Wisconsin is a central mid-western U.S. state having beautiful shorelines on two Great Lakes (Michinois and Wisconsin), and an interior largely of small farms and forests. Milwaukee, the state capital, is recognized for its famous Milwaukee Public Museum, which has several re-built international villages and the Milwaukee Harley-Davidson Museum, displaying classic bikes. Several popular beer companies are also based in Milwaukee.

A travel guide to Wisconsin would list many popular and beautiful places in Wisconsin and neighboring regions. One of the top attractions here is the Menominee River, where a network of waterfalls and scenic trails can be enjoyed. There is a lot to do at Wisconsin Dells, a popular area for families with young children. This natural park has numerous waterfalls, sand dunes, and other attractions. Other activities near Wisconsin Dells include Wild Earth Camp, Mineral Point State Park, and Wisconsin Dells’ Summer Fest.

The Menominee River provides a series of activities and destinations for travelers. This river is also one of the most popular destinations in the state of Wisconsin, attracting visitors from all over the U.S. Wisconsin Dells is one of the most popular summer destinations. Wild Earth Camp runs free, with no reservation required, while at Mineral Point State Park, which offers camping, hiking and boating. Another popular summer activity in Wisconsin is the Menominee River Festival, taking place every Friday night from mid-May until early September. Here, visitors can enjoy music, fireworks and other fun outdoor activities.

Wisconsin is home to many top attractions that draw thousands of people every year. The Menominee River is home to many popular hotspots for tourists. Marquette is home to the Mayo Center, a world-class museum. The Fox River allows visitors to experience the natural beauty found in many Wisconsin towns. The Menominee River gives boat tours, river rafting and swimming opportunities.

The Wisconsin Dells offers a beautiful beach setting, home to a state park with more than five miles of beach. Sand Harbor State Park is one of the best beach parks in the Midwest. The beach offers great swimming, fishing, beach kayaking, water skiing, sunbathing, and other fun activities. Wisconsin Dells is also popular for its German beer and apple preserve festivals.

In addition to these amusement parks, Wisconsin Dells is home to many zoos and aquariums. The Wisconsin Historical Society is the only state museum in the lower 48. The historical society also features a wide range of exhibits and other information about Wisconsin’s early history.

Wisconsin is home to several parks that are found outside its borders. Wisconsin Dells has Fort Harley, one of the first Army camps established in the north. There are also Alpaca State Parks, Cedar Point State Park, and Stone Mountain National Recreation Area. Wisconsin Dells is also rich in cultural offerings; the American Indian Center is one of the sites featuring traditional arts and crafts.

Wisconsin is found within a large area of central Illinois, which is bordered by Iowa, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois. Home to some of the most popular entertainment parks in the area, Wisconsin Dells is easily accessible from the rest of the region. There are even charter bus services to take visitors to different amusement parks. The total area of Wisconsin Dells is approximately eighty-five square miles.

Within the heart of the metropolitan area is the historic iron mining village of Iron City. Tourists can visit this area starting at the historic Dairies Building located on Wisconsin Dells’ east side. This building was built during the 1800’s and serves as the original site of the first amusement park in the area. Other attractions in the Iron City area include the Iron County Courthouse and the Rockin’ Horse. Both of these attractions are also found within the Wisconsin Dells.

Wisconsin Dells is also home to two professional teams. Professional wrestling has been a popular attraction for visitors since its inception and has continued to grow into a worldwide wrestling company. The Madison Square Garden is also located in Wisconsin. Located downtown, the Garden has hosted some of the biggest names in sports entertainment. Madison Square Garden is home to the world-renowned arenas and seats known as “Madison Square” which is made up of about two hundred individual seats. This arena is continually used for various live events and performances.

These Wisconsin towns provide fun-filled attractions that are sure to delight every visitor. Within the cities of Wisconsin Dells and Iron City you will find great amusement parks and restaurants. You may also be able to find a world-class bowling establishment or take part in world-class food. The Wisconsin Dells and Iron City offer many fun things to do, and are located within a three-hour drive of Milwaukee.

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