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Travel to Balkans and decide to visit the diverse and colorful cultural as well as historical regions of the country. The people who call this region in Europe “Balkania” actually refer to the large number of languages spoken in the region. The same as other countries of Europe, the vocabulary of the Bulgarian language is also spread across the region due to the large number of immigrants that have settled there in the past centuries. The country that has a long history of settlement can be found in the foothills of the Dolorosa mountains and in the south-western part of the nation.

The Balkans, also called the Balkan Peninsula, is an historical region in eastern Europe with many different definitions and interpretations, including historical and political. The region takes its title from the numerous Balkan Mountains that spans through the entire of Bulgaria. From there, the land stretches southwards, forming a border with the Turkish mainland of Thrace. In total, there are around 14 recognized and smaller islands that make up the region.

The modern history of the region dates back to the 7th century, when the region was colonized by the Latvian kingdom of the Golden Horde. This was the period when many steamship routes ran through the Adriatic sea, and the most famous route of this time, the shortest of all, went through the Bosporus. From there, goods could travel from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, and many civilizations along the way learned about different cultures and trade. For example, the Greek traveler, Homerides, described the culture of the Ionian Islands in his Illiad and the Odyssey. His writings on these and other islands in the region remain highly valuable today as the study of classical history continues.

Because of the vast area that is covered in the boundaries of the country, there are many ways to get to the most interesting parts. Travel to Slovenia and you can see the Teatava Castle, which is one of the best examples of late medieval and baroque architecture. It was a castle located near the Adriatic, and it was destroyed during World War II. But it now stands as a museum, and if you visit the museum, you will be able to take a train ride to the former city center of the country, which was a major trading post for all of the Roman Empire’s goods.

When traveling through the region, you will probably find that your transportation needs will be met by buses, trains, and caravans. There are also plenty of opportunities for hiking, cycling, mountain climbing, and other adventurous sports. Travel to any of the smaller breakaway counties of Serbia and Croatia, and you will see why they have become such popular ways to travel within the European Union. They have lovely, rugged terrain, and mountains that reach up to 6 kilometers into the air.

Travel to the North of the country and you will come to another spectacular part of the landscape. The Dobrinj Mountains is an absolutely unforgettable landscape, which stretches between the river Danube and the foothills of the Alps. It is also home to many beautiful gardens, which spread out from the ridgeline that rises up from the Eastern Dinaric Mountains towards the Adriatic Sea. In summer, the gardens are filled with tourists looking to cool off in the sun while they enjoy the scenery.

Travel to the South of the country, and you will see what all the excitement is about. The region is best known for its rich, traditional architecture, and there are many towns and villages along the coastline that are perfect for exploring. If you want to travel to a bustling, noisy city, you might not like this part of Belgrade.

While traveling within the region, it is important to note that you may get lost or become frustrated if you do not know which way to go. Try to stay off the main roads and look instead for smaller, more winding roads and paths. Most visitors come here on vacation, so you should be able to find a great place to stay, as well as plenty of shopping and eating options. You can even take advantage of the Belgrade airport, which offers both public and private transport. Regardless of what you ultimately choose to do while you travel to the Balkans, you will be rewarded by the rich history and lush landscape of this great country.

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