Georgia is a southern U.S. state that shares its border with Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi. It is nicknamed “The South’s most populated city.” Atlanta, the capital city of Atlanta, is home to the famous Georgia Aquarium, the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, and the Georgia Aquarium. The coastal city of Savannah features many historic sites, the oldest municipal park in the South and the oldest theatre in the nation. The state’s largest city, Atlanta, hosts the annual Master’s golf tournament. Google Maps will give you all the information you need on the top attractions in Georgia.

Atlanta’s professional baseball team, the Atlanta Braves, is based in the city. This spring, the team will play against the New York Yankees at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr., was born in Atlanta. The National Historic Site in downtown Atlanta includes a museum where one can learn about the civil rights movement and other notable people from the region.

Atlanta is also home to a historic plantation called Lake Lanier, which is located in the middle of what is known as the Georgia swamps. The largest swamp in the state, Lake Lanier, is the lake that connects three counties. Lake Lanier is now a National Park. If you love to swim and enjoy boating, the Lake Lanier area provides excellent access to all of the recreational activities located within its bounds. In fact, the Chattahoochee River runs through part of it.

Georgia is known for many reasons. Its mild climate attracts visitors to come to the state. Atlanta is also located in the south. The two metropolitan areas, Atlanta and Augusta, are referred to as the “Peach State”. The state is named after the ancient Roman goddess of the same name. According to legend, she had a daughter who was the first colony in America.

Atlanta attracts a large number of tourists every year. One of the largest urban areas in Georgia, Atlanta has developed into a modern city. Atlanta attracts a large number of retirees and residents. There are many parks and recreational areas in Atlanta, including several famous ones such as Centennial Olympic Park and Buckhead Park.

If you are visiting Atlanta and planning a vacation, one of the places you should not miss is the Peachtree Park Zoo. Considered to be one of the most visited zoos in the world, this Atlanta zoo has a number of animals including numerous mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. The zoo offers a number of special activities and shows for children and adults. The Georgia state parks also offer many outdoor activities such as the Georgia state parkways and pine mountain wild animal safari.

If you are looking for a unique family vacation destination in the south, you should visit the Athens-Marietta Historic Head Trail. This head trail covers about twenty-seven miles of beautiful pine mountain wildlife habitat. Along the way, you will see the Athens-Marietta National Guard Museum, historic courthouse buildings, and Atlanta’s downtown skyline. It is an ideal destination for families with small children.

The list of attractions in Georgia is very long. Some of the most popular and beautiful sites include the Georgia Aquarium, historic Black Mountain and Lumpkin Cabin, Georgia’s National Bird Sanctuary, the Bailey Finn House, and the Chubb National Grassland. This state is absolutely exquisite and has so much to offer you. Whether you enjoy mountain climbing, canoeing, hiking, or fly fishing, you will find a lot to do here. If you are planning a trip to Georgia, make sure that you take a little time to enjoy all that this state has to offer.

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