Texas is a rich state in the South Central area of the United States. It is the second-largest U.S. state by both population and area. You will find the largest concentration of large cities, airports, and petroleum refineries in the U.S. It also is home to some of the top attractions in North America. If you are planning a trip to the area, we can provide you with a list of top attractions in Texas.

The Space Shuttle Endeavour is continually making history by returning to the earth and back. Many tourists and residents in the Lone Star state visit the Endeavour each year. This spaceship has made four journeys around the world. The Endeavour is scheduled to make another journey around the planet in 2021.

Houston is also known as the Space City and is one of the top areas for space research and development in the world today. NASA has called Houston home to over one-quarter of the world’s NASA space shuttles. NASA is currently working on a new generation of spacecraft for deep space exploration and national security. There are many theme parks in Texas that also help to support this important space program.

San Antonio is also another hot spot for tourists. The San Antonia National Park is home to one of the largest concentrations of wildflowers in the entire country. The park features numerous hiking trails, boat rides, and colorful florals that can be viewed from a variety of locations in the city. The park’s natural history museum allows visitors to learn about the native cultures and wildlife that are the basis for the history of the San Antonia Indians.

Austin, Texas is another popular area. The third-largest city in Texas, Austin is considered the “economic capital” of the state. This is because it is home to the cutting-edge information technology sector. A variety of national chain stores can be found in the downtown area as well as various art galleries and other cultural attractions. One of the best places for bird watching in Texas is at the Bailey-Matthews Botanical Garden.

The third most populated city in Texas, San Antonio is home to a large concentration of historical sites, museums, and monuments. One of the top attractions in San Antonio is the Historic Third Ward Park. Built-in 1900, the park offers a variety of activities and amenities including nature walks, museums, picnic areas, and historical marker tours.

Lone Star state residents will want to check out some of the top attractions in Houston. One attraction that is growing in popularity is Sea World. The park features many different kinds of shows including dolphins, stingrays, and whales. There is even a great interactive exhibit featuring a remote-controlled elephant that gives visitors the opportunity to interact with the animal while learning about the marine environment. Another one of the unique attractions in Houston is the Space Needle, which is the tallest structure in Texas.

If you are looking for an area near you that is not widely known for its top tourist attractions, then consider Texas City. Home to a popular rodeo and the largest indoor aquarium in Texas, this top destination for tourists has something for every taste and budget. Other top attractions in Texas City include the Historic Sixth Floor Museum at the Six Flags Over Texas. The museum includes dinosaur reconstruction and allows visitors to step into dinosaur lives. Others include the Aquarium of Texas and the Gulf shores Aquarium.

The rich history of Texas means that there are plenty of museums that cover all kinds of interesting topics. One of the most interesting is the Hobby Lobby Museum. Built to allow women access to birth control pills, the Hobby Lobby Museum offers a glimpse into how the religious Right has grown under the leadership of Texas Governor Rick Perry. In addition to the pill section, the museum also features a man cave, a woman’s locker room, and a craft area. Children can enjoy craft projects in the “Girly Hall” or attend classes on photography and artistry in the “Sciencescene” section.

For entertainment, nothing beats a trip to the Alamo Drafthouse. Home to the legendary Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie series, this location in San Antonio offers moviegoers a chance to enjoy a classic horror film with all the gore you could ask for. During the summer, the Alamo Drafthouse will screen Wonder Woman, one of the top-selling superhero films of the year. Other feature films include Texas Chainsaw Massacre II: The First Stage, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre III: The Master.

These are just a few of the top tourist destinations in Texas, but there are many more to see and do. For even more fun, Texas is home to a large number of RV campgrounds, offering plenty of affordable accommodations for travelers on the go. Many offer everything from full hookups to RV hookups, making them perfect for long road trips. Others even offer camping packages to provide even more flexibility for those who want to enjoy the great outdoors without having to deal with the campground life. Whether you want to spend a week or a couple of months, Texas has something for you.