Arkansas is a southern U.S. state bordering the beautiful Mississippi River. It is well known for its rich outdoor park and forest areas, with varied terrain ranging from mountains, valleys, rivers, and steamship rides. The western part of the state has numerous historic monuments and museums, and its capital, Little Rock, houses the Clinton Presidential Center.

The Ozark Mountains in northwest Arkansas have many hiking trails. The most popular ones are the Snake River Trail and the Arkansas Riverfront Blue Ridge Parkway. Its eastern section, meanwhile, boasts of beautiful scenery with rolling hills and Riverside parks.

The world’s first duck hunting park is located in Little Rock. The park offers various activities, including fishing and duck hunting. Arkansas River Rafting is another one of the top attractions. It takes place on the Ozark River, near the confluence with the Arkansas River. Individuals can enjoy the fun-filled sport in kayaks or can go on rafting trips on mighty Arkansas.

The land surrounding the Ouachita River in south-central Arkansas is considered one of the best places to spot wild turkeys. There are more than 100 documented wild turkeys in the area. Arkansas also boasts of several other notable attractions. Visitors can get their fill of history in several places.

The Ozark Mountains National Wildlife Refuge and adjacent areas provide a habitat for millions of birds. It is also a nesting site for many migratory birds. The wildlife refuge was established to protect all species of wildlife. The land includes elk, mule deer, buffalo, black bear, multiple species of reptiles, and numerous songbirds. The state has about two million acres of land dedicated to wildlife conservation.

Another popular attraction in Arkansas is the Ozark Mountains National Recreation Area. The state manages the largest system of national parks in the Midwest. It also has numerous other natural sites, including the Cedar Trapper National Monument, Great Blue Hole National Park, and Sandestin National Beaches National Monument. This natural landscape offers hiking, canoeing, camping, and swimming.

The biggest wildlife attraction in the state is the Razorback National Forest. This is the biggest forestry project in the nation. More than five million acres of devoted land is included in the project. The state also manages several other large forests and parks in the area. Some of the parks include Transylvania, Ozark, and Wilberforce Ranges National Parks.

Arkansas is among the Sunflower State’s Top Ten Best Places to Visit. It is also among the fifty states that rank among the top twenty in the annual list of best U.S. Cities to visit. Tourism makes up nearly a fifth of the state’s revenue. The city is known for its southern cuisine and cotton production.

The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff has been ranked among the top colleges in the nation. Students wishing to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration can take advantage of the many post-secondary opportunities on campus. The university also has a large recreational facility known as The Pit. Other colleges that are located in the city include The University of Central Arkansas, Northwest Arkansas Community College, and Northwest Arkansas Community College.

The city of Greenville is also conveniently located just a few minutes away from Fayetteville. There are many shopping, sporting, and entertainment venues in close proximity to downtown Greenville. Students in Greenville will benefit from having easy access to the University of North Carolina at Raleigh, which is just a short drive away. It is also within driving distance to all of North Carolina’s major cities.

Fayetteville itself is a beautiful place. It is home to the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Botanical Gardens. The riverfront Bogue Sound has many paddle boating and fishing spots. There are also walking trails where one can explore the parkway. A great place to stay in Fayetteville is The Residence Inn and Suites, which are conveniently located close to several restaurants, movie theaters, and Fayetteville’s downtown area.

Students in Greenville who are interested in working while attending school can take advantage of the available workforce. The city of Greenville is considered to be one of the top ten job hubs in the United States. This high demand for workers means that college students can find great jobs relatively easy in Greenville. Greenville is also home to several privately owned casinos. Students interested in the gaming industry can find employment working directly with the games themselves or in one of the many hotel gaming locations around town.