The long-awaited trip can become a real nightmare if you are not well prepared for it. Whether it’s missed buses, mistakes in hotel reservations, or forgotten important things from luggage, advance preparation is a key moment to spend a pleasant vacation. However, no one wants unnecessary tension because of something we left behind for the last minute.

What can you find in this guide?

In this guide, you will find a list of the most useful tips for travel that would make your vacation enjoyable and hassle-free. We tried to highlight the 10 most useful tips, whether it is about the preparation or what is important during the trip. This guide aims to give you ideas and guidelines for the proper planning of your trip. The holiday travel tips are valid regardless of the specific destination.

Top 10 Holiday Travel Tips You’ll Ever Need

1. Don’t leave your hotel booking for the last minute

Booking hotel weeks or a month in advance (and why not more) will guarantee you certainty and a wide choice of vacancies. Most hotels also have discounts for early birds. In addition to the accommodation itself, you can book transfers to and from the airport, breakfasts and dinners during your stay, and even tickets for the nearby attractions.

2. Do not over plan each activity

After all, travel is exciting because of the amazing places and people you will find. Don’t go overboard with planning every day in minutes and hours. This will only make you in a hurry. Of course, there are places you must visit in every destination, but leave enough time for surprising attractions and unexpected adventures.

3. Learn some important words and phrases in the local language

Not being able to communicate in the local language can be a problem. Of course, quite a large part of the world’s population speaks English, but learning basic phrases like “Thank you”, “Excuse me”, “Can you help us”, “Do you speak English”, “Goodbye” in the local language can be very helpful, and bring you closer to the locals.

4. Take an extra Credit card and check your bank policy

Having an extra credit card with you is very important. Inconveniences may occur, such as having your primary card stolen or the ATM not returning it to you. In this case, you need to be prepared so as not to spoil your vacation. And this is one of the most useful travel tips. Also, check the bank’s policies to avoid additional fees when withdrawing from a foreign country.

5. Don’t take too much luggage

It is a common mistake to take with you the clothes and tools that you never need. This leads to higher baggage fees when traveling and carrying huge suitcases. Take with you what you need and enough for as many days as your stay. Of course, it’s nice to always have warm clothes with you, an extra towel and other basic things.

6. Always take comfortable shoes

Travel is always associated with long walks. Uncomfortable shoes can completely ruin your stay. Prepare with sneakers or other comfortable shoes for long walks. If you intend to visit luxury restaurants or those that have a dress code, of course, it is good to prepare with a pair of high heels or a luxury pair.

7. Book cheap flight tickets

Search for different airlines and the prices they offer, subscribe to receive notifications for ticket promotions. Often early bookings guarantee a lower price. However, it is certain that the preliminary research and not the choice of the first possible offer will save you money, and this is one of the best cheap travel tips.

8. Try local food and drinks

Trying local culinary creations is one of the most fun things during any trip. Don’t reject something just because you think you won’t like it. Even if you don’t throw like that, even the more exotic dishes can surprise you with incredible taste.

9. Avoid eating near major tourist attractions

This is another good cheap travel tip. To save a lot of money, do not choose restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the attractions. They are always more expensive. Aim to eat at small local restaurants because they are not overpriced and in addition the food there is often made of domestic local raw materials.

10. Get up early to have more time to enjoy the attractions

If you wake up early, your day will be longer and you will be able to visit more places to get to know the local culture, attractions and have fun. Plus, the crowds and ticket queues are smaller in the morning and you won’t waste time waiting.


Many inexperienced travelers and some people who travel frequently have questions and need guidance before traveling. The Frequently Asked Questions section is exactly what they need before their trip. It is a series of travel tips and tricks that can remind you of forgotten details.

🧳 What are the best travel tips?

The best travel tips provide guidance for the entire trip - from booking tickets and a hotel, through choosing the right attractions and places to eat, packing the right luggage and activities that you should not miss. The 10 best holiday travel tips are created by experienced tourists who have already faced the problems of poor organization.

🧭 How do you make traveling easier?

Most of the best tips for travel are related to facilitating travel. And it all comes down to two things - awareness and planning. When you have considered everything from the plane to the places to visit in advance, you have drawn up in your mind a plan for your stay. You will certainly save much time and money.

✈️ What should I know before I travel?

Before you go on a trip, inquire about nearby attractions, currency, local customs and culture, typical dishes. Check the needed travel tips, so you don't forget some important details. The more information you get about the environment, the more relaxed you will feel during the trip.

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