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kansas city
kansas city

Kansas offers a variety of attractions – historical museums such as the National World War I Museum, numerous shopping malls and shops, places for rest and relaxation, art galleries such as the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and a number of entertainment attractions for young and old. 

We offer you a list of the most visited destinations in Kansas and we are convinced that you will find your hobby among the offers.

Science City at Union Station

Positioned at Union Station, Science City is an interactive center that brings together educational entertainment for the little ones. You will also find a hall with visual illusions, Dinolab and Digsite, where children can learn more about the prehistoric world, genetic laboratory, the Sky Bike ride. The ticket for dea over 3 years costs $ 13.25 and allows all-day entertainment. 

It’s a good idea to arrive early, as some demonstrations are in the early hours. The day off for the center is Monday, and there is a convenient paid parking lot nearby.

Kansas City Zoo

Today in one of the most visited zoos in the United States you will find Helzberg Penguin Plaza, interactive Stingray Bay, sea lion shows, elephant painting demonstrations, safari boat rides. The Kansas Zoo has existed since 1909, but has expanded many times since then and today introduces us to some of the most uncluttered and exotic animals in the world. 

The park stretches over 202 acres, so be patient and comfortable walking shoes. The zoo is open daily except on three major holidays a year. Tickets cost up to $ 15 for adults and you can buy tickets online to skip the long queues.

Country Club Plaza

Country Club Plaza is perhaps the most famous place for shopping and walking. Here you will find small local chains and shops of famous brands, accommodation, many restaurants. 

The architecture is especially impressive – fountains in typical Spanish style and beautiful statues, perfect for your photos. Free parking is available nearby.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

At the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art you will enjoy over 35,000 works of art from Europe, Asia and America. Some of them date back to the Middle Ages while others present modern paintings, photographs and sculptures.

 You will be impressed by the badminton birdie installations, Caravaggio’s “Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness” and the regularly changing visiting exhibitions. 

You can visit the museum and the wide selection of exhibitions for free from Wednesday to Sunday. There is a convenient paid car park nearby, and full information on visiting exhibitions can be found on the museum’s website.

Arrowhead Stadium

Since its opening in 1972, Arrowhead Stadium has welcomed millions of fans to the Kansas City Chiefs professional football team. The stadium is connected to the Kauffman Stadium underground, which is home to the Kansas City Royals professional baseball team. 

The stadium has 90,000 seats. Tourists can take advantage of a public tour that will take them to the locker room, the field and the Chiefs Hall of Honor. For true sports fans, private 60-minute tours are also available. The parking lot near the stadium fills up quickly, so go early in the day.

The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures

Children and adults love The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures and it has become one of the must-see things in Kansas City. Here you will find a collection of original Barbie dolls, vintage Queen Anne-style dolls from the 18th century, vintage Hot Wheels cars. 

The museum receives visitors from Wednesday to Monday and is located near the Country Club Plaza. Parking is free, and children under 5 are also welcome for free.

National World War I Museum

During your tour of the National World War I Museum you will have the feeling that the soldiers are telling you their stories. Perhaps most impressive among the exhibitions is the glass bridge covered with 9,000 poppies, symbolizing the nine million victims of the war. 

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday and guided tours are also available. Free parking is available nearby, and tickets cost up to $ 15 for adults.

Arabia Steamboat Museum

The side-wheel steamer Arabia was created in the mid-19th century to transport cargo in the waters of the Missouri River. After an accident, however, the steamer got lost under the ocean waters. More than a century later, David Hawley discovered it and founded a museum around it. 

Today you can take a walk on the steamer’s deck, visit the cargo gallery and see some of the cargo pieces preserved for two centuries. 

The ship offers guided tours that last about 20 minutes and will give you complete historical information. The museum is open daily and has free parking.

Union Station

Union Station was built in 1914 to serve as a train station. Gradually, during and after the WWII, various shops, restaurants, a barber shop and company offices began to be located here. The station closed in 1980 so that it could reopen in 1999. Many are attracted by the amazing interior with high ceilings and impressive chandeliers. 

Today it hosts a number of temporary exhibitions, weddings and other events. There is also a planetarium and a theater. You can take advantage of the Amtrak train tour. 

The place is an ideal choice for what to do in Kansas City if you are traveling with children, because of some of the exhibitions. The ticket price depends on what you want to visit during your tour.

Kansas City’s City Market

Kansas City’s City Market is one of the largest public farmer’s markets. Here you will find local produce, fresh meat, specialty foods, decorations and flowers sold by over 150 vendors. Founded in 1857, the market was a major trading place for horses, political rallies, circuses. 

The Kansas City staple is also home to the Arabia Steamboat Museum. The market closes relatively early, so go in the early hours of the day so you can enjoy all the delicious things to eat.

Boulevard Brewing Company

The brewery is the pride of Kansas residents and supplies a variety of beers to more than 30 states. The great interest of locals and tourists leads to the opening of a visitor center in 2016 which is reaping unprecedented success. 

Visitors can take part in a guided tour that will acquaint them in detail with the preparation of the drink, try different flavors or enjoy delicious food and a glass of good beer.

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

The Kansas City Ballet, Lyric Opera and Kansas City Symphony are housed together at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. Here you will also find many guest artists, photographers and writers. The building itself also has an unusual and impressive architecture. 

Paid parking is available nearby. You can visit one of the great shows or book a place on a tour of the attraction.

Hallmark Visitors Center

There are hardly many travel enthusiasts who have not received a postcard from Hallmark. In 1916, company founder Joyce C. Hall started with just two boxes full of postcards. 

Today it is one of the biggest card brands. You can tour the various exhibitions and enjoy the beautiful moments sealed in the cards or learn more about the company’s history from the educational film. The visitor center is open from Monday to Saturday and is free to visit.

Power & Light District

If you want to have fun or don’t know what to do in Kansas City – this is the place for you. It houses over 50 shops, cafes and nightlife venues. Among the most popular places is the two-floor KC Live entertainment venue, where concerts and other events are regularly organized. 

Other entertainment venues include PBR Big Sky, the Shark Bar, where you can dance to 90’s music, and more. There are many car parks and parking spaces nearby.


Westport is the perfect place to walk and shop in Kansas. This is a place of historical significance, from which in the early 19th century pioneers started their trek along the Oregon Trail. Today there are a number of bars, restaurants, shops, comedy theater. 

Westport is the hub of local business and the perfect place for a relaxing and fun day out of your holiday.

Kauffman Stadium

Renovated in 2009, Kauffman Stadium is home to Baseball’s Kansas City Royals and a favorite spot for fans of the team. In recent years, baseball has become increasingly popular and the team is gaining strength and increasing the number of victories. 

The stadium also offers guided tours to take you to every corner and tell you more about the area’s baseball history. There are parking spaces nearby, tickets for the games can also be purchased online.

Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center

Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center offers an interactive experience to introduce you to the history of the area related to space exploration. In the exhibition halls you will find space suits, artifacts from the moon, and even preserved parts of the Mercury 7 space mission. 

Last but not least, a favorite of tourists remains the shuttle simulator, where they can experience the real feeling of flying in a shuttle. There is also a theater in the center, where space-themed documentaries are projected.

Botanica, The Wichita Gardens

We end our list with a really beautiful place to walk. The Wichita Gardens opened in 1987 and consisted of 4 gardens. Today the area has grown to 17.6 acres and has become one of the most beloved places for tourists to relax and walk. Here you will find the Chinese Garden of Friendship, the Shakespeare Garden, the Woodland Bird Garden, and even the Downing Children’s Garden.

 The gardens are open all year round and each season brings its own charm and splendor.


Kansas has a rich sporting history, historical heritage and cultural values. The attractions are particularly diverse and offer entertainment for every tourist – from art galleries and theaters, through sports entertainment and events, to places with endless nightlife and restaurants with delicious food. If you still don’t know where to spend your next vacation, check out the list above and choose your attractions in Kansas.

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