Discovering Iowa is like taking a journey to the Old West. This southern state is the gateway to the Midwest. Iowa is the Midwestern U.S. state, sitting between the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. It is well known for its beautiful landscape of cornfields and rolling prairies.

landmarks in the state, including the state capitol building, Pappajohn Sculpture Park, and the Iowa Art Museum have been described by generations of tourists as some of the finest examples of American craftsmanship. The Des Moines Art Museum has an acclaimed collection of contemporary art, including work by such prominent artists as William Taft, Earleford Holloway, Collin Cowling, and others. The Pappajohn Community Garden is among Iowa’s premier gardens, showcasing lush, manicured lawns in full bloom during spring. A few miles outside of Des Moines, in Urbandale, is another exemplary example of Iowans’ sense of humor: The “Wicked City” Tourist Attraction Park is a funicular tunnel complete with rock climbing walls, waterfalls, and observation towers. It is also home to several major animal parks and nature preserve units.

Tourism is one of the major contributors to the state’s economy, supporting more than 800 jobs directly related to the tourism industry each year. Along with Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, two of the best known Iowa cities are Ottumwa and Iowa City. Ottumwa is best known for the Blackwater State Historic Site, which includes a historic concentration of civil war battles. If you are looking for a place to stay near these cities, there are several options including hotels, inns, cabins, campgrounds, and bed and breakfasts available in Iowa.

While traveling through Iowa, you may want to stop at the beautiful Branson Historical Park, which is located within the city of Branson. Home to a wide variety of sites including a world-class museum, the park is one of the best-preserved natural communities in the Midwest. The birthplace of the legendary blues musician, bluesman, and singer, Beethoven is also located within the park.

Just a drive north from Des Moines along I Thirty bridges span the mighty Mississippi River and connect the eastern and western halves of Iowa. One of the most popular bridges, Highway 41, connects Iowa City to Sturgis, which is just across the river from downtown Des Moines. Highway 41 runs through a region of historic landmarks, museums, outdoor activities near many of Iowa’s largest cities. Traveling in Iowa will allow you to visit the beautiful Hawkeye State Penitentiary, which is considered to be the second oldest prison in the United States. The penitentiary was built in 1849 for the state of Minnesota and serves men today who are convicted of committing crimes against humanity.

Adventureland is located in Iowa’s capital city of Iowa City. Once you have made your way to Iowa City, be sure to stop by the exciting and popular Adventureland Park. This amusement park features thrilling roller coasters, games, rides, and other fun things to do along with four restaurants. Adventureland is the first surviving remaining section of an original three-town amusement district that once operated between Iowa and Chicago. Among the many attractions available at the park is a re-enactment of the civil war battles that took place in Iowa, and an experience that imitates what would have happened during the events of the Civil War.

If you are traveling to Iowa on a weekend or short trip, you will want to make sure that you take advantage of some of the fun things to do while you are there. One of the things that you will want to do is travel back to where you can go see one of the most famous landmarks in Iowa, the Iowa state capitol building. This incredible landmark is located just north of Des Moines. You can see the capitol building while sitting in a heated bus that will take you around Iowa to several stops throughout the state. You will be able to see the state capitol in its original appearance, which was red brick, along with the current state coat of arms. This tour is usually a guided affair, which means that you will be able to leave the bus, and tour all of the buildings that are interesting to you.

If you want to be able to see the history of Iowa while touring Iowa, you should definitely schedule some time for a self-guided tour. Self-guided tours can be great ways to enjoy Iowa, as they allow you to visit areas of the state that you may not otherwise get to if you were riding in a state tour boat or an airplane. One of the most popular self-guided tours in Iowa is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Here you will be able to see the treasures of some of rock’s greatest moments, including the Beatles album cover, the Rolling Stones album cover, the Stones song “imental,” and many other well-known songs. These tours are not only fun, but they are very educational as well.

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