Tulum’s allure cannot be denied. In the pages of glossy magazines and on Instagram feeds for years, it has shown off sugary beaches, crystal clear water, and luxurious hotels perched on the seaside cliffs. Tulum, Mexico’s Caribbean jewel, is a magical place to visit.

Tulum, located about 80 miles south of Cancun, was once a well-kept secret as the coastal capital of the Mayan empire that spanned southern Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala.

The Mayan city’s ruins are now one of Mexico’s most popular tourist attractions. It is a boho-chic paradise and a must-visit destination for many Mexican tourists in the nearby town.

How do you get there, exactly? Cancun, which is about two hours north, is the most common gateway for visitors to this region of Mexico. There are numerous ways to get from Cancun to the archaeological park and the nearby town and attractions of Tulum. A transportation option is available to meet your needs and budget.

Travel From Cancun to Tulum by Tour Agency

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A packaged trip is the most convenient method to get from Cancun to Tulum, especially if you want to see other things along the way. Tours are frequently favored by travelers since they remove all of the uncertainty from the experience. They frequently include round-trip transportation to and from your hotel, a tour, and lunch.

Some excursions even provide special benefits to their guests. One trip, for example, provides Early Access to Tulum Ruins from Cancun. This full-day tour allows visitors to avoid the crowds by visiting the ruins early in the morning before the park opens to the public.

The excursion includes round-trip transportation from your Cancun hotel, an expert archaeologist guide, and a box lunch. The advantage of having an archaeological guide is that guests get a rare peek into the site’s history and culture.

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Travel From Cancun to Tulum with AirPort Transfer

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A private driver is an ideal method to get from Cancun to Tulum if you want to travel without fuss and be taken to your hotel from the airport. It can also be more cost effective if you go in a group as opposed to using the shared shuttle Cancun to Tulum, which charges per person.

The standard private transfer to Tulum costs $100 for up to three persons, and you can save money by booking a round-trip transfer ($175 for three people). If there are three of you, scheduling a private transfer is actually more convenient than taking the shared shuttle, and even if there are just two of you, you should consider whether the extra fee ($30) is worth the extra hassle. And if you have up to 9 passengers, the price just increases to $115, which is a fantastic offer.

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Travel From Cancun to Tulum by Rent a Car

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Renting a car and driving yourself provides the most freedom and flexibility. The drive from Cancun to Tulum takes around two hours and takes place on a single route that is extremely well-traveled, safe, and in good condition.

Other areas of interest, such as Playa del Carmen, the adjacent cenotes, and Tulum’s beach, can be visited while driving across Mexico. You also have the advantage of working at your own pace and on your own time.

In Cancun, you can find dozens of car rental companies, from the airport to outlets across the city and even at several hotel brands. Always keep in mind that prices displayed on booking sites frequently reflect low daily rates.

Travel From Cancun to Tulum by Taxi

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As the most expensive alternative, taking a taxi from Cancun to Tulum will bring you there in the quickest time. Taxis in Cancun are door-to-door and air-conditioned. Some even accept plastic. The majority of cab drivers prefer cash, particularly pesos.

The trip from Cancun to Tulum takes less than two hours, thanks to Mexico Highway 307, which serves as the major tourist route from Cancun to the capital city of Chetumal, which is located on the Belizean border.

Rates from Cancun International Airport are frequently more than $100 one-way. From the center of Cancun, prices will be around $120 or more. In order to save money, it’s possible to have your cab wait for you while you explore the ruins and then pick you up when you’re ready to leave.

Travel From Cancun to Tulum by Bus

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The bus system in Mexico is the cheapest way to get from Cancun to Tulum. The ADO bus system is secure, clean, comfortable, dependable, and, most importantly, affordable. Both the Cancun International Airport and downtown Cancun are served by daily buses to and from Tulum.

Buses run from central Cancun to Tulum, but you must indicate whether you want to go to Tulum the town or Tulum the archaeological zone. Buses also run from the Cancun airport’s four terminals to Tulum.

Because departure timings are not always consistent with airplane arrival schedules, another alternative is to take the bus to Playa del Carmen and then change to a Tulum bus. Buses run significantly more often between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Again, explain if you are visiting the town or the ruins.

Tickets can be purchased online in advance or at any ADO bus counter. Credit cards are accepted, and most agents know English. You can also reserve your seat ahead of time. The buses also have luggage storage underneath, so if you plan to stay in Tulum, you will have no trouble transporting your belongings.


How far is Tulum from Cancun?

80 miles (128 km)

How long is the drive from Cancun to Tulum?

Around 2 hours

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