Missouri is a rich state located in the Midwestern part of the United States, stretching from the eastern shores of Lake Ferguson in the north to the Indian River and the Mississippi River. With over six million residents, Missouri is the thirteenth-largest state in the country. The largest cities are Kansas City, St. Louis, Columbia, Springfield, and Kansas City; the largest urban area is St. Louis. Missouri is the twenty-first-largest urban area in the nation. Missouri attractions and sites of interest are found along the state’s northern and western borders.

St. Louis. Missouri has long been a cultural center for the American Midwest. The Gateway Arch, located on the north side of the city, is one of America’s popular historic destinations. The Gateway Arch is an example of nineteenth-century Gothic architecture and is one of the state’s most well-known landmarks. It was built over a century ago as the site for the Archway Convention, an influential St. Louis institution.

Ozark Mountains. Located in southern Missouri, the Ozark Mountains stretches from east of Springfield to central Kansas. There are dozens of attractions located in and around the mountains, including beautiful hiking and wildlife tours, horseback riding, camping, and scenic driving. There is also several National Parks in Ozark, such as Lost Man’s Cave National Recreation Area and Devils Hole Lake. Other Ozark attractions include the Lost Man’s Cave Campgrounds, Black River Rafting, and the Riverfront Trail.

Natural History Museum. Missouri boasts several natural history museums, such as the Missouri Historical Society. The museum features a variety of exhibits, including dinosaur bones and other fossil evidence. Other exhibits include a nature trail designed to highlight the contributions of local people to science, technology, and wildlife conservation. One of the most popular exhibits at the museum is a reconstruction of Tutankhamen, the famous Egyptian king who died in Tutankhamen.

Smith County Heritage Association. The Smith County Heritage Association sponsors the popular Smith County Wine Trail, which includes five miles of peaceful, shaded trails. It includes cultural activities, concerts, and storytelling. The festival featuring German beer, food, and music is the highlight of this two-day event, which occurs every June.

Gateway Arch. Travel to St. Louis and stop by the Gateway Arch, one of the most striking churches in the city. The arch, a centuries-old structure, welcomes travelers to the “brick and mortar” of its colorful, whimsical grounds. Other popular buildings include the Linden Theater, a National Trust for the Blind Museum, and the Science and Environmental History Museum. The Gateway Arch is home to a wide variety of Missouri’s native species and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Missouri Botanical Gardens. A few hours away from St. Louis is the beautiful, arboretum-lined botanical gardens of St. Louis Park. Visitors will enjoy viewing scores of lush plant species and observe their spectacular growth and colors. The Gateway Arch and the Science and Environmental History Museum are also nearby, making it easy to complete a complete tour of this beautiful area.

Missouri’s Midway through North St. Louis lies between Highway 362 and I Missouri Highway. If you’re looking for a unique outdoor adventure, you should consider visiting the Heartland Harvest Garden located just west of Highway 362 in north St. Louis. The award-winning Midway Bike Trail and the free walking and biking route along I Missouri Highway will take you through a man made paradise with all of its native wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and breathtaking vistas.

St. Louis’ Central Park. Few places in the United States can boast more magnificent scenery than Central Park in St. Louis. Traveling in the region’s most urban area, visitors will get to see some of the most spectacular views in the country. Travelers headed to the heart of the city will find many attractions within walking distance, including the Science and Environmental History Museum, the Jefferson Memorial and Natural History museums, and the popular St. Louis Zoo.

Kansas City, Missouri, and St. Louis, Missouri are two of the most popular central locations for travelers heading out of the state. With cities rich in history and culture, as well as festivals and exciting night life, Kansas City has become a popular destination for visitors looking to explore the rest of Missouri. St. Louis, also situated in central Missouri, is often overlooked by visitors to the larger cities, but it is quickly becoming a top destination for those who are looking for a peaceful escape from the big city. Visitors looking to travel to Kansas City can take advantage of traveling shut-ins. All throughout central Kansas City, you will find private communities that have signed agreements with well-known outdoor rental companies allowing travelers to visit their properties while they are traveling on vacation without paying any additional fees.

St. Louis, and Kansas City, are perfect vacation destinations for anyone who enjoys traveling to different parts of the country. Both cities offer spectacular scenery, charming ambiance, and opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. With plenty to do and see, no matter where you choose to stay during your vacation in Missouri, you will find many different types of accommodations that meet your needs. Whether you travel to the Midwest or the South, you will never be bored when you visit either of these popular destinations.

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