Louisiana is a southern U.S. state along the Gulf of Mexico, bordered by Mexico on all sides. Its long history as a crossroads of American, French, African, and Canadian cultures is reflected even in its Creole and Cajun traditions. The largest metropolitan, New Orleans, is especially known for its historic French Quarter, graced with century-old buildings and jazz music. The next largest metropolitan, Alexandria, has an important harbor and is famous for its arts and crafts culture.

Garden lovers will be enthralled with the state’s vast collection of gardens ranging from horticultural to landscape to natural to historical. Gardeners can enjoy hours on end exploring the rich landscapes and botanicals of Louisiana. The most popular garden destinations include Acadiana State Park in Prairie du Sacre, Biloxi Botanical Gardens in Covington, Shrimp Festival in Slidell, and The Wackel Gardens in Plaquemine. Garden events in Louisiana include Garden and Country Fest in Shreveport, Louisiana State Fair in Monroe, and Garden City in Gretna.

A trip to Louisiana would not be complete without visiting the many beaches that can be found along its borders. Two of the most popular beaches are Fort Myers Beach and Orange Beach. Other popular beach destinations include Camp La Tortugas in Plaquemine and Orange Beach. A small town called Pine City is home to the only structure of sandstone on the Gulf of Mexico, a sandstone obelisk. Other popular beach spots in the state include Barataria Bay in Acadiana and Lake Pontchartrain in Tamko.

Another must-see in Louisiana is the state park. There are several major parks in the state, which attract visitors from all over the nation. New Orleans is home to the world-renowned Mardi Gras park, which hosts thousands of parades and cultural events each year. The museum there houses one of the largest collections of paintings in the country. Other top attractions include Gulf Shores National Seashore and Cajun lake.

Louisiana is also home to many national treasures. The state is home to the U.S. National Treasure Areas, including the Cedar Beaks National Wildlife Refuge and Fort Adams National Historic Site. The Mississippi Gulf Coast National Seashore and St. Landry National Monuments also offer visitors the chance to view some of the most amazing scenery in the country. Other attractions in Louisiana include The Great Acadiana Coffee Festival, Degrasska’s Farm, and Mississippi Spirit Tours.

When it comes to top romantic tourist attractions, few places can compare with New Orleans. The city was named such because it is the hometown of the best-known band in the history of rock and roll, the band Queen. The music festival Bonnaroo is held at the renowned Venetian Hotel in New Orleans. Other notable attractions include the French Quarter, historic homes like the Claiborne plantation house, and the Roseland Terrace.

Food and restaurants are plentiful in New Orleans. There are hundreds of great restaurants to choose from. Some of the top restaurants include Black’s Beach Restaurant & Bar, Cafe Mambo, Figueres, Moeske’s Seafood, hooters, Nola, Pearland Inn, and Superdawg. Other popular local restaurants include City Barbeque, Foggin’ In The Ocean, Fat Jack, and many more.

Louisiana is also well known for its vast collection of historic buildings. When visiting the state, it is helpful to check out the state’s historic buildings like the Louisianan State House, Fort Adams Museum, Napoleon State Historic Site, Catacombs of New Orleans, and the Mardi Gras monuments. The collections include plantations, cemeteries, religious buildings, and homes designed by the Creoles. These gardens and historic buildings add richness to the Louisiana culture and add a dimension to the state that not many other states in America can give.

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