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California Travel Guide

California, western U.S. states, spans from the Mexican border to the Pacific Ocean for about 900 miles. Its prominent terrain consists of redwood forest, rocky cliffs, mountain ranges, Central Valley rice fields and the majestic Mojave Desert. The largest city of Los Angeles is an economic powerhouse and tourist hot spot. The coastal city of San Francisco is well known for its history, technology, and health spas.

California is home to some of America’s top natural attractions such as the Napa and Sonoma valleys, Redwood National Forests, Hollywood, and the San Diego Zoo. Besides these, California is also famous for its historic landmarks. San Francisco’s skyline and California’s wine country are also among the top attractions here. To know a bit about California travel and tourism, read on:

San Diego Zoo and Preserve: One of California’s major natural attractions is its beautiful zoo and a national park. The zoo features a number of exotic animals and has been listed as a World Heritage Site. Besides the well-known animals, the facility is home to a replica of a dinosaur site, Balboa Park, and Presidio Park with its spectacular view of the harbor and San Diego Bay. The Presidio is home to the Towers of Tenaya, one of the wonders of nature. The California Academy of Sciences and California Science Center also offers other interesting attractions in the area.

Historic Gaslamp Quarter: The Gaslamp Quarter is one of the oldest parts of San Diego. It was a busy trading hub during the past century. This region now houses the popular Museum of Contemporary California. The museum is encompassing contemporary art, cultural activities, and history. Another great attraction is the Medieval Times Museum. The Gaslamp Quarter is also home to the world’s tallest tower clock, the clock known as the clock.

Venice Beach State Park: California is best known for its stunning coastline, but one of its hidden treasures is its beautiful coastline parks. Venice Beach State Park is a wonderful park offering beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. There are many walking paths and hiking trails. The park also offers camping and RV sites.

Hollywood Studios: One of the most popular movie studios in the world is Hollywood. You can take a day trip to this California national park. You will get the best views of Hollywood including the Sunset Strip, along with the Los Angeles Mountains. You will also be able to see the various Hollywood locations including the lots of buildings that can be seen along the famous Sunset Strip. Another popular attraction in Hollywood is the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Universal Studios: When it comes to amusement parks, few can compare to Universal Studios. This theme park is located in California. Universal studios is the pioneer in theme park attractions. In this theme park you can have everything from a dinosaur track to the infamous Big Bad Wolf. Other than these two roller coasters, you can also take a stroll through the Universal History Museum, or tour the California Adventure.

California has so much to offer for visitors who visit this west coast state. Some popular spots include the Santa Barbara Zoo, Sea World, Coachella Valley Zoo, and Hollywood Studios. Visiting California can be a truly memorable experience, especially for lovers of the color and culture of California. Traveling on the top West Coast highways gives you access to some of California’s finest natural locations and attractions.

San Diego: One of the most beautiful places in California, San Diego is a unique place in many ways. There are tons of different things to do and see when visiting San Diego. First off, you should definitely check out the fascinating San Diego Zoo. Here you can get to see many different exotic animals including all four seasons of flamingos, sharks, and even dolphins. The zoo is also filled with interesting cultural history. You can even take a walking tour through the streets of San Diego.

Death Valley: Probably one of the most famous destinations in California, Death Valley National Park is a must-see spot. For photographers, this is a great place to get up close and personal with these amazing scenic views. Travelers can drive a car rental from San Francisco to this location and enjoy the scenic views as well as the National Park. Other popular activities in this area include climbing the biggest mountain in California (in case you’re afraid of heights), enjoying water skiing, and taking a hot air balloon ride to see the stunning mountains of California. In addition, if you are visiting San Diego during the summer season, there is no better way to cool down than taking a long stroll along the beach and listening to live music.

Yosemite: This famous national park in California is another popular destination in California. While at Yosemite, you can hike many trails that will take you around one of the biggest and most beautiful sites in California. You can walk through the park, go on a cable car, or ride the cable car back to the parking lot. Other popular things to do while at Yosemite are eating at one of the many dining locations or shopping for one of the many unique items found in the area.

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