Best Beaches in Alabama


If you are looking for the best beaches in Alabama, you have come to the right place. This South coastal state is the true meaning of beach vacation. Situated in the Gulf of Mexico, this state has plenty to offer its visitors. It is a popular destination among vacationers due to its natural beauty, excellent beaches and a relaxed ambiance.

Alabama is a southern U.S. state which is home to major historical landmarks in the American Civil Rights Movement. The former city of Birmingham, Alabama, is a historic protest location which was a site of the sit-in civil disobedience movement. The former Martin Luther King, Jr. church and the Rosa Parks Museum, established to honor the legendary activist, can be found at the capital of Montgomery, Alabama.

Tuscaloosa is a beautiful beach city in Alabama, where tourists come every year to enjoy the beautiful sights. The Bullock State Historic Site can also be visited here. Famous for its championship golfing, the city offers a variety of beach vacations including dolphin tours, swimming, beach sports, water skiing and deep sea fishing.

Gadsden Beach is one of the most secluded beaches in Alabama. The only facility available is a restroom, and it is located right on the beach. You can enjoy your time swimming or fishing. Located just 10 miles from Tuscaloosa, this is the ideal spot to take a leisurely stroll at the beach.

Destin is another top attraction amongst those in the Southern United States. The city is well known for the world famous Pensacola Beach. The beach offers activities like fishing, boating, sailing and jet skiing. Other than that, the best thing about Destin is the various shopping malls that dot the beach area. This includes the famous Disney World. Another attraction worth trying out is the Wild Dunes Casino Resort.

In Gulf Shores, there is nothing more spectacular than the Paradise Point Lighthouse. This is a great place to take a beach vacation with family and friends and even children. The Crystal Sand Sea and Water Park and Sea World are other great attractions in Gulf Shores.

Fishing enthusiasts will love Alabama’s coastal beaches. Here you can fish in both saltwater and freshwater fishes. Fishes of all sizes are available here. In addition to that, dolphins and whales frequent the area, which adds to the ambiance of the beach vacation. There are so many fishing opportunities on these beaches that visitors never run out of things to do.

Beach vacations are indeed great in Alabama. The weather is pleasant most of the year and pleasant too during the peak summer months. Attractions around the beach area make it a memorable vacation. Whether you choose to spend your weekend in the Gulf or on the East Coast, you’ll definitely have your share of fun. So book your beach vacation to one of the best Alabama beaches now!

When you’re looking for Alabama beaches for a vacation, you should consider the Alabama Beach town sites. If you want a beach vacation in the deep south, look no further than Montgomery Beach. This is the ultimate beach town in Alabama. You’ll find great restaurants, shopping, night life, sporting events, and activities just a stones throw from your room.

Tuscaloosa is another great destination for beach vacations. It’s home to major league baseball, but also has some of the best family-friendly beaches for vacations. It’s easy to see downtown Tuscaloosa as it’s within walking distance. Beach vacation visitors usually stay on the East Bay’s beaches; however, visitors are welcome to check into any of the beaches within a 25 mile radius. Tuscaloosa is definitely the best choice for Alabamas beaches for this reason.

The beaches aren’t limited to just the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. As you might expect, the “Peach State” has its fair share of excellent beaches as well. In terms of Alabama beach destinations, this list could very well be topped by the beaches in Mobile. Beach vacations in Mobile are famous for their fun-filled activities and beautiful scenery.

Visitors to Mobile will never lack for a great time. The beach resorts in Mobile will make sure that every visitor to the state will have an unforgettable experience. The best Alabama beaches are the ones that offer activities for families, couples, singles, and special events. It doesn’t matter what type of visitors you are, Mobile has got the right beach vacation for you. No matter where you stay, you’ll never be bored when you stay at one of Mobile’s beaches. So get ready to hit the beach now!

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