Things To Do In Long Beach California

california beach
california beach

If you love the sea, the sand and the heat then you must plan a summer holiday in Long Beach California. Known for its stunning beaches, gorgeous natural landscapes and world-class attractions, the city is popular for tourists, families, singles, couples, and business people. There are so many things to do in Long Beach. Here’s a quick list of some of the most popular activities to enjoy during your stay.

Spend an afternoon at the Los Angeles Riverfront. Walk along the Los Angeles River from downtown to Hollywood. The span of this waterway is just a few miles, but it’s a great place to get a feel for this urban oasis. You’ll spot art museums, outdoor cafes, outdoor concerts and lots of cafes, restaurants, shops, and other places of business. On your way down the river you will pass the Hollywood Bowl, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the Greek theater downtown, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Sherwood Forest. After visiting the riverfront, you can visit Universal Studios or Sea World.

You can also do many things to do in long beach during the day. Bike down Sunset Boulevard, tour the downtown beaches, or stroll through the Los Angeles Rose Bowl. At Belmont Park, there’s a free, family-friendly kids’ playground with slides, swings, monkey bars, climbing walls, and sand play area. Head to downtown Santa Barbara for great shopping at the many small boutiques, art galleries, outdoor clothing stores, and small restaurants.

Enjoy the sunshine and the sun! Head to the Pacific Ocean shoreline for some surf adventure. Enjoy great snorkeling and swimming in the warm, clear water. There’s plenty of kayaking, canoeing, and other water activities. If you’re a fisherman, try fishing for barracudas, tuna, and other local species.

Try your hand at golf. It’s easy to get a hang up on this sport. But if you want to make things interesting, consider learning how to play miniature golf. This is a great way to bring a little bit of the outdoors into your home. There are mini-golf courses just about everywhere, and they are a nice change of pace from the more serious golf you may be used to playing.

Head out to the seaside for some fun in the sun. Many local hotels provide plenty of public, outdoor pools, and there are even some places that offer private, seawater pools for individuals to use. If you have some extra money, it may be worth renting a jet ski for an afternoon of water skiing. Or, head out to the pier for some ice skating or parasailing. These are all great ways to spend an afternoon, and when the evening winds down, you’ll be glad you spent some time on the water.

If you are looking for a few things to do in long beach, you will have many options. Spend some time at one of the many shops located around the area. You can also find some excellent seafood restaurants. There are also some fantastic, family owned entertainment venues around the beach. Head to the local recording studio and listen to a live band perform music for your party.

When you want to keep things low key, you don’t have to go all out. Look for things to do in long beach that require only a little bit of your time. You can also take in some fine dining and shopping in the area. There are plenty of local businesses that offer a variety of different types of local cuisine. If you are planning a trip to Long Beach, make sure to include some of these great ideas in your itinerary.

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