love with the design of mugs created by craftspeople.

Flyaway Indoor Skydiving

For sure, everyone at least once wondered if they are brave enough to do skydiving. Flyaway is the best way to find out if this sport is your cup of tea. First, you will be given the instructions by experienced personnel.  Then you will be dressed in slightly strange gear to experience a 5-minute fly in a tunnel.

The Track

Have a blast with your younger versions at The Track Family Fun Park. Go karts, take family rides, explore thrill zones or play arcade games. The Track is a go-to spot for children and adults alike. However, it is most appropriate for high-energy kids.

Big Top Arcade

Big Top Arcade is a must-go place for computer games enthusiasts. You can play along with your friends or by yourself.  But in both cases, try hard to win. Do not judge the spot by its size; there are plenty of games to tickle you pink.

Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum

Pigeon is home to another unusual museum that displays 20.000 sets of salt and pepper shakers. It is believed that the Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum features the largest collection in the universe. You will definitely be amazed by the creativity of the staff.

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