Exotic holidays on a sunny island have always been a dream of every tourist. Escape from the hectic city life and spend time on the hot sand, contemplating the crystal clear water, mountain landscapes, beautiful sunsets and greenery, is the true meaning of the word vacation.
There are island destinations that stand out with their magnetic nature and impressive views. In this article, we will list 26 of the most beloved such places.

1. The Maldives

picture from the air showing beautiful maldivian island and clear waters
Huge beaches and crystal clear water ideal for diving and exploring underwater life – this is the first thing you will see when going to the Maldives. 1,200 small islands, some of which are owned by luxury resorts, offer an endless choice of views and entertainment.

2. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

People laying on the beach in Bora Bora
Bora Bora is not accidentally called the Queen of the pacific. This is definitely a place where you will not be bored. From surfing, to diving in the crystal clear waters of the Pacific to dinner overlooking the bay – the island offers plenty of everything. The landscape is mostly mountainous with high peaks towering over the blue lagoon. The smaller islands of the archipelago also offer impressive views of the main island.

3. Palawan, the Philippines

Girl making circle turn around in palawan beach
Every year Palawan is among the contenders for the most beautiful island in the world, it has repeatedly won this title and this is no accident. It is inevitable to visit the Underground River Park, which is considered to be the din of 7 New Wonders of Nature. The waters around Palawan are so clear that you don’t have to dive to see the bottom. All this garnished with endless beaches and palm trees makes the island a place you will tell about for years after your vacation.

4. Fiji

Fidji beach lagoon
Fiji is a great place when it comes to relaxation. Apart from being famous for its wellness and spa centers, this island will change your perception of endless beaches without huge crowds of people, rich marine fauna to see if you decide to dive. Surely when you leave you will want to come back here again.

5. Seychelles

Famous saychell beach with rocks in the water
Seychelles are located near the Equator and has an impressive flora and fauna. Not everywhere you can see water turtles that go out on the sand to lay their eggs. But in Seychelles it is possible. The islands are ideal for fishing, and most of the smaller ones are uninhabited and overgrown with lush vegetation.

6. The Cook Islands

paradise beach, clear waters, palm above the water
This slightly more secluded island is famous for diving in the pools of underground caves. This experience is undeniably unforgettable and takes you to a new world. Alternatively, you can try the local beer made from oranges, or just relax under a palm tree and watch the scenery. And diving enthusiasts will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful coral reefs near the shores.

7. Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Picture from the air showing ko pi phi beach and a lot of tourists landed on the beach
Going to Ko Phi Phi you will be captivated by the white sand and vertical cliffs.
Apart from night parties, the island is also known as a paradise for divers who can easily watch sea turtles. The rock formations of the islands look like stone towers, rising over 100 meters above sea level. It is no coincidence that this majestic nature was chosen for the filming of The Beach.

8. The Bahamas

palm over crystsal clear water
The Bahamas are one of the favorite destinations of American tourists. The area is rather forested, and some of the 700 islands have a historical heritage preserved in ruins and even entire ancient cities. Water sports are, of course, the most common pastime for visitors.

9. Boracay Island, Philippines

Beach with people laying and sun tanning
Boracay is more of a place for entertainment. Night parties with live music and a light show cannot go unnoticed. The rest of the time, enjoy endless beaches, palm trees and crystal clear water.

10. Bali, Indonesia

Bali beach picture taken from the air
Bali is one of the most desirable places for an exotic vacation not only because of the sports that can be practiced – water skiing, diving or snorkeling. On this island in one place are gathered green forests and sandy beaches, as well as landscapes formed by volcanic eruptions over the centuries.

11. Hvar and the Dalmatian Islands, Croatia

Hvar lagoon picture with one boat and clear water.
To begin with, we will point out an unexpected destination – Croatia. Hvar and the Dalmatian Islands are a place where you can spend your time relaxing on the beach or at beach parties, diving, snorkeling or hiking – it all depends on your preference. The area also has a rich historical heritage and a number of wineries to visit. The aroma of lavender from the planted fields will leave you with an unforgettable memory.

12. Mauritius

Picture taken from the air showing entire island and his clear waters.
Mauritius is a subtropical islands off the southwestern coast of Africa, located in the Indian Ocean, just 1,130 kilometers east from Madagascar. Rodrigues Island and other smaller islands include its outlying territories. The main island has sandy beaches and is surrounded by coral reefs, with fertile plains rising sharply to rocky mountains

13. Kauai, Hawaii

Picture of Kauain beach from the air
Kauai is the least urbanized island in Hawaii. It is covered almost entirely with green rainforests and greenery. In front of your eyes will reveal incredible relaxing views.
There are over 60 beaches available for you, ideal for water sports and relaxation.

14. Maui, Hawaii

One of the Maui's beaches, palms. Beautiful sunny day.
Another Hawaiian temptation is the island of Maui. In addition to delicious delicacies, golf courses, and impressive architecture, you will also see the unforgettable view of the Haleakalā volcano, which rises to over 10,000 feet. Watching the sunrises and sunsets over this spectacular landscape is worth it.

15. Sicily, Italy

House villa very near to the water. Beutiful beach.
Tonnara di Scopello, Scopello, Sicily, Italy

Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, is impressive with its architecture, historical heritage, and art. The most famous city in this regard is Palermo. The view is especially remarkable because of the highest volcano in the world Etna. Apart from nature, the diversity of birds that live on the island and can be easily observed is also remarkable.

16. Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia rocky beach.
Sardinia has a rich historical past. That’s why not only the beaches will impress you. The island is dotted with Bronze Age ruins, towers, and over 7,000 tombs. In addition, Sardinia has extensive high wooded areas, ideal for a cool walk. Let’s not forget the fine sand, where you can enjoy the view of the endless sea.

17. St. Lucia

St Lucia houses and bay picture taken from the air
The nature of the island of St. Lucia offers opportunities for various entertainments – mud baths, diving and surfing, and why not take a bath under the water at one of the waterfalls. Here is the only active volcano in the world – Sulfur Springs, which is a must stop. Of course the island has a lot of spa hotels and resorts for rest where you can be properly served.

18. Cozumel, Mexico

White sand beach and palm trees.
Life in Cozumel, as one of the main ports in Mexico, never stops. But the island is much more than a tourist destination and boasts one of the largest and most impressive reefs. The view of the blue lagoon is complemented by the ancient ruins that you can find anywhere in the island.
Fishing, mini submarine tours and diving are just some of the things you can have fun with.

19. Capri, Italy

Drone picture of Capri and it hourbor
Enjoy delicious Italian food while observing the ruins of ancient Italy. The island is dotted with caves and rocky areas. You can easily watch the dozens of boats floating in the sea or shop at one of the designer boutiques.

20. Santorini, Greece

Santorini's white houses on the rocks with small pools, and beautifull sea in the back.
Another destination in Greece. The specific appearance of Santorini is a consequence of a volcanic eruption. This is one of the most romantic places for couples in love. The sunsets over the blue lagoon are really impressive.

21. St. Barts

Yacht anchored in beautiful bay
St. Barts is one of the most expensive islands in the world. But it’s definitely worth it. Magnetic views are everywhere and guarantee a relaxing holiday. The island has only 14 beaches, but they are not crowded and you can enjoy solitude. Lovely restaurants and delicious food are another guarantee for a wonderful experience.

22. Whitsunday Islands, Australia

White sand beaches and one yacht
Swimming near the Great Barrier Reef, walking on the white sands of Whitehaven Beach or discovering a secluded corner of the beach on its own is only possible in the Whitsunday Islands. This tropical Australian paradise offers everything from luxury resorts to yachting and upscale restaurants with local specialties.

23. Corfu, Greece

Beach and boat anchored.
We continue with another European destination – Corfu, Greece. Greek culture and beauty of nature have always attracted visitors from near and far. Corfu is also influenced by other cultures – British, French, and Venetian.
The mountainous areas of Corfu are an ideal place for walking and climbing, and for lovers of architecture you can find many temples and churches. Corfu’s most famous beach is Canal D’Amour, where the sand is extremely rich in minerals.

24. Cyprus

white sand beach, people in the water and resort in the back
Nissi Beach, Cyprus

Cyprus is divided into two parts with different cultural influences – Turkish and Greek. The island is famous for its delicious food, but also offers amazing views – hilly areas with greenery, rocky beaches with colored stones, sandy beaches and crystal clear water, palm trees. The island also has a history dating back over 10,000 years, so you can also take a tour of the tombs and the historical ruins and remains in the area.

25. Crete, Greece

beutiful beach bay in sunny day with beautiful clouds
It`s favorite Greece again. Crete is the largest island in Greece. Here is the mythological mountain of the god Zeus – Mount Ida. It is also the highest mountain in Crete and rises majestically above the landscape. Don’t miss the sandy beaches and romantic sunsets over the ocean. In general, the culture, customs and mythology of Crete are exciting and interesting for tourists.

26. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

beach with beautiful rock over the water.
Galapagos is one of the greenest islands you can visit. And fauna lovers will have the opportunity to observe the majesty and beauty of wildlife in their natural environment. It is no coincidence that the island is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The archipelago consists of 21 small islands, each of which has its own appearance and specific beauty – mountainous rocky areas, endless beaches or green forests.

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