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Mexico is a country with much history. Traveling through Mexico has been done for centuries by generations of adventurous individuals. Mexico travel can be as diverse and exciting as one’s vacation plans, but whether one wants a quiet weekend or the thrill of a week-long escapade, Mexico has something for everyone.

Mexico is one of South America’s most well-traveled destinations. From Mayan ruins to lush tropical jungles and pristine Pacific Ocean beaches, Mexico has more to offer than most travelers can imagine. Discover Mexico City at Chichen Itza, explores the Mayan Riviera at Acapulco, and feast on authentic Mexican cuisine at restaurants such as Tortuguero’s on Colima; explore Mexico’s culture at the annual Teotihuacan fair (although you must pay – seriously, the food is awesome) and soak up the sun on Playa del Carmen, Mexico’s most popular Caribbean beach. Learn about Mexico’s rich history at the Mayan archaeological site Chichen Itza-Upper City, where you can view ancient Mayan pottery and other amazing archeological finds.

Mexico is located on the Gulf of Mexico, near the Caribbean Sea and Central America. Mexico’s two major islands are San Felipe and San Miguel. Mexico boasts three of the Western Hemisphere’s ten best cruise lines. Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, and Royal Caribbean Cruises offer exciting cruises throughout Mexico and its many exotic ports. A Carnival cruise even lets you visit the White River Delta.

Mexico’s capital, Mexico City, offers one of the most diverse cities anywhere in the Western Hemisphere. The city is a hub for international business and political leadership. Mexico City tours are available from tours providers such as the Sightseeing Cruises. Mexico City itself has a lot to see – including Tijuana, the infamous “Drukho” or “Duro” canal, the Mexico City Zoo, the Hotel Zone, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and much more.

Mexico is very proud of its vast deserts, which are also among the world’s highest – in terms of total area. Mexico boasts many national parks, from the lush jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula to the dry deserts of the Gulf of Mexico. Other national parks include Puebla and Vera Lacuna, both in the Southern region of Mexico. Other notable national parks in Mexico include the Chihuahua National Park in the north, the Campello National Park in the south, and the Sonoran Desert National Park in the central part of the country.

While traveling through Mexico, you will want to stop in Puerto Vallarta for some fun and excitement. Puerto Vallarta is the second-largest city in Mexico, after Guadalajara. Puerto Vallarta has beautiful beaches, shopping centers, parks, museums, art galleries, restaurants, sporting facilities, and even the famed Zoo Buena Vista, home to alligators, sloths, and other reptiles. The Zoo also offers dolphin cruises.

As mentioned above, Mexico is also proud of its beaches. There are hundreds of beaches in Mexico, from the most popular ones such as Playa del Carmen and Cancun to the less frequented ones like Cabo San Lucas. If you want to do a little surf practice, there are several excellent surfing beaches along the Playa del Carmen area. If you want to explore the rocky coastline, a day trip to Puerto Marques should be done – it is rich in culture and history. Puerto Marques is also a great place to visit if you want to visit one of Mexico’s most famous writers, Don Marquis de Leon.

Mexico is definitely a country that not only entertains you, but also gives you a reason to learn a lot about the world and the human race. Mexico offers some of the best vacations money can buy. From cultural tours, to adventure, to simply lounging on a beach, Mexico is indeed a haven for tourists. Mexico holidays are truly unforgettable!