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The United States is the most famous tourist destination on this planet, with its historical monuments, world class cities and a central presence on the world stage. 65 million people visit the United States each year, spending more than $125 billion. The United States is the world’s third-largest nation by population and region, and it has the world’s largest economy. It offers an infinite range of activities, places to visit, restaurants to try out and hotels to stay. There can not be a single list that is comprehensive, but this guides will provide a brief overview of some of the must-see countries for prospective visitors.

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Because of its vast size and geographic diversity, the United States is home to a wide range of climates, so you can visit any time of year and find plenty to do. Plan your trip to the United States around what you want to do: if you want to relax on the beaches of Florida, California, or Hawaii, go during the summer; if you want to go skiing, go during the winter to Colorado or Vermont.

USA Facts

  • Electricity – 110V, north-america-socket
  • Currency – US Dollar ($ USD)
  • $1 USD = approximately $0.90 EUR
  • ATMs can be found all over and credit cards are accepted everywhere
  • Cellular – You can find pre-paid no contract SIMs at grocery stores and convenient stores
  • Tipping – Customary to tip 15-20%
  • Unit of Measure – Imperial (Farenheit, Inches/Feet)
The present population in the US
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