Minnesota is an attractive Midwestern U.S. State bordering on the eastern part of Lake Minnesota, the Minnesota River, and the mighty Mississippi River. The state has more than 10,500 other smaller lakes, such as Lake Itasca, the southernmost source of the Mississippi River. The Minnesota Twin Cities area boasts of some spectacular landmarks, such as the six state fairs held each year in Minneapolis, which draws many visitors to the Twin Cities. The city is also home to Minnesota’s largest film industry, which is why there is an abundance of movies, concerts, and television shows being shown at the various theaters around the Twin Cities.

In addition to these activities, Minnesota is also a popular destination for tourists and families. The state has many choices for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and canoeing. For those who enjoy the great outdoors, Minnesota is home to the state park known as Como Park. Como Park is one of North America’s premier nude beaches, providing visitors the opportunity to lay back and relax at the beautiful Gulf waters. Como Park was named North America’s top nude beach in a list released by the Associated Press.

Another North American city that is bursting with natural and manmade beauty is Lake Vermilion. It is a popular recreation spot for locals and visitors alike because it offers scenic overlooks of the Great Lake and Minnesota River valleys. In addition to lakes and rivers, there are numerous parks in the area including Sandusk Resort & Spa Minnesota and Sandusk Resort and Spa in Eagan. In order to take advantage of all the natural attractions in this region, you need to explore some of the top and 25 best things to do in Minnesota.

First, if you love to swim, you will want to check out the great natural beaches in Minnesota including Lake Superior and Lake Vermillion. Located near the Twin Cities, Lake Superior is considered the largest freshwater body in North America and boasts over 11 miles of beach. At the southern end of Lake Superior in Duluth, which is home to the famous Duluth Ice Festival. If you prefer to stay dry, you can also explore the hot tubs and spas along the beaches of Lake Superior and Lake Vermillion.

For those interested in other natural attractions, Minnesota is home to thousands of lakes and bodies of water. These lakes provide some of the most popular natural tourist attractions in the area. For example, you can explore the Wildwoods National Forests, which is managed by the Minnesota DNR. Here, you can find exciting outdoor activities like black bear hunting and be able to see a variety of species of birds. Another popular attraction is the Boundary Waters Canoe, which allows you to float down some of Minnesota’s many waterways. You can also try a variety of water activities on one of the various fishing boats that are available year-round in these lakes.

As mentioned above, Minnesota is home to many popular cultural and historical attractions. First, consider the Minnesota Zoo. One of the most popular things about visiting the Minnesota Zoo is that you can actually take part in a lot of the animals in the zoo through both viewing and interaction. For example, you can feed the animals, watch a display or take a tour through the different exhibits. Some of the popular places to visit with family members during a holiday stay in Minnesota include the Metrodome, St. James Island, Fort Snelling National Park, and Lake Calhoun.

In addition to seeing popular tourist attractions, Minnesota offers plenty of other things to do when you vacation here. One of the top things to do is to head out to the Minnesota Zoo or Marine Science Center. While there, you can spend some time at the Minneapolis Museum and Gardens or at the Hiawassee River and Boundary Waters Canoe State Park. If you love to fish, Minnesota has more than 200 lakes where you can enjoy a quiet afternoon fishing. There is even a state-of-the-art fish processing center where you can pick fresh fish right off the lake. Other popular activities include taking a hot air balloon ride over the Minnesota sky or riding the Wildflower Train, which travels along the Mississippi River from Minneapolis to St. Paul.

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