15 Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean

Aruba beach picture 1
Aruba beach picture 1

The Caribbean is one of the favorite tropical destinations. There are thousands of islands in the Caribbean, 17 of which are among the most popular holiday destinations. Еach of the islands, each beach and even each corner of nature has its own specifics and it is suitable for people with different interests and reveals a different view.
The stay, movement and short trips of the guests are maximally facilitated by all-inclusive hotels, organized day trips and cruises.

The British Virgin Islands

BVI is an archipelago of 60 islands where you will never be bored. Diving around the huge reefs, walks on beaches with crystal clear white sand or staying in one of the luxury resorts. Beaches are the main place to spend time. Some of the most famous are Cane Garden Bay, which is a great place to travel with the family and Deadman’s Beach with its impressive scenery. If you are on a romantic trip, you can choose a sunset cruise or watch the dolphins.

U.S. Virgin Islands

This is one of the favorite places for American tourists because getting there from the US is very easy and fast. The archipelago consists of 3 islands – St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix. The largest, St. Croix impresses with its architecture and cultural heritage. St. John is the smallest of the three, but if you are a nature lover this is your place.

St. Lucia

One of the favorite destinations of couples in love is St. Lucia Island. This is a place where you can choose whether to raise your drain with water sports, off-road or zip-line through the forest, relax in some quiet resort or lie on the hot sand and watch the crystal clear water. Rodney Bay is a place for nightlife and restaurants.

Dominican Republic

Only 7-8 hours away from the hectic daily life of Europeans is the Dominican Republic – one of the most visited tourist destinations. 250 miles of beaches, scuba diving and snorkeling as well as visiting our favorite Punta Cana and Puerto Plata are just some of the fun places there.

The Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac or generally speaking the Cayman Islands are a paradise for divers. The most famous and large is the Grand Cayman where you can see the artificial reef. Be sure to visit Stingray City, where you will meet up close to some of the most impressive sea creatures. Wherever you stay, you can make a day trip to the other islands to make your impression complete.


Aruba is a good place if you want to avoid the crowds and swim or dive in the crystal clear Caribbean waters. Two of the most famous beaches are Eagle Beach and Palm Beach. If you want a variety of entertainments you can visit Arikok National Park or the Aruba Ostrich Farm, where you and your children are sure to have fun.


Jamaican culture is extremely interesting and the people are friendly. The sound of reggae music, the waterfalls you can swim in (such as Dunn’s River Falls), the hikes in the Blue Mountains National Park will remain unforgettable memories in your mind. Flights to the island are frequent, which makes getting around easy.

Turks & Caicos

A group of 40 small and large islands, Turks & Caicos attracts divers with one of the most beautiful reefs in the world – the Bight Reef. The area called Providenciales is home to some of the most luxurious resorts, as well as one of the world’s best beaches, Grace Bay. In 2017, the islands were severely affected by a hurricane and this briefly stopped their tourist development, but today they have been renovated and have once again become a leading tourist destination.

Puerto Rico

Whether you will visit clean beaches, shops in San Juan, Flamenco Beach or the secluded island of Vieques depends on your preferences, but Puerto Rico offers it all. Do not miss a walk to El Morro fortress, one of the main attractions. It is also interesting to observe the microorganisms that glow in fluorescent lights at night on Mosquito Bay. Puerto Rico offers discounts on some resorts throughout the year and frequent flights to and from the island, so it’s easy to organize your vacation there.


The distinctive feature of Antigua is the impressive number of 365 beaches, each of which is suitable for a different activity. For example, if you want to indulge in a relaxing holiday, Dickenson Bay is your place. Some of the other beaches are a favorite place for divers, swimmers, surfers, etc. But the island also offers other activities. If you want to enjoy panoramic views, visit Shirley Heights, which also offers a view of the Montserrat volcano. You can buy specific souvenirs and local spices from St. John’s Saturday Market.


On one of the most famous beaches of Barbados – Bathsheba, Carlisle Bay, and Dover, you can spend a relaxing day. Bridgetown is a great place for lovers of ancient architecture and small local markets, where you can find amazing new acquisitions. For tourists who want to explore the natural wonders, Harrison’s Cave is the place that will impress them with its rock formations. Sea turtles in their natural habitat can be observed if you dive into the waters around the island.


What makes Anguilla different is that cruise ships are not allowed. This makes the island less crowded and preserves the typical Caribbean culture. The island has over 30 beaches and is characterized by small beach villas, not large spa resorts.


The island of Curacao is influenced by European development both architecturally and culturally. The Dutch influence can be easily seen in the appearance of the buildings. Well, of course, you can’t escape the Caribbean fun like diving and snorkeling around the coral reefs.


In Grenada, in addition to relaxing beaches, you can also visit one of the spice factories or the architecturally impressive streets of St. George’s. You will certainly not be bored staying on this colorful island. The most famous beach in Grenada is Grand Anse Beach. If you like forest walks and climbing then La Sagesse Nature Center and the Grand Etang National Park are just for you. In many places, you can come across local markets for spices and souvenirs.

St. Martin

Divided into French and Dutch parts, St. Martin attracts many tourists. However, the vast beaches are calm and predispose to a relaxing holiday. If you don’t want to spend every day on the beach, you can raise the adrenaline with a zipline through Pic du Pardis mountains or go around the island with a boat tour.

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