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District of Columbia, the US capital, is an ever changing metropolitan city on the Potomac River. It is defined by imposing classical monuments and edifices that house the offices of the federal government. It is also home to many renowned performing arts venues and museums including the highly popular ones which house the US government. It is also known for its cuisine that features some of the most exotic foods from all over the world. In short, District of Columbia is a melting pot of cultural, educational, business and historical elements which makes it one of the top attractions for tourists visiting the United States.

Some of the best things to do in Washington, DC are:

o Tourist Attractions The National Mall happens to be one of the best places to visit with the beautiful flower arrangements in bloom. Also, walking around the National Mall can be a unique experience in itself. Other things to do in Washington, DC are: the Jefferson Memorial, Fort McHenry National Cemetery, and a lot more monuments. If you’re a history buff, then the National Mall is a must see spot. The White House, too, is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city, along with the Capitol.

o Landmarks Washington, DC has some legendary landmarks that make them top attractions to visit in Washington, DC. Some of the best places to visit in Washington, DC are: The Supreme Court, The District of Columbia Museum, and a lot more. These landmarks make Washington, DC a must-see place for any tourist. The Mall is one of the top destinations in the city, and it’s a must-visit for tourists.

o Foot-High Basketball Stadium: Basketball fans will love heading to Foot-High Basketball Stadium, where they’ll get to watch professional and college level teams. It also has a lot of exciting attractions, including: basketball courts, a mini golf course, bowling alley, a party zone, and much more. The venue is owned by the NBA and is open mostly during the NBA season. Other major sports events are hosted at the venue, too. In fact, there’s even a museum dedicated to the history of the sport in the area, and several basketball leagues have made trips to the venue during their schedules.

o Walking Tour: While there are lots of great things to do in Washington, DC, one of the best things to do is to take a walking tour around the city center. The National Mall is a part of this popular tour, as are the White House, the US Capitol, and other historical spots. The tour usually starts at the E Street Pedestrian Mall and goes up to the heart of the city – the executive offices of businesses in the district. There’s a map available, and it helps guide you where you need to go. I recommend visiting the heart of the district at the Executive Office Building, directly across from the White House. It has a very beautiful view of the Potomac River.

o Mount Vernon and Botanical Garden: Another popular tourist attraction in downtown Washington, DC is the small town of Mount Vernon, Virginia, located right across from the US capitol. There are some great museums here, including ones related to the history of the American Presidents. On top of the capitol, a National Mall parking lot is also located here, where you can pay to stay right on the Mall, or look for things to do on a hike that goes around the monuments, or under the capitol itself. Other popular monuments here include the Kennedy Center, and a bunch of other smaller museums.

These are just two of the best places to go to in Washington, DC. If you really want to see all there is to see in this amazing city, you should make sure you plan accordingly when visiting these areas. These top two destinations offer plenty to do and see, and are just two of the top tourist attractions in the District of Columbia. Any time of year is right for visiting these two favorite locations. So, get going!

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