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South Dakota

South Dakota is a sparsely populated Midwestern U.S. state where rolling plains give way gradually to the stunning Black Hills National Forest. The Black Hills is the home of 2 historic monuments carved into towering majestic granite peaks: Mt. Rushmore, the world’s tallest, and the legendary “Crazy Horse,” and the national park itself. The Black Hills is also the location of the annual wintertime “Northstar” festival. If you’re visiting the vast Black Hills, here are some top attractions in South Dakota.

The Black Hills have been called the largest and most majestic living organism in the world. Over ten million years ago, a massive volcano erupted on the surface of the earth, throwing up huge amounts of ash and lava that covered the surrounding landscape. The enormous amount of debris that was released created an enormous crater in the center of the earth where it became the world’s first great super-site. Today, the mighty black hills are a beautiful sight to behold, with the backdrop of huge Yellowstone mountains rising above.

One of the best things to do in South Dakota is taking a hiking tour through the Black Hills. Hikers can expect to see the spectacular scenery of rolling plains, small lakes, and forests covered with lush green grasses. The Black Hills National Forest, one of the largest in the country, provides hikers with camping, hiking, wildlife watching, as well as other opportunities to enjoy your stay. A host of attractions are also located within a short driving distance from the South Dakota attractions mentioned above.

While in South Dakota you may want to spend a night or two at one of the many fun and entertaining bars and casinos that are found here. Boasting an amazing collection of live music acts nightly, these bars and casinos offer entertainment for every taste. These include local touring musicians, famous celebrities, national touring acts, comedy clubs, and legendary music venues.

If you are looking for the perfect place to celebrate your anniversary or a birthday while in South Dakota, consider making a road trip out of Rapid City. Rapid City, also known as Rapid Town, is the county seat of Dakota. Located just south of the Bakugan battlefield, this old town has a lot to offer visitors who are looking for a little something unique in the middle of this large rural region. While you are traveling around the old town area, you will see the most beautiful buildings and monuments that are still standing. The Bakugan Battle Arena, a World War II Memorial is another attraction to make a stop at while on a road trip through Rapid City.

Black Hills National Park is another place to consider while traveling through south Dakota. This national park contains five different types of mountains ranging from high to low elevations. Along with all five mountains is a large forested mountain range that is home to a whole host of wild animals and plants. There is a good chance that you may see some of the rarest species of birds, such as the Indian cuckoo, within the park itself. Or if you are looking for a more uplifting experience, consider the white-blazed cactus tower or the black hills memorial statue.

If you are looking for a more spiritual experience, one place that you should definitely not miss out on while traveling through South Dakota is the Spirit Lake Campgrounds. This campground offers visitors the opportunity to explore the area’s spiritual history and encounter live oaks, coyotes, and bears. The Spirit Lake is also home to a tribe of Dakota Lakota Indians. If you enjoy swimming and boating, there are a number of campgrounds throughout the region where you can stay overnight and enjoy other activities.

Although it is a historic area full of Native American history and spirituality, there are many more things to keep in mind while visiting South Dakota. If you have never been to this region before, you will want to make sure that you include it in your list of must-see destinations. It is truly a beautiful region with a huge variety of attractions waiting for you. You may even find yourself taking a road trip through one of the wildest regions of the country.