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North Dakota is a Midwestern U.S. state bounded by the Great Plains to the south and east. Its western town of Fargo highlights modern and Native American art in the Plains Art Museum. The Great Plains offers a way into the western frontier for the settlers with the reservation system that divided the tribes into three groups: Dakota, Prairie, and Lincoln.

The Great Plains provides away into the wild, rocky, and high northern region of North Dakota. Fort Snelling National Historic Landmark is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state. This fort was built by the Order of the British Knights of the North Star under George Cooksey. The spectacularly designed fort, which includes a dome, a courtyard, and three hundred and fifty rooms, and overlooks the Mandan Bay Strip, is well worth a visit.

Fort Snelling National Historic Landmark is best known as the location of the world-renowned National Historic Site. It is also home to a National Historic Landmark, Mandan Bay National Mound, and a National Historic Landmark. The fort served as a venue for two of the American Indian wars. A trip to the state site is a must for any North Dakota visitor. In addition to seeing the National Historic Landmark, the museum offers other educational activities to interest children and adults.

Fargo, the second largest city in North Dakota, is home to a popular attraction centered around farming and western culture. The Fargo Historical Society and Museum offers an exhibit that highlights the history of the fur trade between European settlers and Native Americans. The society and museum also provide a number of exhibits and activities that highlight the local food, music, dance, craft, and sports cultures. For children and adults alike, the Fargo City Arts Council hosts several festivals throughout the year featuring local talent. One festival, “Shane’s Toy Factory Tour,” includes a meeting and presentation by local entrepreneurs with a tour of the actual toy factory.

An additional attraction in Fargo is the Fargo-Moorhead Historical Society. This nonprofit organization features a four indoor public history museum where visitors can view a host of artifacts and learn about local history. The museum is conveniently located in the northeast corner of Fargo at the corner of Main Street and Moorhead. Several events take place within the museum, which provides a taste of the town’s history.

Another popular destination within North Dakota is Grandview Park, which is the state site for the internationally acclaimed Carlin Park. Located on Hwy 36 near Nd Prairie, visitors can find many walking, biking, carriage rides, and breathtaking scenery within this two-mile-long park. For outdoor enthusiasts, Grandview is also a great destination because of its abundance of lakes and rivers. Visitors can view a host of aquatic creatures, including egrets, ducks, and pike. The park is also home to a free, open public air museum that allows visitors to experience nature up close.

When it comes to family entertainment, Grandforox county offers plenty of attractions for visitors. For an education without a price, the county is proud to offer the famous Theodore Roosevelt National Maritime Center. This two-acre learning center is home to a wide variety of exhibits dedicated to the famed explorer. Various displays showcase different aspects of his life, including his travels, his art, his personal collections, and more.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to North Dakota. Visitors will enjoy seeing all the wonders that this northern state site has to offer. In addition to experiencing the sites listed here, visitors can travel to Fargo, North Dakota, or any other city in North Dakota. Regardless of where they choose to go, their trip will surely be a memorable one.

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