Arizona, southwestern U.S. states, is well known for the Grand Canyon, a mighty mile-wide chasm carved out by the Colorado River. Flagstaff, a scenic pine-packed mountain city, is a major gateway to the Grand Canyon. Other natural sites in Arizona include Saguaro National Park, home to the spectacular Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum. Tucson is the University of Arizona land, home of the desert museum. The University has an undergraduate diploma in psychology. University also offers a Master’s degree in Psychology.

Arizona State University was founded in Tucson. It is among the colleges offering undergraduate and graduate programs in Psychology. It has a visitor center and information about the schools, its campus, and surrounding areas. Other interesting destinations in Arizona are Maricopa County, the site of the popular Mijas de Oro Landmark. In the south of the state, you can visit Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. This is a World Heritage site, which is over 2021 years old.

Phoenix is another University within Arizona. It is also home of the national park known as Phoenix Park. The museum here displays collections from several bird species and numerous mineral specimens. A visitor center of the national park arranges sightseeing trips to nearby sights and offers information on tours.

Tucson and Phoenix are home to numerous other fascinating tourist attractions. Arizona’s second largest city, Flagstaff, is famous for its thrilling sports and desert botanical garden. The desert garden has world class exhibits on flower, plant and animal life. The zoo also houses several animals like coyote, Mexican wolf, and bobcat. There are several ghost towns in Arizona, where you can wander through dusty lanes and discover small town America.

Tucson, home of the University of Arizona, is a thriving college town with major businesses, museums and art galleries. The Sonoran Desert Museum of Phoenix houses five different museums, two of which house collections of Arizona native objects. The Horseshoe Creek Museum of Phoenix houses an art gallery with contemporary art and world art exhibits. Other local museums include Arizona State History Museum, Indian Tribes of the Southwest Museum, Phoenix Science Museum, Phoenix Museum of Fine Arts, and Phoenix Rising Museum.

Besides these, there are several other places worth visiting and exploring in Arizona. The Grand Canyon is one of the country’s top tourist attractions and sightseeing sites. The scenic river valley of Sedona is another sightseeing spot that is worth visiting. A variety of hotels, campgrounds and cabins are available to stay in while traveling in Arizona.

Talking about the cultural activities in Arizona, the Arizona State Teachers Association and the Arizona Native Arts Association are some organizations that are worth knowing. The state capital is also a good place to visit. The state museum is one of the best in the country. The cultural activities and shows in Arizona feature top artists and musicians. Such activities include Arizona Odyssey, Aztec Dance Theatre, and Phoenix Aerial Theater.

The state parks of Arizona are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Arizona. They offer the scenic beauty and a breath-taking view of the grand canyon. The parks include Barringer Springs, Cedar Point, Devil’s Den, Hoover Dam National Memorial, and Black Canyon of the Grand Canyon. The Indian tribes of Arizona are the main source of inspiration for the design of these scenic attractions. The state’s rich artistic tradition is further reflected in its art galleries, museums and other artistic buildings and structures.

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and it is the largest city. It houses the world-class hotel Phoenix Harbor and the Arizona Museum of Natural History. The museum has collections on some of the world’s natural wonders and history. Talking about art galleries, they are very popular in Arizona. The Phoenix art galleries are worth visiting as they display the works of some of the world’s most prominent artists including renowned Scottsdale artist Tom Kelley.

Tucson is another important city in Arizona. It is the second-largest city in the state and is home to the University of Arizona. The Museum of Contemporary Art is a major attraction here. It houses modern art, photographic images, and contemporary sculptures from all over the world. Tucson is also home to the world-class Sonoran Desert Museum, which houses some of the world’s most exciting collections of desert art.

There are so many fascinating attractions and places to see in Arizona. These places are worth visiting if you have the chance. Some of these attractions include scenic drives in Arizona, visiting the Grand Canyon, viewing the night sky in Arizona, shopping in Arizona and experiencing the natural beauty of Arizona. Don’t miss your chance to visit this colorful part of the US while exploring the scenic drives in Arizona. You will definitely cherish the memories.

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