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Cyprus, officially known as the Republic of Cyprus, is a small island country in the northern Mediterranean Sea. It is the fourth most populated and fifth-most industrialized island in the Mediterranean, situated south of Turkey, west of Syria, northwest of Egypt, and east of Greece. Cyprus is separated from Greece by the Laganas straits. This archipelago has a population of about two million people, mostly Greek, Turkish and Maltese. Cyprus has a lot to offer both in terms of entertainment and culture. In fact, tourism has become one of its key industries.

The majority of visitors to Cyprus come from either Europe or America. There are many ways for tourists to reach this island, including air, sea, and land. The international airport of Nicosia, in the northern part of Cyprus, is just 18 kilometers from the capital city of Nicosia. A cruise ship that docks in Famagusta, on the east side of the island, provides a convenient way for travelers to reach Cyprus. From there, a motor coach or an airplane can take you to all the major tourist spots in Cyprus. You may want to make a day trip to the Southern part of Cyprus to see the historical and archaeological sites in that area.

If you are traveling from European countries, you will get a ferry across the Troodos Mountains from Kefalonia to Famagusta. From there, a rented car or cab should get you to the island of Paphos. Another reasonable option is to take the Troodos Bus Routes that connects the Kefalonia Famagusta Bus Routes and the international airport of Nicosia. The Paphos – Famagusta Bus Routes is a new addition to the public bus routes of Cyprus that connects Paphos with Famagusta by taking advantage of new connecting bus routes that link the two towns.

Passengers from North America, Australia, and other countries usually travel by air to get to Cyprus. However, if you have rented a car or cab in Cyprus, you may find it more affordable to drive there instead. The Karpas Airport is the main airport in Cyprus that receives international flights and it is just 12 kilometers away from Paphos. For those who are not used to driving on this large island, the Paphos and Famagusta bus routes take them through the scenic mountains and valleys of Paphos towards the island of Cyprus.

Tourism is the mainstay of the Cyprus economy, supporting approximately 2.5 billion dollars of revenue annually. Tourists from all over the world come to Cyprus to enjoy its mild climate, abundant natural resources, rich culture, and its cuisine. There are a large number of natural tourist attractions in Cyprus such as the Pelion Peninsula, the mountains of Sperdus and the limestone caves of Palea Kameni. The island has some of the finest examples of Hellenistic architecture in the world. These architectural masterpieces were brought to Cyprus by the Romans during their military campaign against the Trojans around the 2nd century BC.

There are two main language groups in Cyprus, English, and Irish. Most British expatriates work in Nicosia supporting their families back home. There is a large British community in Cyprus and many British ex-pats to set up businesses in the country. Many British nationals also make Cyprus their winter home. In the summer months, there are hundreds of British tourists who visit Cyprus to relax and enjoy the weather.

The most popular places to stay in Cyprus are Paphos, a great town on the east coast where English is spoken by the majority of the population, and Nicosia, which is the capital city of Cyprus. Nicosia is home to the world-renowned Mount Etna, a volcanic outcrop, and the nearby Thermis massif. It is also the location of the world-famous Paphos wine region. It is easy to reach Nicosia from Paphos, as the ferry services run regularly to this island. From Paphos, it is a short drive to Cyprus airport, which is situated less than an hour from the capital.

If you prefer a quieter life on Cyprus property, then you will find that Colombo and Miltiades, both on the south side of the island, are equally suited to holidaymakers. They offer a more relaxing living experience and are near several major hotels and shopping complexes. You will not find Cypriot cuisine anywhere in Cyprus so if you fancy trying out some traditional Cypriot dishes then you need to go to one of the special ist restaurants’ that cater for tourists. The best place to go for some authentic Cypriot food is in Kefalonia, on the northeast of the island. It is the most authentic Cypriot food you will find and you can sample all types of it, from fish and chips to fruit and vegetables. For those who want a break from the busy city atmosphere, Kefalonia is perfect, as it has a great selection of holiday apartments and villas that are great for families with young children.

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