Oklahoma is a state that offers you a variety of weekend getaways – social, secluded, noisy or quiet, rural or urban, full of nature, and delightful romantic nooks and crannies. You have the opportunity to satisfy your personal taste by choosing a destination in the six different regions of Oklahoma. Each of them gives you something different that will make your weekend getaway an unforgettable memory. And if you’re wondering what are the best Oklahoma vacation spots, here we have selected them for you:

1. Weekend in Oklahoma City

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Oklahoma City is a place where a busy vacation awaits you, despite the seemingly few days you have. With ideal accommodation, you will have a perfect stay and interesting sights to explore. Visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum to learn about history, enjoy the many botanical gardens, parks, and meadows, and the zoo; visit Hefner Lake and Park to go hiking or kayaking. Pay special attention to the National Museum of Cowboys and Western Heritage, where you will learn about Native American heritage and the influence of cowboys through interactive exhibits. And to experience modern Oklahoma City, head to the Paseo Arts District, which features spectacular dining, galleries and night lights.

2. Route 66 Weekend

Route 66, also known as The Mother Road in Oklahoma, takes you through many small towns to discover iconic neon-style eateries, renovated murals, and historic hotels. You can stay at The Campbell Hotel in Tulsa for a themed weekend in the sights of this famous American motorway. The trip is fun even because of the locals who can tell you stories about Route 66, and also interesting in historical terms, because in Tulsa, more precisely – on Route 66 Plaza you will see sculptures and memorial plaques. You can also visit several museums dedicated to Route 66, which are also located along the route through the state of Oklahoma.

3. Family Getaway in Duncan

If you are a family with children, the proposal for you is a fun weekend getaway called Duncan. This famous city is located in the south-central part of the state, only about 1.5 hours from Oklahoma City. It is famous for the Chisholm Trail, which was a major route between Texas and Kansas for livestock trade in the past. It will be interesting for each of your family to learn about the life and way of life of the cowboys and the culture of the Old Wild West, so visit the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center. Another important point is the Stevens County Historical Museum, where for no money you can hang old farm equipment and a replica of a wooden hut, as well as photos plus works of art. Don’t miss the Rock Island 905 railway depot museum, which will be fun for children, who will be able to see coal-fired steam engines.

4. Novelty Weekend in Arcadia

Arcadia is a city known mainly for the architectural landmark Round Barn, dating back to 1898, as it is the only one of its kind in the United States. This is a destination for those of you looking for unusual places and authentic fresh farm products, and you can personally pick fruit at Crestview Farms. Arcadia is great for weekend getaways for couples in love and for whole families. Be sure to check out the Pops village store, which offers 600 flavors of soda, and take a picture with the impressive 66-foot soda bottle.

5. Wichita Mountain Getaway

Do you love and are looking for a mountain environment? Here is your place for a romantic spot in Oklahoma! Everything you long for is in the Wichita Mountains: vast panoramas, winding paths, romance, a stay in a hut. Outdoor enjoyment includes wildlife around, mostly American buffalo, and grass prairies. It is easy to find a hut in the region, which makes a breathtaking escape among the wild nature of the Wichita Mountains.

6. Camping Weekend at Turner Falls

Turner Falls is the largest waterfall in Oklahoma with a height of 77 feet. There are lots of natural areas for swimming, caves, and other natural delights around the waterfalls. Its splendor attracts and is therefore one of the best places to escape in this state. In this romantic spot, you can also fish trout, explore hiking trails, camp, and there is even an RV park. If you dispose with a bit more time, you can go south to Lake Murray.

7. Tulsa Weekend

If you have a long weekend, Tulsa is the perfect getaway for you in Oklahoma. as it offers a lot of entertainment, starting with a walk in the large Gathering Place Park in the center, where there is everything: playgrounds, restaurants, hiking and biking trails, even boat rentals, and visiting the Philbrook Museum of Art. Go to the impressive zoo for young and old, as well as to the Gilcrease Museum and the Center of the Universe, where you can try out how your own echo sounds. Visit the Woody Guthrie Center to find yourself in an interesting cave house, stroll through the Blue Dome art district; and in the evening, after such pleasant tours, relax in the BOK Center.

8. Antiquing Weekend in Jenks

Do you like antiques? Your paradise is Jenks, a small town in Northeastern Oklahoma. It is famous for its many antique shops, which is why it is called the “ancient capital of Oklahoma”. Take the main street of the city, where antique shops are concentrated. Many of them have been in Jenks’ core business for over 30 years, not limited to small shops, but also entire malls. One of the largest malls is the River City Trading Post.

9. A Nature Getaway at Beavers Bend State Park

Beavers Bend State Park, located next to Broken Bow in Southeastern Oklahoma, is believed to be one of the best weekend getaways in the state. And there is a reason – it is full of opportunities for tourism, golf, horseback riding, fishing, river trips, and recreation in a hammock. The accommodation also offers you an idyllic atmosphere, and in addition to rural charm, there is also parking for RVs. And last but not least – here your vacation will be cheap.

10.Historic Architecture Weekend in Bartlesville

Bartlesville is famous mainly for Price Tower, a unique 221-foot-tall skyscraper designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The city is located north of Tulsa, in Northeastern Oklahoma, and is a great place for a nice weekend. You can stay at the Inn at Price Tower and admire both the art gallery and the hotel’s restaurant. Of course, the Bartlesville Tower is not everything in this city. There is also more historic architecture to explore with a guided walking tour. The other interesting place is the Woolaroc Wildlife Preserve, where you can see buffaloes and other wildlife.

11. Golf Weekend in Broken Arrow

And here’s something specific for golf lovers – for you, it’s Broken Arrow in northeastern Oklahoma. There are many golf courses to enjoy, incl. 18 more golf courses within 20 miles of Broken Arrow. And on its own – there are spas, so the place is popular as one of the romantic spots in Oklahoma. However, the city also has a historic center where you can try a fine or casual dinner of your choice. There is much to see and understand about history, including the train depot and the Military History Center.

12. Lake Texoma

If you’re looking for weekend getaway ideas in Oklahoma, look no further than the lake region. A personal favorite is Lake Texoma, which shares a border with our southern neighbor, Texas, as its name suggests. It is also a popular fishing destination. It’s known as the Striper Fish Capital of the World because it’s one of the few remaining places in the United States where striped bass can reproduce naturally. Lake Texoma is one of the largest reservoirs in the United States and one of the largest in the world.

It is as versatile as the lake itself, and a weekend at Texoma is no exception. There is something for every traveler, whether they are looking for a rugged adventure getaway or a luxurious spa weekend. The only place I’d rather be in the summer than right on the water is when it’s scorching hot. Don’t have access to a boat? It’s not a problem! A sunset dinner cruise, a guided fishing expedition, or the rental of a pontoon for the day or weekend are all possibilities. In the spring and fall, Lake Texoma State Park in Texoma offers hiking trails through the shade of trees.

You can grab a delicious breakfast or some tasty barbecue at Anchor N Restaurant if you happen to get your hands on a boat. Villegas Panaderia and Mexican Restaurant is a hidden gem in the nearby town of Durant, accessible only by land.

13. Lawton

Lawton offers outdoor adventure, history, and wildlife. In this charming Southeast Oklahoma town, time slows down. Begin with a giant cheeseburger at Meers Store & Restaurant. The Meersburger is Oklahoma’s “best burger” and easily feeds four. But Meers is more than just food; you’ll get a history lesson while you eat, dating back to the Gold Rush.

After lunch, visit the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge to see wild American Bison. The refuge was established in 1901 to save endangered species. You can also see elk, river otters, prairie dogs, and whitetail deer. While in the Wichita Mountains, hike up Mount Scott for panoramic views of the surrounding rocky prairie lands and blue-green Lake Lawtonka.

Medicine Park, dubbed “America’s Cobblestone Community,” is located at the foot of Mount Scott. Swim in Bath Lake or eat at The Old Plantation Restaurant for another must-try Oklahoma dish, chicken fried steak.

Lawton’s Fort Sill Army Base has a long history of training soldiers for the US Army. They also have a public museum where you can take an audio tour and learn about the installation’s history.

After a day of nature and history, return to town and look for the surprising number of murals adorning the walls of local businesses. You’ll find unexpected paintings of Willie Nelson, Jack Nicholson, and Superman. Also, don’t miss Lawton’s food scene. In an unassuming dive bar, Junction serves delicious Korean barbecue. Wayne’s Drive-In is famous for its fried pickles, chicken baskets, and fries.

14.Chickasaw National Recreation Area

The Chickasaw National Recreation Area is a great day trip destination if you want to get back in touch with nature while you’re away from town. This area, which boasts the natural beauty of over 9,000 acres of woodland trails and pristine lakes, has something to offer to everyone.

I recommend starting your adventure on one of the park’s nature trails, such as the Black Bear Trail, which provides stunning views of the surrounding area. You can either explore the park on your own or take advantage of one of the many guided tours that are available from the park’s staff. There are even special events held throughout the year, such as fishing derbies and stargazing through NASA-supplied telescopes, which take place throughout the year.

Making plans with friends or family to visit places like the Lake of the Arbuckles is something I highly recommend doing. It’s a great place to go boating or just to relax and watch the sunrise or sunset from the water. Of course, no matter how long you’re here, there will always be plenty of entertaining things to do.

15. Romantic Cabin Getaway in Watson

Being here, you will understand why Oklahoma is famous as a major destination for romantic getaways. And how not, if in such a place you can snuggle in a comfortable cabin and hot tub in the middle of the woods in the silence of a region near Watson. Stay at The River’s Edge Cottages, surrounded by 300 acres of lush forests, go on romantic hikes or canoe, and when the evening comes, light a fire just like in a romantic movie. There are other cottages in the area, such as Hochatown Country Lodge, as well as private cabins. For fishing, enthusiasts is Lake Broken Bow, which is one of the largest lakes in the state. And not only for fish but also for a beautiful sunset, the lake is attractive for couples. There is also a tour and sightseeing – the national scenic and botanical area of ​​Beech Creek, with long trails, giving an excellent opportunity to drive among great views.

Oklahoma’s weekend getaways offer variety and will not leave you indifferent. What’s more, you’re likely to want to revisit these romantic places in Oklahoma to relive great vacation days.

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