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Alabama Tourist Guide

Alabama is a southern U.S. state which is home to many important landmarks from the civil rights movement. The historic city of Montgomery’s 16th Street Baptist Church, which was a main protest site in the 1960s, is today a museum. Martin Luther King, Jr.s historic church and the Rosa Parks Museum, both dedicated to the legendary leader, can be located in the state capital of Montgomery. A variety of theaters are also located in the state capital, and a major film festival, the Mobile Jazz Festival, is celebrated here each August.

Tuscaloosa, which is the second-largest city in Alabama, is a popular tourist destination. Many major corporations have established their headquarters in Tuscaloosa. A visit to this city will allow one to experience the rich history and culture that are synonymous with Tuscaloosa. A trip to the Mercedes-Benz Museum of Alabama or the Saturnalia Museum of Alabama will allow one to take home souvenirs of this city’s history.

Montgomery is also the location of the state capitol, which is the state’s office building. This building served as the site for the 1963 Montgomery desegregation of African Americans. A tour of this capitol building will allow visitors to see the state’s past efforts to promote equal opportunity in education. The state’s first post segregationist governor, Wallace Wilson, served his term here. The top attractions located in this area include the Four Seasons, the Alabama State Museum & Historic Park, the Ramada Plaza Hotel and Spa, and Tuscaloosa Bay.

The second largest city in Alabama, Montgomery is home to many notable attractions. Much of the interest in this area comes from its beautiful scenery and proximity to D.C. Visitors to this area will find that it offers a diverse range of entertainment opportunities. Many top attractions are located in its beautiful riverfront park and historic district. Some of the most popular activities include enjoying a boat ride on the river, taking in a baseball game at nearby Regions Field, or strolling through the historic German Village.

The third largest city in Alabama, Montgomery is also located near the D.C. metropolitan area. It is a good representation of what the rest of the southern United States has to offer. Some of the top attractions located here include the Ancillary Public Library of Montgomery, the James M. Polk statue, and the Thomas Jefferson National Monument. Many tourists come to this region to observe the beautiful fall foliage and observe the fall turkey.

The fourth-largest city in Alabama, Mobile is one of its most populated cities. The popular attractions include Mobile City Golf Course, River Boat Marina, and the Mobile City Authority Substation. A major attraction for travelers here is the Mobile Harbor. This is a marina that links downtown Mobile and the Gulf of Mexico. The Mobile Harbor offers a great view of the Gulf.

Tuscaloosa is another Southern Alabama city. It is one of the top Alabama towns to consider if you are looking for work. It is located in Tuscaloosa Bay and includes one airport that serves four counties. It has one International airport and one regional airport. Some of the popular things to do here include golfing and other activities like water sports.

The above mentioned are only a few of the top tourist places to see in Alabama. Others that are also worth seeing are the Birmingham Botanical Garden, the parking garage at Interstates 75 and 65, and the Mobile County Fair. These are just a few of the things that are considered top tourist destinations. There are so many more opportunities for visitors in Alabama. As they say, the place is in everything; if you want to experience something unique, have an adventure, or just enjoy a good vacation, then Alabama is the place for you.

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