Texas is a name popular both among those who have already had the good fortune to visit it and among those who are about to do so. Texas is one of the best weekend getaways in the United States, as it is filled with vast spaces, warm southern hospitality, beautiful beaches, great barbecue. And to top it all off, there are convenient, convenient access roads, so grab your luggage and head to this exciting state to experience a great weekend getaway. You have a choice – here are the best vacation spots in Texas:

1. San Antonio

san antonio cityscape

San Antonio has history, shopping opportunities, and plenty of entertainment for your weekend. Here, beer lovers will be able to try over 70 draft brands at The Friendly Spot, a 1.5-hour drive from Austin. If you go to the former brewery The Pearl, on its territory you will eat in highly recognized restaurants, there will be something to buy from the farmer market, and you will see the Emma Hotel, designed by Rome and Williams. There is also a quiet area – a quiet section of the River Walk. Go to Alamo City, where history comes to life, and south of the city, a 15-kilometer bike path connects the four missions of the Alamo and the Hot Wells Park, which is built around the ruins of an old resort.

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2. Abilene

In Abilene, cowboy culture, along with artisanal cocktails, will captivate you. Spending a romantic weekend getaway here is a very good decision, because of the atmosphere and the art around you, to feel in the heart of the Wild West. Visit The Grace Museum to see works by many contemporary artists, including Andy Warhol. And about a 3-hour drive from Dallas is the Sayles Ranch Guesthouses, where you can enjoy themed accommodation from Downton Abbey and Mad Men.

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3. Galveston

galveston pyramids
In the early 19th century, Galveston was one of the busiest ports in the United States, after New York. If you love the romance and charm of old architecture, this is your perfect place for a weekend getaway in Texas. You will be able to see inside and out Bishop’s Palace – an impressive Victorian mansion recognized as a national architectural monument. Another unique sight is the centuries-old Hotel Galvez & Spa, which features a saltwater pool, swimming bar and easy access to over 30 miles of sand. And one of the most enjoyable experiences here is seafood. Just an hour’s drive from Houston, you’ll find Gaido’s, a place with crustacean delicacies, including Texas blue crab.

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4. Austin

texas austin capitol
texas austin capitol

Couples who enjoy music will have a difficult time choosing a concert venue in Austin. The “Live Music Capital of the World” has over 250 venues featuring music ranging from country to blues to jazz. After a night of music and dancing, take a romantic stroll through Zilker Metropolitan Park’s botanical garden or a swim in Barton Springs Pool. The Bullock Texas State History Museum’s exhibits will fascinate partners interested in Texas history.

Austin is also a foodie’s paradise. Try Lenoir, a locally-sourced restaurant with a seasonal menu, Olamaie, a Southern-inspired eatery, or Jeffrey’s, a seafood and steakhouse. Enjoy a pint at Lazarus Brewing Company or a drive out to Vista Brewing for a draught with a side of ranch views. If you’re short on time, join a local on a food or brewery tour.

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5. Clifton

You will have a different experience in Clifton if you choose this place for a weekend getaway in Texas. You will be accommodated in The Cell Block – a prison from the 30s of the last century, which today is a modern house, which has: one bedroom, barred window, patio, turntable and, as a bonus, a bottle of wine The Cell Block Tempranillo made in Red Caboose Winery. When you are not “imprisoned”, you can “freely” see an art scene or drive about 1.5 hours from Dallas to the Mayer Observatory, where you can admire the starry sky.

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6. Fredericksburg

Do you like wine? This is your place among the best vacation spots in Texas! Here you will have a free wine tasting, you will come across artifacts from the Second World War, you will be surrounded by Bavarian breweries and home from the childhood of the President. Fredericksburg will also fascinate you with history available at the National Museum of the Pacific War or at Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park. You can try homemade wurst and duck schnitzel at Otto’s German Bistro. And if you’re into R&R, check-in at the cool Hoffman Haus, located about a 1.5-hour drive from Austin.

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7. Jefferson

This place is a true embodiment of the expression perfect escape. Check into the state’s oldest hotel, The Excelsior House, and walk the red-brick streets in search of antique treasures, exploring ancient architecture, and a five-cent cup of coffee at the Jefferson General Store. And keep exploring, about a 2.5-hour drive from Dallas to Caddo Lake State Park, where you’ll find yourself in a swamp maze, Cyprus trees, and Spanish moss, which feels almost prehistoric.

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8. Corpus Christi

The beautiful Corpus Christi route from Houston on State Highway 35 will provide you with magnificent views of the coast while you travel, and when you arrive at this fascinating place, stay at the Omni Corpus Christi. Here you can also surf at will, rent a sea kayak from Wind & Wave Watersports, and eat tropical dishes that will leave you with another unforgettable memory of this vacation in Texas.

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9. Lockhart

And we come to something important – eating and tasting the world-famous barbecue in the state. Lockhart is famous as the barbecue capital of Texas. If you are having trouble going specifically, here are some suggestions: The Original Black’s Barbecue – with great dinosaur veal ribs, where only one rib weighs 1.5kg; Cross Market; Smitty’s Market with great breasts and balls of Blue Bell ice cream; and – last but not least – Ellison House, a 40-minute drive from Austin.

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10. South Padre Island

South Padre Island is a tropical paradise that stretches for 34 miles along the Gulf Coast of Texas. It is consistently ranked as one of the world’s top beach destinations by travelers from all over the world. There are numerous opportunities for recreation and experiences in this beautiful setting, which includes stunning sandy beaches, extensive nature tourism attractions, world-class wind and water activities, outstanding local restaurants, and a burgeoning entertainment district, among other things.

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11. Round Top

Round Top is a town of less than 100 people, but twice a year Round Top Antique Days brings thousands, including people like Matthew McConaughey. Don’t miss the Junk Gypsy, and in terms of accommodation, Rancho Pillow is an offer located about 1.5 hours by car from Houston. Without a doubt, here you will have a great weekend getaway in Texas, despite the crowded people during the festival, because the feeling is different from every day!

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12. Waco

It may be a small town compared to its larger neighbors Dallas and Austin, but a romantic weekend in Waco, Texas in the heart of the Lone Star State, will be filled with memorable experiences and amusing attractions.

On a clear day, you can get a great view of the Brazos River from the historic 1870 suspension bridge, which is flanked by the “Branding the Brazos” sculptural installations.

The Baylor University campus is a major part of Waco, as evidenced by the number of buildings, attractions, research facilities, and sporting venues that are located there.

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Texas is a popular center for adventurers, couples in love, and families. Remember these weekend getaways in Texas, so you have a ready list of destinations where you can fully indulge in it.

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