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Belgium, a country in Western Europe, has been known historically for its beautiful cities, colorful villages, and for being the headquarters of the European Union as well as NATO and the European Commission. The country also has many unique areas including Dutch-speaking Flanders to the northwest, French-speaking Wallonia to the southwest, and an ethnic German population to the northeast. The vibrant city, Brussels, has elegant art-nouveau buildings and ornate guildhalls at Grand-Place. Brussels is also home to some of Europe’s most beautiful gardens. It is also a center for numerous interesting festivals and attracts an enormous number of visitors each year.

With the variety of activities, scenery, climate, Belgium can be an interesting place to visit. There are various ways for you to travel around the country, depending on how much time you want to spend there. One way to get around Belgium is by hopping on the Brussels metro. It is recommended that you do this at least two hours before arriving at your destination as it can be quite crowded. This travel guide offers you a suggested budget for traveling around Belgium by metro.

A Brussels travel guide will show you the best ways to get around Brussels including: the Eurobus service, the Euroline train service, the Thalys and the Sintra trains. These are the most common means of traveling around Belgium and will ensure that you reach your desired destination without any hassle. Another great option is renting a car and visiting all of these attractions in a relaxed manner. However, if you have never visited Belgium before, it may be wise to follow the directions below in conjunction with the Brussels travel guide for an easier and more enjoyable travel experience.

The most popular cities to visit in Belgium include Antwerp, which is also referred to as ‘Horseshoe’ because of its great scenic beauty. Antwerp is a historic city with an intriguing history, which includes the city walls and stone buildings that are more than 300 years old. The best time to visit Antwerp is during the spring when the landscape becomes beautiful with everything blooming in bloom. The Tourist season in Antwerp starts in May and ends in September. If you want to travel during the summer months, the tourist rush to Antwerp is more intense as many international tourists visit this amazing city.

Brussels and its nearby tourist attractions offer a wide variety of shopping experiences and attractions. You can visit the popular bistros of Brussels, shop at affordable price tags, and buy some of the most fashionable and chic designer items at the world-renowned bistros of Brussels and Antwerp. You can also visit the beautiful art museums in Brussels and have a glimpse of some of the most magnificent masterpieces of European art history. Shopping in Brussels is a truly fun-filled and memorable experience.

Belgian waffles are a Belgian specialty, and the locals make sure that you do not miss out on these mouthwatering delectable waffles while you are in Belgium. Frites is an integral part of Belgian cooking and are available in many traditional and non-traditional versions. You can find a number of restaurants and eateries from which you can pick your favorite frites recipe. One of the famous Belgian waffle recipes is the ‘hijtilagnoise pommes frites’ or the buttery, golden-baked waffles.

A very popular European snack that is available in almost all towns and cities in Belgium is the ‘wonder cheese’. It is basically a white, yellow or cream cheese that is wrapped in cellophane. Some examples of this delicious cheese are Emmental and Gouda. If you want to check out the variety of offerings of this delicious cheese, it is suggested that you visit a Belgium shop as they are quite a few and the prices are usually lower than anywhere else. You can also order your favorite variety of this Belgian delight online; you can find a number of websites that sell eurtal cheese in all the best European sizes and flavors.

Although there are many historical sights to be explored in Belgium, the most famous thing to do in Belgium is to simply enjoy itself! This is what the locals in Belgium recommend to tourists. They know that the key to a good holiday is having fun, staying active, and enjoying everything that is offered to tourists. So, come to Belgium and discover a vibrant, lively, and welcoming country where things to do and places to see never seem to end.

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